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  1. I quite like the pink one! Round collar too!
  2. Did not Demarai’s highlights reel look a bit like that when we were about to sign him?
  3. I think it’s great that Spurs have found a competition they can play in where they can lose and still get to a semifinal.
  4. Roughly translated as: "He's brilliant at tackling, intercepting and generally winning the ball back. (Something we all know) I just need him to be a baller on the ball and be able to pass without giving it away." (Something else we all know as well) He's certainly a player of extremes - a bit like being a mathematical genius but not being able to read. Hopefully, Brendan has brought his Janet and John series to Leicester.
  5. I'll put you down as a 'maybe' then.
  6. Absolutely in any half representative reality it'd be an impossible signing in terms of funds available and him being willing to come here for 100k a week. Odds of a bout 5000-1 ish probably.
  7. Daft face but ridiculous feet. As a Gray replacement... all day long - him, with YT, JM & JV around him would be genuinely sick.
  8. Sounds like BR is keen on this and will provide competition for Ndidi.
  9. Some interesting knife crime related research published. It does help dispel some of the exaggeration and myth surrounding knife crime and it’s exclusive relationship with substance use and trade and focuses slightly more on the idea of other cultural territorial issues and behaviours being in play. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-47912080
  10. Another procession post first lap and with Ferrari team orders as well... Does anybody care who got the fastest lap? The format so needs to change.
  11. Get the betting results in a few weeks and see then. We are one injury to Vardy away from huge disaster with zero quality to fill his boots or challenge his form. I’d take him on a free and give him a three year deal at 29. He can also play wide as well and is left footed...
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