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  1. Since Union FS formed it has been our primary objective to improve the atmosphere at home games. Whilst we have taken small steps to accomplish this at our home games we now feel similar steps should be taken for our away games.

    To achieve this we have established an ‘Away Sections Group’ in which ALL fans, who wish to stand and sing, can congregate within blocks at our away games. This process will be ran separate to Leicester City’s ticketing system for all fans, bearing in mind sufficient priority points must be held for purchases to be made.

    This has been successfully trialed internally at Wembley, Derby, Sheffield United and Huddersfield without issue.


    The ‘Away Section Group’ is not here to facilitate reference swapping but to merely allow like-minded fans to group together to back the lads for 90 minutes.
    If you are interested, please email filbospirit@gmail.com for more information.

    Union FS

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  2. 2 hours ago, urban.spaceman said:

    My old 55th Leicester Scout HQ in Thurnby Lodge might be big enough - it's now called the "Forgotten Estates" after it was reclaimed by the local community when they tried to turn it into a mosque. Not sure how much it's used these days but they've got quite a large hall which might be big enough for prepping.



    Thank you urban.spaceman. We will send you a PM if that is ok?

  3. In the pipeline we have a number of displays we are planing to role out.

    One in particular is looking like being our biggest yet. Because of this we are on the hunt for a prep space large enough to work within where we can paint and prepare the tifo.

    Ideally something that is 25m x 15m would be ideal.


    Does anyone own, work in or know of a possible suitable space?

    If so please do get in touch with the group via email on filbospirit@gmail.com


    Many thanks,



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