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  1. Swan Lesta

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    Our goals seem to come from 4 sources in the main. Vardy who Puel wants to phase out seemingly, Albrighton, similarly going to be back up, Maddison who whilst not prolific has pretty much saved our season with his first half contributions and Ricardo but only really when he plays on the wing rather than at right back. We are bringing through youth and it is exciting and I can see Barnes finding some goal scoring form but whoever we sign.... They are going to need to know where the back of the net is. Just sayin.
  2. Swan Lesta


    I thought that was something that happened more in your 50’s?
  3. Swan Lesta


    If you look at the fastest players in the league they change loads I think Chilwell is clocked as being our fastest player but I’d be willing to bet Vardy is still a tad quicker it’s just that he doesn’t get to run anymore playing Puel ball.
  4. Yeah - I like what he does with Chilwell on that side, but Barnes has sort of taken on that mantle now. When Gray is on the right though I think we see less of Ricardo in advanced positions which is a travesty!
  5. I’d keep him tbh (Gray) But I don’t think he’s a centre forward or a lone striker or a good enough crosser of the ball to be called a traditional winger... that pretty much leaves him for me as a forward player in a front three, probably on the left side.
  6. Swan Lesta


    And will Puel start him against Palace or is it Gray and Ghezzal now as first on the teamsheet?
  7. Swan Lesta


    I really don’t think Vardy has lost his pace. I simply think the change in style of football has everybody convinced he’s become slower when it’s because they just don’t see him run anymore because there’s limited point in him doing so when we don’t have anybody that could get the ball to him from anywhere else but the corner flag.
  8. Swan Lesta

    Gordon Banks RIP

    That’s sad.
  9. Because we have had nothing in the middle literally nothing apart from two, slow visionless DM's everything has gone up the wings so Vardy has not had the ball released to him at pace to run on to or through balls to his feet to turn and shoot, just balls in from wide that haven't reached him.
  10. Well people spending 14 months defending playing a 4231 system with two DM’s who can’t pass the ball forwards and then praising his genius when he finally loans a player to have a prayer of making the system work is perhaps what I’m referring to!
  11. Just re-read any old post you’ve written over the last 4 months. 😉
  12. Ive hated the football set up and style for 14 months as CP refused to change the style or play with the players he did have that could have made the football less awful. That’s really been my only problem with him aside from some substitutions. 4231 with two DM’s in a double pivot made me not want to watch the football and stripped the joy out of LCFC and made me honestly feel down and sad! I was finally impressed with the football at the weekend considering the youth in the side and if I’m honest didn’t have a problem with him dropping Vardy though after the 14 month wait for a midfielder who has an ounce of vision we didn’t get to see if it improved his game until the 2nd half. If he doesn’t start Vardy at the weekend then he should go in the summer and Kasper as well which will make Evans our eldest starting player - big risk though as I’m yet to be convinced that there’s enough goals and talent yet in Gray Barnes Maddison and Ghezzal at PL level. If after all this he is he goes back against Palace to 4231 without YT on then I’d like to be euthanised before kick off please. Until then Puel can have a stay of execution but I won’t quite say ‘in’ yet as there are other managers who could play these youthful players too - he’s not the Messiah of strategy he’s made out to be on here.
  13. I wrote a book chapter for an academic work about the construction and belonging of personal, professional and group identities in 2016 and it was published in 2017. Leicester City and being a supporter and fan was used as examples throughout to illustrate the learning.
  14. Swan Lesta

    6 Nations 2019

    Well I’m wondering if we’ll see 3 away wins in a couple of weeks time. I cant see Wales beating England, I think Scotland will be too strong for France even in Paris and Ireland will of course take apart Italy.
  15. Swan Lesta

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    I thought his head was meant to be on a pike this morning outside the KP as a warning to other ex defensive midfielders turned manager not to apply?