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  1. Agree (Plus another one Junior Lewis sitting on Peter Taylor's lap)
  2. He can be tricky as he plays off the shoulder
  3. Had Maguire an Afro hair style he would have gone. Very poor decision by VAR, plus the VAR monitor was only a few feet away from the assault meaning the twat Ref could have checked for himself. Frank was done over and the EPL’s orders to move us out of the top 4 will soon kick in. Orders were obviously ignored versus Wolves as VAR helped us, but did miss the barge on Madders.
  4. I hope he stays there and wins many more Carabao Cup Medals. A big no thanks from me.
  5. True. Hamza would have been soaking in the bath before halftime.
  6. When I read the title of this thread, I thought his wife had joined FT....
  7. Since Sean has stopped picking the Team, results have deteriorated.
  8. This VAR debate and Wolves being hard done by is bollooks. That shove on Madders would have been given by some Refs ? Every Team (except Livarpool) have been done over this season. It is how it is.
  9. If being 3rd in February means we are not moving forward (from last season?) - then I have serious doubts about the expectations of some of us.
  10. Agree. There are some drama Queens on here. We are third ffs. Just wish some on here you just calm down and relax. It will come good again (after Man City🙏)
  11. Wes on soon too. Need to invite more pressure on ourselves.
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