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  1. He's one of our top performers, and he does it week in week out.
  2. Allardyce pairing up with Shakespeare, I can see the potential.
  3. Yes, would be a very good move. Mentioned him before.
  4. This. I'm not sure how they would do it but extra traffic will be even worse.
  5. Gibson would be one of my first choices as a CB signing. 20m is the price thesedays to bring in quality, and he's probably worth it. I know Arsenal are having a look at him too.
  6. Slimani - See Ulloa Kapustka - keep Musa - loan Amartey - loan maybe Ulloa - I'd be happy to keep either of Slimani or Ulloa. I (think) Slimani will stay and Ulloa will move. It's close as to who (I'd) keep. Both offer different qualities.
  7. I think Shakespeare. Other than him, I'd be looking at Schmidt, Monk and Wagner.
  8. Particularly instrumental towards the end of the 2014/15 season, when he played in a back three.
  9. Pearson had real success with us, fundamental in where we are now. He got us straight out of League One in 2008/09 when we were relegated the season prior. We had a few playoffs under him in the Championship, before winning the league in 2013/14. He assembled a very good team, who had the right mentality/togetherness with enough quality there too. I've touted Pearson as a good fit for Middlesbrough, and I think he could be good for a lot of promotion hopeful sides in the Championship before he's proven he can do it. Have to say I am surprised Middlesbrough were relegated this season, thought you invested well and you'd stay up.
  10. Any of these: Gibson Janssen Keane Ake
  11. A loan move would probably be the best thing for him right now, he needs to get his confidence back. Ultimately, the player he was at CSKA Moscow hasn't been shown here, and for me a lot of that has been down to confidence. He's shown glimpses of it.
  12. I think Mahrez would do better in a side like Arsenal or Manchester City. Possession based sides. Arsenal particularly I can see him doing well at. I don't think we're going to keep Schmeichel either.
  13. I think in a midfield three position when we particularly need to contain the opposition, he benefits from. To be honest, when we have played a midfield three it's the most suited Amartey has looked. For me, at this moment in time being part of a midfield two isn't bringing the best out of him, and a large degree of that is down to confidence. If he started to grow in confidence, in the role of a midfield three, he'd look better in a midfield two. He'd also then start trying more ambitious passes which we know he is capable of from his time at Copenhagen.
  14. Looked more comfortable today in CM than RB. Untested at CB, but might be better there too.