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  1. I read in the Times this morning that he was injured? Apologies if incorrect.
  2. Well Norwich without Pukki Wont help them and I do think we could have a good afternoon, no doubt. It’d be capped off though by Big Nige parking the bus and getting an early result at Watford!
  3. Meh, even if Pep leaves after this season, I’d be surprised if Rogers left without taking up the opportunity to take his young Leicester team into the Champions League and make some real history. I think he’d stay another season.
  4. No they were centrist I’d say. There’s a host of welfare related achievements balanced with a degree of privatisation of public services but often on a payment by result basis rather than profit first service last! But yeah there were certainly elements of a Tory Plan B there!
  5. He says he’s not resigning.
  6. I can’t see past a Tory majority of 330 in all honesty. Lots of reports of big turn outs but it really is about if the LD’s can take seats off the Tories in key areas (there’s realistically about 10?) and if Corbyn can somehow win 270 odd to form an alliance or alliances with other parties but can anybody really see that happening?
  7. Centre half that can also play at right back. Being heavily scouted by top Prem clubs but has a contract with BHA until 2022 and they won’t want to sell I wouldn’t think.
  8. Yep I’m pretty much anybody but Boris and am in Daventry district where Chris Heaton Harris won in 2017 by 20k votes! Pretty irrelevant what I do but I’ve voted anyway!
  9. People certainly should read this. 👏
  10. Maybe it’s about attempting holding him to account for an alleged abuse of power more than all the other stuff you conjectured about.
  11. Tentative question.... Is Barnes’ best position a left sided attacking forward / winger?
  12. If we can keep the band together it’s gonna be a fascinating next 2-3 seasons.
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