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  1. More worries about winning next Thursday as feel if we win it's great if we dont we dont as never felt the success in fa, but dreaming we will win it. Always said if get a tattoo if we win the cup, never said it about the premier league as that was never a thought
  2. It's a different view. Like starting the season from now and having 8 games. We are looking good since I started this so let's keep it going and takes our mind away from it
  3. Sorry to the ones who dont understand this, but good news and more importantly, I can now confirm I will update the table as the games are played, starting tonight, 8 games to go for the Foxes
  4. League table, assuming just an 8 game season. Top 4 Champions League, maybe just top 3. Updated after Everton 2-2 Tottenham result. Position Team Played Points GD Goals scored 1 Man City 2 30 44 67 2 Man Utd 1 19 27 61 3 Leicester City 1 12 18
  5. 14 points should be enough 15 will I think. Win next 4 and 2 draws or 1 win from last 3 maybe spuds on final day or a weakened united team after a europa lg semi final if they are clear in 2nd
  6. There is always a chance. People said we had no chance to win the league back in 15/16
  7. Been such a long time until I was so pissed off at a game of football so mad
  8. I would say with confidence none of the belgium lads. No kasper. Not Evans Ricardo amartey albrighton vardy. Maybe madds choud kelechi new contract week and possibly ndidi Perez
  9. Which means, we are now in the last 3!, and 1 of those teams are Southampton!
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