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  1. 31 minutes ago, Fox92 said:

    I will miss Goodison. Absoloute great of English football grounds.


    Villa Park still remains my favourite away ground. Superb ground.

    My only distain for goodison is I ALWAYS end up directly on a post. Always along side their fans aswell who sit in silence until they score and cheer in my face (I do find it funny though to be fair) 

  2. 11 minutes ago, Voll Blau said:

    Everton have bee granted planning permission for their new ground:




    Mixed feelings on this as I love the history of Goodison and it'll be sad to see anoyther proper English ground go but...


    a) Everton fans don't deserve that place anyway and

    b) This should be easier to get to by train from the centre

    It looks really really nice to be fair. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

    It’s the noisy neighbours tho - they have overtaken United and now appear light years ahead. 

    It’s akin to celebrating that you qualified for a final but then lose in the final 

    They've overtaken everyone though. They're lightyears ahead of everyone too. I think he's just being realistic being happy they're on the verge of competing again because you can't help but constantly feel they're also on the verge of disaster. He isnt afraid to stick the boot in on them either. I think he's generally well balanced. 

  4. 13 minutes ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

    Can be - he's really fcuking me off at the moment that he's more bothered about Liverpool failing whilst his club United flounder in their attempts at catching their city rivals. 

    He was pretty quick to learn after he first started so hopefully this won't last too long. 


    In his defence though, Man utd not staying on the shoulder of Man city isn't really a failing. Man City are by far the best team in the country and Man utd are no way near the quality required. I dont think anyone at at start of the season would of had them second at this stage. 

  5. 23 minutes ago, Chocolate Teapot said:

    We have had Alex Scott come to talk to us at work a couple of times and she's been absolutely brilliant. To get to where she has despite having a speech impediment and having a tough upbringing living on a council estate is amazing. She also spoke about plenty of other clubs whilst she was there and actually spoke favourably about leicester when I spoke to her. She really does her research unlike many pundits that just turn up and shout the first thing that comes into her head - eg, Merson. She's nowhere near as partisan as Neville whos getting worse by the week. Think this is really unfair tbh.

    Just saying it as I hear it :dunno: she isn't the worst, not at all but she's also not amazing. She's just alright. She talks in alot of clichés. She really comes alive when arsenal are the subject (for obvious reasons) and comes across alot more knowledgeable and gets you interested in what she has to say. But outside of the usual suspects I find her pretty poor. Not unusual on sky sports unfortunately. 

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  6. 11 minutes ago, Koke said:

    Simon Jordan fighting our corner a bit saying our squad is far better than Spurs. Danny Murphy saying they're on par with each other but that Mourinho has failed in coaching his players to be better.  I think they are both right in a way. I think Jordan is saying our squad is better to defend Jose. He is a big Jose fanboy.



    Listened to this yesterday, I think Simon Jordan makes a good argument for us really. If you had to Objectively pick a combined 11 what would it be? I think we'd get the majority in pretty comfortably. 


    I'm mates with a couple of spurs fans who want about 8 of their first 11 to go before mourinho lol

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