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  1. Yep, the above is exactly what I’m on about!
  2. Go and wash your mouth out.
  3. I think that’s wages.
  4. Linked with Fernabache (sp.) in a £4 million deal.
  5. It’s great to see how far the narratives of our arguments as a political forum have progressed since 2016.
  6. In other news some Women don’t want to go the White House even if they win the World Cup. Can’t imagine why.
  7. Manchester United have pulled out of the running to sign Leicester City and England defender Harry Maguire after being told the 26-year-old will cost £100m. (Mirror) Excellent.
  8. Is he fit? Thought he did his knee and it was gonna be a while to recover and so he will be back here but I wasn’t aware he’d be ready for preseason?
  9. Maybe we are gonna keep Maguire, buy Tielemans and just spend small on a back up striker?
  10. Sure. I suppose the the real question we should be asking is ‘Is the act of making or purchasing copies/fake merchandise defrauding the football club or the KP brand and if so does this have wider consequences for the brand, the workers, suppliers and those who purchase these products? I think that despite the notion that one wouldn’t buy an original shirt, supporting the purchase of fake merchandise at best isn’t helpful to both the football club, modern slavery issues and the KP brand and at worst perhaps an element of defrauding the football club and its, sponsors and owners.
  11. Why would that be stealing? Surely that would be buying it in a sale?
  12. Swan Lesta

    The gym

    So for leg strengthening as a starter for ten I'd recommend doing squats - no weight to start with... After you've warmed up (after taking the dog out perhaps) find a space, feet shoulder width apart and arms outstretched parallel with the ground, squat down bending at the knee, keeping back straight till bumb and upper legs are parallel with the floor. For week 1, body allowing, try doing four or five sets of ten squats (each day or every other day) with some rest intervals of a minute (Maybe more if needed - sometimes I do press ups at work every few hours throughout the day) or so between each to get your breath. The above is just a starting place but not knowing much about your current leg strength in relation to your disability, please - take it slow, get medical advice before starting and take rest days if doing squats leaves you really stiff the next day.
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