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  1. I’m gonna give him a chance - you don’t have his CV by being an absolute mug. It’s all about personality now and how he plays it. When the battles do come between the parties though in the house.... Boris has to deal with a very different animal now in terms of intelligence, wit, speaking ability and crafting responses that aren’t just the maybot party line.... it’ll be significantly harder sparring.
  2. Gazza was a working class hero from a very different era - Grealish..... Hmm.
  3. Done. Survey questions - esp multiple choice are tough to write without being leading... Consider opening up an extra box to write an alternative answer for a few of them - esp the closed question on why footballers wait till after their career to come out - felt like I had to pick an option I didn’t agree with. This compromises the research.
  4. 😆 or exactly why it should be opened! There’s no other gossip news! Imagine an FT world where the bench mark for closing transfer talk was the basis of crazy rumours 😂
  5. He was blowing after 50 mins! He wasn’t going to cope with another season at Prem pace.
  6. Is he going to be prosecuted for drink driving as well? I mean - you pop out when you’re not supposed to because your a selfish **** and above everybody else - whilst supposedly being a leader and captain of men... that makes you a dick, sure but why is his Range Rover hitting other parked cars on his way home? At some point people who think they can do what they want need to be brought to book to keep us other mere mortals safe from their cvntish behaviours. Needs 3 months inside. And I’m no advocate of jail as a punishment. The only time it works is short sharp shock for the rich and long term to protect the public from dangerous individuals. But Grealish fits the former criteria nicely.
  7. Rach. Andy Murray simply can’t be at the centre of any story that should be raised in this thread. And if he can, then there should be rules made against this immediately.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52120578 @LinekersLugs
  9. That’s good for the Uni and the students - 3rd year of courses is traditionally much harder than year 2 - everyone’s a winner!
  10. I get it and of course you correct. The only counter argument I suppose is staff who are not working could be furloughed or can take a pay cut and the players do in a way have to keep working in the sense they have a fitness obligation.... ? I’m not hearing stories of footballers though donating a months wages to the club staff to help them and their families through this - and I kinda feel I should be?
  11. Speed climbing is a different discipline to general climbing or free climbing. I see where you are coming from, I suppose it depends how you define sport and wether it needs rules competition and governing bodies etc as oppose to fitness, skills and technique and physical abilities alone and a strict notion of how this can be measured.
  12. Climbing not sport? Hmm disagree there buddy.
  13. I'm thinking of booking some flights this week for a snowboard holiday for New Year... It feels crazy as airlines may fold etc but return flights for two plus snowboard carriage less than a hundred notes to Innsbruck..... I can't make up my mind if its a no brainer or plain stupid!
  14. Yep I know a few peeps with it now - quite a few in their 50’s and a couple of them quite big people who are having some real trouble with breathing and coughing up crap. Gets real when it’s a friend or family member all of a sudden.
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