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  1. We haven’t even started badly... especially by us vs Bournemouth standards
  2. Table football is far too tactical for Tim Sherwood....
  3. Nah man you can’t beat Jon Jones.
  4. He needed to apply more pressure against woodley. He stood off far too much
  5. That’s what’s most annoying, he could really be a guy everyone could get behind and like but he ruins it with stupid accusations and a ‘Just dont lose’ attitude ever since he became champion. He makes fights boring and not in a I don’t wanna get hurt way but in a I’m not gonna hit you I’m gonna point score way.
  6. Nah the problem is he won the belt and got there by being an explosive fighter then will only do the bare minimum in a fight to out point people and became a rather boring fighter than can be so much more. Add in the fact he thinks people don’t watch him and he gets slated for the pure reason he’s black it’s no real wonder people don’t like him
  7. I think tills done everything perfect. So funny that after all’s said and done he was one under and woodley looks terrible and is over. I just cant see past a Till win. Woodley needs to thank him for making people actually want to watch a woodley fight again.
  8. They’ve said they read the scales wrong and zabit is on weight now. Woodley looked awful. Till however looks good.
  9. They ruined the competitive nature by ensuring the top teams stay at the top a while go...
  10. Past would have to be Izzet. Was my first ever favourite player. Current lot would have to be Vardy and King. Gotta love king... if the fact we were on the verge of a great escape wasn’t enough king scoring a couple made it all the better. Him scoring on the day we lifted the premier league as well was so so sweet.
  11. Who isn’t being done for Spanish tax evasion at the minute though? as as far as him as a person is concerned everyone who knows him personally seems to think he’s a top bloke. You have to differentiate the person they are from what the press want you to perceive. For all the slating of the press that happens on here people are still quick to jump on the narrative they want.
  12. It’s far easier to highlight the mistakes a player makes than the subtle stuff they do well because the mistakes are more highlighted. It makes people who want to seem knowledgeable feel better about themselves to talk about the obvious mistake than what someone actually did well. It’s rather sad.
  13. I would say I can’t wait for them to slip away again but of course all that happens then is their cycle starts all over again. Nearly did it, didn’t quite do it, slip off for a few mediocre years, repeat.
  14. Anyone but Liverpool. My my entire life has been Liverpool fans and the media telling me they’re back and next year they’ll do this and that. I just want them to go away and accept it’s not the 80’s anymore.
  15. Why don’t we just give Liverpool 3 points and call the game off? Jesus. Relax everyone. 2-0 Leicester.
  16. England don’t deserve Vardy. Criminally under used him. Their loss. Any other nation in the world finds a way to fit him in.
  17. I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 58 seconds  
  18. I wouldn’t have called it competitive. Mayweather was in complete control from the first bell. Everything went the way mayweather wanted.
  19. Didn’t Amartey have a great game at anfield against that same Liverpool left side?
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