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  1. How does Ricardo slip under the radar so much? Barely got a mention today and was absolutely immense.
  2. Better side in the second half by a country mile.
  3. Well lots of possession and only the Ndidi mistake separates the teams, however we are gonna need to take Hamza or Ndidi off get Madders playing in the middle and Barnes running at them.
  4. Hope you’re right. But if thats the case and the EU don’t blink first we are in a bit of trouble as I can’t see Boris not going through with his will of the people mandate.
  5. There’s possibly a few more differences than that. One has the support of the dressing room and some man management skills for a start.
  6. Just can’t see him dropping Youri or Madders so it’ll be the same line up unless he goes 4141 drops Hamza and brings in a winger.
  7. Dani Ceballos looks amazing in all fairness.
  8. To be a manager, any manager, anywhere you need to be able to ‘man’-age. That means communicate effectively and obtain buy-in or at least respect from your staff of your philosophies. If you can’t do the above you can still buy good players, bring through youth, implement a new footballing style, etc etc... all commendable attributes. But let’s be honest here, if you ignore your players, disrespect them and can’t make them buy into a philosophy after months of them trying, you’re not really managing. Right now we’ve got a manager that the players at the moment are backing and the team spirit is a different world from where it was 15 games ago. If the helicopter hadn’t gone down I genuinely believe he’d have been sacked after the West Ham game.
  9. That’ll be an interesting read. On an aside does anybody have savings invested in the markets? I’m becoming nervous that if we hard Brexit the markets could go down heavy and everything will be wiped out... or take a huge hit. Seriously considering pulling it all out into a banks and ISA’s because I don’t feel equipped enough / confident enough to just let it ride. It’s in what people would call low risk and spread out of direct European companies but a crash would I’m sure lose 30% plus... there is also talk of recession in the US the last day or two....
  10. He could certainly build a new military base in Cov but I’m uncertain that drilling for oil will upset the natural habit enough.
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