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  1. Destroy, Recycle, Repeat. And that'll do Wilfred, that'll do.
  2. Well that just says to me that we are posturing to get a deal but actually not bluffing because if a deal doesn't get reached - we'll go anyway... hmm. It's who blinks first and I doubt that'll be Boris, so basically we are caught between the mercy of Brussels and the will of a fat, pompous, entitled, bumbling man-child. Ah well.
  3. Two DM’s away to Liverpool next week..... Off with his head the new BR thread will read!
  4. Tielemans bossed it yesterday agree about his pace etc but his composure, build up play, possession and defensive organisation of Barnes was pretty outstanding.
  5. Thought it was a yellow - took the ball first no intent....
  6. Fair play - though I also had a cracking round and whilst still about 10 points adrift have arrived in the top ten! Well done Col.
  7. Anybody know if Madders is fit enough to feature?
  8. You gonna hang on to this d’think?
  9. Every time I read this thread title I get a warm glow inside.
  10. Well that’s the pleasantries out of the way. Shall we cut out the next few months and move straight onward to the meeting up for a fight? But seriously, we should do a beer at some point before one of our livers fails.
  11. You are one of a pool of a few on here with the capacity to raise the level of debate from a conservative (ish) corner. We’ve certainly got enough angry shit slingers - I miss your contributions that derive from your interest in politics. (Ignoring of course the aforementioned narratives of absolute hatred for Corbyn the BBC and undertones of far right nationalism ) Having said that, there’s only a few on here from the right leaning side of the political spectrum that I’ll even entertain reading political posts from but you are certainly one of them, even if you do owe me a few device repairs from over the years!
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