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  1. Pigeon “Rudders if you think I am flying up to Burnley with a contract for Tarkowski up my back passage you can go do one. It’s St Etienne or nothing - understood?”
  2. I pray you are correct. Selling him and you would be staring at a relegation dog fight and then 23m now compared with your EPL income would be a total no-brainer.
  3. I hope so too. A very very expensive short term fix. No sell on value and not the quickest. Would much prefer little Wes.
  4. The positives are, it identified the size of the dead-wood removal task, plus how important scouting and the academy are going to be in years to come. Surely playing and losing with developing youngsters is better than watching older and slower players that in all honesty are not going to play regularly in the EPL? New training center needs to be augmented with a re-think of the academy set up and more focus on scouting and recruitment. Send someone to the Red Bull set up to see how they do things would be a good start! As for the game, result better than I feared.
  5. So what are the fvcking recruitment team doing day in and day out!!!! That is what I expect. We have been looking for CB for over 12 months.
  6. Then why offer him a contract extension? He ‘has’ been brilliant for us, but we all need to move on. Same for Wes. What are these two costing us?
  7. Has Wes played a forward pass yet? I make it 20 sideways and 12 backwards.
  8. Go on to the Fofana thread. Everyones moaning about West Ham.
  9. Why pay a transfer fee when you can get for free? Celtic did same for Benkovic.
  10. Should this not be on the Top Gear thread?
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