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  1. CityFan 06


    I think Boufal could be quite a good signing. Maybe in a different team he could flourish on a more consistent basis. Especially as Puel signed him when he was at Southampton, he might be able to bring the best out of him. Although unsure of their relationship. The CAM role and creativity are ongoing subjects and Boufal could benefit us on both points. Also feel Tadic could be particularly useful for us.
  2. This has been sold.
  3. This is now sold.
  4. I have one ticket available for Palace away. Under 22 (18-21). £20. Looking to meet at the ground pre-match on Thursday night. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  5. I have one ticket available for Palace away. Under 22 (18-21). £20. Looking to meet at the ground pre-match on Thursday night. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  6. CityFan 06

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Exciting times ahead, what with the new training complex as well. It will be interesting to see how the developments shape out.
  7. CityFan 06

    A defence of Matty James

    Good post this is. I do feel Ndidi and James as a midfield pair aren't great, but yeah he could've won us the game yesterday with the header and he didn't play badly at all. James also seems to want to play for the club, always gives his all on the pitch and that's good. His recovery from injury has been excellent.
  8. CityFan 06

    Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    It's not been good for a long while. I'd like to see some changes next season, finally progress from old Championship esque habits - and part of that is the fanbase.
  9. CityFan 06

    Stoke Tickets

    1 adult ticket available for today's match. Block SK1. £30. Send me a message if interested. Thanks.
  10. CityFan 06

    Race for 7th spot and Europe

    I hope we don't lose the pace of things in these next 11 games. The chance to finish 7th and qualify for Europe should be the aim for the players.
  11. CityFan 06


    I think we might start to see how much we'll miss him assuming he's out for a period of games. Might also make people realise what a key player he is for us. Underrated and superb defensively.
  12. CityFan 06


    He is a top player for us.
  13. CityFan 06

    Southampton (A) pre-match

    It's nice going into games at the moment knowing we aren't desperate for points and we're in a comfortable position in the table. Can see this being a draw, which would be fine. Winnable though.
  14. CityFan 06


    Really pleased with how it's going under Puel. Happy with the points we have on board and the position we're in. Since he's come in, one of the biggest changes has been how much better we are on the ball. This has probably been our biggest detractor in recent seasons, we've haven't had the balance of our counter attacking style of play with being able to keep the ball when necessary. We now seem to have that balance and we're a better side for it. Puel has also introduced a new formation in 4-2-3-1, another key change. When he joined Puel recognised the need for a plan B, something we lacked under both Ranieri and Shakespeare. We now have another formation which works and it has given us a much needed alternative to 4-4-2. We have become more dynamic going forward, and Gray and Mahrez in particular have benefitted from playing behind Vardy, having more freedom to attack. Claude has realised a few changes which needed to be made here and he's been willing to do them. For us, ball retention and a change in formation have been two of the biggest talking points which needed looking at. These two changes seemed quite an undertaking because they didn't happen under Ranieri or Shakespeare, but in Puel we've got a manager in who has had the courage to make changes. For me, we're looking like a quality team under Puel.
  15. CityFan 06

    The Claude Puel Era - what will he bring?

    We're keeping the ball much better. He's changed a few things and we are looking good. Pleasing to be 9th.