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  1. I have been bricking it about this game all week but am beginning to feel that we might put a marker down and win handsomely with their injuries and our mentality of not wanting a repeat of last year. I think we’re strong enough to avoid that. Keep the faith!
  2. I've just watched them on his dad's FB page (is this you?! lol) and am so excited by Will Alves development. He's really exciting to watch. I fancy him to come all the way through to the first team in time.
  3. The most worrying thing about this for me, now that Maddison is back, is whether we keep playing with Nachoman or drop back down to one striker again. The latter might see our goals dry up. Not least because Maddison is not match sharp as we saw yesterday.
  4. Bollocks. Don’t think we can win this without Cags. You can tell I’m a glass half full kind of guy.
  5. It's ****ing ridiculous if it's just people in Brent who can go. I'm in a neighbouring borough and Wembley is just a short hop in a taxi.
  6. My dad’s favourite player. He told me that he once took a comb out of his shorts and combed his hair (for the gallery) before taking a corner.
  7. I remember going to the home game against Cheltenham thinking how low we’d sunk and feeling a bit nostalgic for going to the games when my late dad under Brian Little. My granddad and dad were City fans and never saw us win the league. It still blows my mind that I’ve seen it happen. The FA Cup would be perfection.
  8. My throat still hurts from cheering Vardy’s goal against West Brom. I’ll never forget that moment.
  9. I just hope we don’t set up like Spurs or West Ham and offer them too much respect. It’s about time we showed them less and put a stake in the ground. Their defence is not as good as ours. Let’s get at them.
  10. Perez was fab yesterday. He’s got a slightly lackadaisical manner but great skill. Reminds me a touch of Berbatov. Useful but can feel like a luxury player. He really showed his worth yesterday. He was excellent.
  11. Just how good were Fofana, Evans and Cags yesterday? It’s gone under the radar a touch. A lot of teams would look at the back three with envy. We’re blessed at fullback too. Happy days.
  12. It wasn’t me but I will admit to groaning thinking it was a mistake!
  13. He was in tears. No doubt about it. The camera pulled away but you could tell he was actually sobbing just before. So pleased for him.
  14. Perhaps because until the last three games we’ve not exactly offered him our supportive best. So delighted for him. He’s earned our respect now IMO.
  15. This weekend is going well for us so far! Who do we want to win out of Man Utd v West Ham?
  16. Can we give a bit of credit to Iheanacho who’s two fantastic goals are a massive contribution to is potentially getting Champions League football? He gets so much stick on here but the reality is he’s never had the game time to show us how sharp or good he can get.
  17. I wasn’t able to watch or listen tonight until late on but I could occasionally follow the match thread, which was the usual. I felt all the shrill damning hyper critical anger right up until we won and all the love for the team came back. Following Leicester and you all is like being in a dysfunctional but passionate relationship. The kind your mates and family say is bad for you. But so intoxicating!
  18. I haven’t been following the game tonight, but from the moment I was able to follow we’ve scored two goals. Which just goes to show you need to give what you love constant attention and it will reward you back.
  19. In the absence of a stream I'm listening to Radio 5. According to Leicester legend Jermaine Beckford the two changes have shifted the game in our favour. Now Tavares on. Would love to see him assist or score. Come on Leicester!!!
  20. If the injuries and performance wasn’t enough to make me scream with frustration at least I can trust BT Sport to completely piss me off by buffering/freezing the moment BR started speaking. I literally didn’t hear a single word. What did I miss?
  21. Ok. I’ve caught on. Iheanacho isn’t good enough.
  22. We didn’t pick up a single injury when we won the league and few the season after when we played in Europe. Physio team got loads of plaudits. What has changed? Not sure if it’s all bad luck.
  23. Arsenal are having some luck too. The nutmeg through Iheanacho’s legs was incredibly fortunate to go through and not out for a corner.
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