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  1. We have some strange fellas on here don’t we... WIN
  2. Wolves just make too many poor decisions around the city box. The man upfront is pretty poor
  3. Can only imagine they’ll buy a striker or 2 in January
  4. Wolves look decent but they just don’t look dangerous in the final third
  5. A friend of mine coached along side him and said he’s about the nicest bloke you could meet.
  6. “That’s a fantastic penalty, but he’ll be gutted it went wide”
  7. I would say this should be the final sign Rowett isn’t that good but I’m sure as soon as he’s sacked he’ll pop up at another mid to top end championship club. Its really annoying. Had Villa Brentford Both teams to score, stoke vs Wigan - Wigan and both teams to score, sunderland, Ajax, Athens All I needed was stoke to just shit house a consolation....
  8. Were they that poor? I thought they’d lose but I thought they’d get at least one
  9. I just think he was more just unlucky. He runs in full blooded like that all the time just this time he caught someone.
  10. It has nothing to do with it being a Leicester player. I think he was unlucky to be sent off for it as I would anyone. I can see why he was given his marching orders I just don’t think he should have. It’s no way near the disgrace some are trying to make it out to be.
  11. He doesn’t go into it studs up though does he, look at that still. Unlike the wolves player.
  12. I don’t think most people are bothered to be honest. I don’t think it was worthy of a red, I wouldn’t had it been any other player from any other team. It was an unfortunate incident. I don’t think Vardy did anything wrong he was just quicker and actually got to the ball. He didn’t go in studs up he kicked the ball. Like he’s supposed to. The club will accept it because they’re not likely to win it. Most clubs wouldn’t if there’s the slightest cause for debate because you’re not likely to win it. If people weren’t making out like Vardy had made this disgustingly dirty challenge ou
  13. We know that’s a misleading image though or there wouldn’t be a discussion on the sending off as all Vardy is doing there is kicking the ball studs down. The defender doesn’t challenge for the ball, he isn’t going to make it so plants his foot to to hopefully block it. But he didn’t because he didn’t get there in time.
  14. It was unfortunate for the wolves fella. Massively unlucky. There was no challenge, the other player hadn’t made it until after Vardy had already kicked it away. If that same thing happens in the 6 yard box and vardys hit it in it would just be unlucky for the defender that he got there late. If the defender had done that it would be a great clearance and Vardy is unlucky he was late. The defender arrive late after vardys hit it. He was unlucky to get caught in the follow through.
  15. Why shouldn’t he have kicked the ball so hard? If iheancho smashes it top corner next game as hard as he can and a defender coming in late to block it gets caught are you saying it should be disallowed?
  16. Whats he supposed to have done after he kicks the ball? All Vardy did was kick a football. The other player was just too slow. If next week iheanacho has a shot, hits the top corner but a defender who dives in half a second too late gets hurt by the follow through should he be sent off then and the goal disallowed?
  17. The other bloke arrives late and pulls out, it’s unfortunate the follow through from Vardy kicking the ball caught him. It doesn’t make it a red card. Just as pickfords wasn’t.
  18. All he did was kick a football. The other player arrived late, he endangered himself.
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