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  1. Is black flag worth gettin? 10£ on PS4 store never played it.
  2. Kent-Fox


    Yeah that’s a fair comment, but it was easy to see he wasn’t the option before we signed him Maybe there was no alternative.
  3. Kent-Fox


    Still never understood why we signed him. Was it to keep are Algerian fan base happy? Poor player
  4. Always liked Reece Witherspoon 😍
  5. Up a ladder working in Norway and a deer casually walking 10 metres from the ladder.
  6. Fort he had a good game
  7. Sk brann my local club but there wouldn’t be the love like Leicester. Would just be to follow football.
  8. Not nervous. Players will bounce back from last weeks poor performance.
  9. Some Great memories there
  10. Didn’t know there was a dnb thread been raving since back in the days. the era of 1997-2008 I would say where the glory’s years. If any 1 has Listened to Stevie hyper d you know 20 years ago was it’s prime. Hyper d was light years ahead. Shame he died. best rave I ever went to was the last 1 at the sanctuary Milton Keynes. slammin vinyle. have great memories of been at se1 London and others like the rex in Stratford. Hastings pier was also a great night.
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