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  1. Hmm, BLM issue perhaps?
  2. Ndidi was awesome against Palace the amount of tackles he won and got the ball back with his bendy legs was simply insane. First name in the team sheet for me.
  3. Looks good through the middle - like Pérez, Nacho and Vardy... Needed dropping though - pleased he got two assists. Great talent but needs to work on his first touch.
  4. BR made the right subs. Tactically sound subs. End of.
  5. Well I’ve just read the first and last page of the thread. Hopefully this means that everyone is going to not be a **** for a bit.
  6. Kids are never gonna learn about politics until it’s in the curriculum’s interest to teach them about it... If the voting age was lowered to 16 then governments / political parties would also be forced to do something for young people and the interests of young people - for whom currently they only pay lip service. On an aside I read something this morning about selfish kids killing old people due to them not social distancing and the kids turning round and saying yeah for all the ****s you gave about climate change...
  7. Only the imaginary ones not the real one(s) - they say it all be fine moving forward after all. Apart from the afterlife (all of it) - that's currently a mess because of social distancing so that's all cancelled for the moment.
  8. I hope so. I do think though that the fans on here turning on Rodgers out of frustration is verging on lunacy.
  9. Fair point but his highlights reel is 27 seconds long - that other bloke has way more minutes on his.
  10. MUST WIN. And I mean it as Man U aren't looking like they are gonna lose any of their remaining fixtures. We need 3 points here.
  11. I love the video - he often sets up with a quality assist and then the forward doesn't convert the chance... however the footage keeps running as he wins the ball back dribbles to the edge of the box past two and scores from long range in the top right hand corner. Sign him up!
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