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  1. 2 hours ago, stripeyfox said:

    feedback on the SI forums is that it is even worse. Some guy reports being 20 games in a no striker anywhere in the world has reached 10 goals!

    Seems as if this could be true if multiple people are saying it on the forums. Ive played around 6 games and my striker at least is scoring more goals than before (well 1 on 1's and tap ins from wingers passing it across). I'll play more tonight and see if I come across any problems like on the forum.

  2. Seems that they might have fixed the 1 on 1's and wingers shooting all the time, if you right click on FM 20 on Steam go to the beta option click accept beta it will download a new patch. Played last night and my striker was scoring 1 on 1's and my wingers seemed to square it more often than shooting.

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  3. We need some fresh faces in the side else we won't finish top 4. We haven't played well for a few months and it will be massively disappointing if we mess up 2nd half of the season. Today we didn't take our chances, we should of been more than enough for Burnley but poor defending and stepping off the gas second half ultimately cost us.

  4. 19 hours ago, spacemunky said:

    Switched back to PL and to a 433 with this new squad. Off to a very good start in D9.




    Looks a good team! I'd look to replace Delph and Richarlson when you can though. Delphs stats arent great even with a shadow (maybe sissoko?)

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  5. What's peoples thoughts? Worst fifa ever? Worst servers ever? Best fifa since when? Etc


    I have to say gameplay wise its boring, very similar goals are always scored, I.e byline pass across goal and its a goal. People who drop back defend to then counter you, gameplay wise its pretty slow too. I think it would be probably one of the best fifas if it had the correct tweaks and the severs wasn't terrible. 


    One interesting thing is what's people opinion on the AI defending? Supposedly it was going to be manual defending with less aggressive AI, whilst that may be the case I think the AI defending could be deemed as bad or if not worse than FIFA 19?


    Are people still enjoying the game? If so why? 

  6. 9 hours ago, Ross-Kemp said:

    Struggled accessing it via my phone. Worked through the laptop though. 


    Won my first game game last night. More fluke than skill I think. First time I’ve played since the latest patch. Gameplay felt very different.

    Seems like some really good players are in it this year, with only 8 spaces its going to be tough. 


    Edit- Some proper wannabe pro sweats playing, can't see myself playing anymore its bad enough playing futchamps. We must have got some picking Leicester due to club position. 

  7. 41 minutes ago, lanefox said:

    Any ideas what were getting from the black friday promo

    If its similar to last year,  flash sbcs, lightning round packs, I've seen some new card design doing rounds on twitter so could be some new players. Possibly best team of week being out again? 

  8. On 04/11/2019 at 19:55, danny2997 said:

    Registrations open for this year's competition!


    Anyone getting involved? 

    Trying to, got issues linking my psn which they said will take next week to fix. Only 8 spots this year for the next round and its going into a group then knockout format which should be fun. 

  9. 1 hour ago, foxfanazer said:

    What do you think? Desperately trying to find a way to keep Madders and Vardy in lol but should I just bite the bullet and drop Vards and put Mbappe up top? 


    Kimpembe at centre back Instead of marquinhos as that will be a perfect link 

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  10. 55 minutes ago, spacemunky said:

    He's always my first big purchase. Even if I over pay for him early, I don't mind. No one's even close to scoring as many goals for me in the last few Fifas as Vardy.


    I'm not too far away from getting him.

    I packed him and wasn't a fan, Pukki is far superior even with less pace. 


    Currently got 6 koscielny (brought for 11k and under) and 7 nacho monreal (brought for 11k and under). Should see some decent profit when an sbc comes out with totw requirements. 


    Add Nani to the list at 11,750 just brought. 

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