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  1. Like having a new signing great player. Like Kante in many ways.
  2. Iheanacho been on the pies looks a right chunk
  3. Was more gutted with this then Watford
  4. Poor player should try n cash in and get better quality.
  5. Been here since you was in ya dads sack
  6. Clearly as there is a thread for it.
  7. The bloke is a rat. Hope he gets knocked out next time he goes to a nightclub 😂
  8. Still hurts. Was there. Felt like I was the only young child there that game. Remember it well.
  9. Fa cup replay 5th round (Chelsea) that hurt. As a young lad with my dad. I was 1 of Very little kids there that night. We got cheated. My dad still brings it up.
  10. He must have a foot like a traction engine!
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