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  1. Get off the fence.
  2. Thanks Alf, best of luck with your appointments in the coming weeks.
  3. An article has appeared now.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/51143657
  4. Are you still actually able to stand unaided?
  5. I hope it’s not us - I couldn’t take all the pages of shite puns without actually losing my shit at how unfunny Sun reading Dad’s can be.
  6. I think a singing section is a good idea. And when we have our stadium extension we should ensure that the new seats (about 5K of them are reserved for a few months for people to move into and form whatever type of chav choir they please.) No but seriously, there was a time when Doris and Derek sang and had sex but their money has been good for years (since before mobile phones) so don’t try and force them out now. Petition the club for new seats in the new area would be my thought.
  7. I didn’t realise you were allowed back in the ground.
  8. No is it any good? I usually use The Kenton as it’s only a couple of minutes walk from Cassland Road near my mates place.
  9. Hey Hackney. I read it on here just mentioned CB priorities and no mention of anything else - I’ve just searched around for 15 mins to find it but can’t - it was in one of the transfer threads randomly! Weirdly are you still based in Hackney? Just an enquiry as one of my best mates has a grand place in Hackney near the Tesco and I’m often down there for a beer!
  10. If it lowers your insurance - go for it.
  11. My thoughts are this is that Jamie Kimble fella again who's source is FoxesTalk quoting the Athletic which mentioned us as an afterthought as just a club who had been monitoring the player, hashing together a clickbait nothing article for the Leicestershire Live site.
  12. Try in here - there's loads of obsessive whack-job complainants in this thread with dash cams. You can often spot them on the roads too - they are the ones who drive around most days waving their hands and heads about like they are having some kind of never ending spasming seizure whilst their car drives on autopilot.
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