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  1. Swan Lesta

    Constantly being asked to accept cookies

  2. Swan Lesta

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    I’ve had no time recently until today to trawl through media reports but having done so I’m struggling to see in relation to Brexit any other outcome than both sides agreeing more time. I just don’t see any satisfactory reality for either side in a no deal scenario. Am I missing something big or do others kinda think we are heading this way?
  3. Swan Lesta

    New training ground approved

    No no no.
  4. Swan Lesta

    Running a Half Marathon

    Early morning is so the way forward for exercise, including lifting.
  5. Not confused just thought it to be ridiculous.
  6. So we are on 12 points and 4th & 5th are on 18 points. You telling me that we haven’t totally thrown away a couple of games so far this season?
  7. Swan Lesta

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    I thought you were joking!
  8. This is just a rehash I think from yesterdays Sun article about how the owners are not convinced by him. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/7491511/claude-puel-fighting-for-leicester-future-and-still-trying-to-win-over-owners-despite-sitting-in-mid-table/
  9. Y'know, what I said wasn't dumb or delusional - you just over-reacted with arrogance and self importance by name calling because you consider your opinion is superior to mine in some way. I don't really see the need to be like that to be honest mate. It's probably not a road you want to keep going down. I think if we had got rid of Puel at the end of last season and had a better window under a different manager and not bought dross like Ghezzal we could be at least attempting to go for 5/6th place instead of playing Amartey and Morgan, not going three at the back, having curious subs and team selections and football that makes most people only not sleep because they are so angry the players are playing so far out of position it negates their ability to perform. If we hadn't have capitulated in some of the games we have due to silly management decisions we wouldn't be far away from that kind of a position now. I think under a different manager 6th or maybe even 5th place right now would have been a possibility, certainly not a likely one but still a possibility. I'm willing to give him time but I think we all know how this ends.
  10. I guess I want to be better than the next Everton.... Bring out the billions please.
  11. Fair post. But 6th spot has to be the target and respectfully we should be aiming to be the best of the rest and ready to pounce should teams capitulate under pressure. And I don’t include Everton in that, we should be targeting finishing above them.
  12. 5th or 6th place delusional? And then go on to write that you think it’s possible if other clubs don’t perform? Hmm. It’s probably not delusional then is it. It’s probably say dependent or unlikely. But possible. So not delusional then.
  13. I think if we had a manager that got the best out of our players we would be 5/6/7/8 I think Puel will lead us eventually to 10/11/12/13 and we’ll be asked to be transitionally grateful.
  14. Swan Lesta

    Arsenal away next😳

    I’m concerned the margin will be 2-3 goals as well!