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  1. I think he will go on to have a good career, does have ability in goal but didn't quite work here.
  2. I can see why they want a good replacement for Hughes, and James would be just the job. However, I'd of thought he's in Shakespeare's plans.
  3. This one been covered? Since we moved to Filbert Way in 2002, average home attendances haven't dropped below 20,000, even in the League One season.
  4. Sounds like a very good signing for the price. Good piece of business.
  5. My thinking was that it'd be Slimani and Deeney as maybe CS wants two options of this style. Then Vardy, Iheanacho, Okazaki as the forwards. But seen that Ulloa might have been offered a new contract, so not so sure. I wouldn't want us to sell Slimani.
  6. It was pleasing to hear this. Whilst Premier League survival is of course important, I would like to see us go for more and aim for the top ten season on season. I've noticed both Maguire and Iborra have mentioned (or in a similar way) about the project and ambition they can sense with the club. I think Shakespeare's character is playing a key hand in securing these signings. CS seems to have solid intentions in the club moving forward especially in the way he comes across, potential signings will probably want to buy into that.
  7. Although Kramaric is a striker, I feel he could alternatively flourish in the CAM area behind the forwards, with his creativity. Shame we let him go, understandable at the time of course but we could probably do with him now as an option. Sigurdsson would be a top choice. I've heard a lot about Ziyech. Hamsik.
  8. Also think Kapustka would feel like a new signing if he featured more regularly.
  9. I've often thought our stadium could look like Old Trafford expanded.
  10. Can imagine the East Stand will look impressive, if done right. Personally feel an expansion would look even better however, if two stands were expanded; North Stand and Kop would be very good.
  11. Glad to see this thread carrying on. Plaudits to Simpson are fully deserved.
  12. I've rated Iheanacho for a great while. Good finisher, impressive goal record at Manchester City. He would be a real coup if we manage to sign him.
  13. Keep.
  14. From what I gather, he's a very good coach and has done well at Oxford. Imagine he will a good addition to Shakespeare's team.