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  1. 17 minutes ago, Ian W LCFC said:

    Good idea guys


    When will these tickets go on sale? And can I buy more than one?

    Hi mate, ST holders can buy at the start of this week, members next week. Not sure on general sale. It's one per reference in the singing section unfortunately. 


    If you fancy it drop us an email and we can let you know the process to get your tickets. 

  2. As a fanbase, we can & do make a difference. At both Chelsea & Sheffield Utd we organised sections for like-minded fans to come together backing the lads for 90 minutes. 


    We will continue to do so and would encourage fans to join us in Block 123 at Liverpool (A)


    Up The City





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  3. 22 minutes ago, Costock_Fox said:

    What’s the format of the tournament?

    There will be four groups of four teams each.


    The team's finishing first and second in their group will progress in to quarter finals, competing for the main trophy.


    The team's finishing 3rd and 4th will progress into quarter finals for the secondary 'Shield' competition.

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  4. Second Auction: Signed Artwork of Danny Simpson, by Jay Connolly


    The auction will run until the 17th June, with the artwork being sold to the highest bidder.


    Bids should be submitted as comments on the Facebook post (see below) OR privately via email to filbospirit@gmail.com.


    The money raised will be split evenly between Union FS and LOROS.



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  5. As part of our Annual Charity Football tournament we are auctioning a 2018/19 Leicester City shirt signed by the majority of the season's team alongside a certificate of authenticity issued by Leicester City Football Club.

    The auction will run for 2 weeks and will be sold to the highest bidder with bids being submitted either as comments on our Facebook Page: 


    OR privately via email to filbospirit@gmail.com.

    Monies raised will be split evenly between LOROS & Union FS alongside the monies raised via our Football Tournament and Raffle.


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  6. 15 minutes ago, fazzyfox said:

    Well done to organisers, it looks like a fun day for a good cause. I've been tempted to get involved, What is the general standard / requirement? Are they usually mainly young players who play regularly or is there a mixture of ages and standards?

    The tournament is free to enter for any ability level. We've had a wide range of age groups participate in the past.


    We'll also be running a secondary knockout competition for those who finish in the lower half of their group, so even those teams who struggle early on will have a chance at playing some competitive games.

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