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  1. I watched the first half on BT and because the commentary/punditry was so appalling I switched to the channel with Drury and Townsend at HT. Believe me when I say the latter was far far better than the BT coverage.
  2. The naysayers on Tarkowski are probably the same ones who were saying they don't want Vestergaard because he's shit, etc. Maybe they think we should be looking at van Dijk.
  3. Didn't you know that the word gullible has been removed from the English dictionary?
  4. No because I'm hearing it's a swap deal. Not yet confirmed which Leverkusen player is coming to us. Maybe @Chocolate Teapot can shed some light on this?
  5. 1. He's not a bum, he's a decent CB. 2. Our recruitment team have tracked him for some time and think he would be a good addition to our squad. It's a yes from me.
  6. RIP Sheila. 42 years is fantastic service to our beloved football club. Not many go back far enough to have had the privilege of washing the kit for the likes of Roger Davies, Gregor Stevens and Norman Leet.
  7. Maybe, maybe not. I was more laughing at the Guardian saying there is a 'race' for his signature.
  8. Joined the race . There is no race, he's been available for long enough but it seems he has no intention of leaving until his contract ends in the summer.
  9. Yes I think so. 1993, we took about 8000 fans, lost 5-1.
  10. Wikipedia only includes League goals on it's main apps/goals stats. I think the match you are referring to was a League Cup tie.
  11. Unfortunately I doubt that will be the case. Chilwell plays for Chelsea so Southgate will pick him, as he will Reece James, Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, etc. I also give you Hudson-Odoi who started a game for England before he had started a PL game for Chelsea.
  12. All 3 are top quality players, so a nice selection headache to have if all 3 are fit and available. Evans and Fofana currently have the shirts and are performing extremely well so there is no reason to change that combination at the moment. However, Soyoncu will probably come in for the FA Cup tie at Brentford to get him some game time (as will Ricardo too I would think). I rate Soyoncu just as highly as the other two but I think he will have to be patient and wait for PL selection, then he will need to take his chance when it comes.
  13. Southampton are a decent team and they scored 0. I agree that we will probably need to start better in this match but they should be fearing us more than we are them. 3-1 to City.
  14. "Mo Salah you little dancer" proved Carragher to be the completely non-impartial **** that he is.
  15. Unfortunately it's only a matter of time if they continue their form.
  16. They're now saying it’s reigning champions vs wannabe champions.
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