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  1. That's funny. but steady on, we don't wanna be seen like an entitled Forest fan. Let's be dignified and enjoy our time at the top. LTID even if we become crap ....
  2. After that fine display, just hoping we get the easier draws that the so called bigger teams get and make it our year. No Chelsea or Man C along the way please. They always seem to beat us......I don't know why,..........hmmmmmm...COL
  3. You wouldn't say that if you were born when the FA cup ment something. That was my highlight of the season, when we were not so good. Bring the FA cup to Leicester and get our name on it. Blue army!!!
  4. This time round abouts last year travelling to Newcastle and drinking in their pubs. Then climbing the stairway to heaven
  5. I laughed at your post S I can imagine what our neighbours Forest and Derby and even Cov are saying about us, regardless of 2015/6......
  6. I've been waiting for us to beat these since the 5-3 Come on Leicester you can do it. Merry Christmas to all Our city is blue just like.....
  7. Leicester legend. Have a great Christmas
  8. I am always optimistic with our lot. Even though we lost against Everton, any team in this division can beat anyone on their day.. I hope those sooners in the pre match thread are reading..... Support your team no matter what.... LTID
  9. Don't worry lads well spud un. 2-1 to the Leicester boys
  10. Sorry I dunno, I set up mine with Amazon prime as an app. Good luck to you
  11. I guess I beat you by being and living in Japan........ One good thing is that we have DAZN, so I can watch live matches when it's possible to get up early or stay up late
  12. We play from the back, we counter attack...... What a great controlled at time win. Great to be back just behind LP, as long as it does turn out like last season......
  13. I use it in Japan It's about 26 quid a month. A great deal. It works with Amazon prime.
  14. Excellent. Finally we get the result we have deserved in so many other matches. Great day to be a Leicester fan
  15. They have had the luck for far too long. This is our night.. 2-1 Leicester.
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