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  1. Didn't understand anyone that wanted him here. He's got absolutely **** all pace. We've got plenty of slow but skillful or hardworking players, we were crying out for pace.
  2. Watching Dwight Mcneill shamble slowly up the touchline looking like Crouch and Ghezzal had a baby makes me so glad we signed Under
  3. Jesus God alive mourinho coaches boring football
  4. Got to be a premier league all time top ten cvnt
  5. "I really don't think Ashley Barnes is a malicious type of player"
  6. True but even with what it IS you can't just stand in front of a goalkeeper, literally in the path of the ball (he had to jump over it ffs) and claim you're not interfering with play.
  7. I'm sorry but it doesn't even require this level of explanation. They're attacking players in the six yard box from a corner, that's already interfering with play enough. The rule was brought in for those situations where some player miles offside is running back with his arms up when a through ball goes through or is, say, down tying his shoe laces while a move is unfolded. It was never for and should never have been used for these ridiculous cases where attacking players are stood right in front of goalkeepers and we're ummming and aaaahhing over whethe
  8. I don't understand all the fuss about Arsenal's non goal. "Mikel Arteta can't understand why goal was ruled out!" Um, because two of your players were offside Mikel. One was distracting the keeper, one was committing a defender, both of whom could have cleared the ball if free. Do I need to get the salt and pepper shakers and the ketchup bottle and explain it to you?
  9. That's what I meant by this year. Nobody's contract expires in January.
  10. So, I've owned this a bit over a week and played about 120 hours
  11. I love anything in sport where all of the other players react like that
  12. Evans expires end of this year? Oof.
  13. Regardless, Cags is early twenties, Fofana is a teen and Evans is in his thirties. Sooner or later, they're going to need to step in and replace him.
  14. It's notable that in the games we failed to score, against Villa and West Ham, he wasn't really able (or allowed?) to get forward. When he gets in to the final third we score goals. The prospect of him on one side and Ricardo on the other with Barnes and Under tucking in is frankly terrifying.
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