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    World Cup on UK TV quiz

    World Cup on UK TV quiz Test your knowledge on the history of World Cup on UK television Submitter Footballwipe Type Graded Mode Time 5 minutes Total Questions 10 Category Sport Submitted 22/04/18  
  2. Footballwipe

    The "do they mean us?" thread

    Remember that time we all got so upset Martin Allen was sacked? Remember also that time we thought a yellow shirt with the world's biggest neck hole was a good idea...? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGx7XUGUFec
  3. So up £3m from last year, but the club will still feel the circa £80m hole from the Champions League income. Revenue set to "plummet" back down to around £150m from the £223m last year. I read that the summer meeting of PL clubs could bring a compromise deal on the "big six" getting a larger share of the overseas TV rights. They don't have the 14-6 vote needed, apparently, but Richard Scudamore wants a compromise reached. Of course we're one of the three teams supporting the big six in their quest to further pull away from the teams below.
  4. Footballwipe

    England world cup poll.

    I don't care if we win it or not (I mean that's not hard we won't) I just want to experience that buzz again. I bet 1990 and 1996 were something special, but as a kid/teen I remember 02,04 and 06 tournaments so fondly because of the hype, the belief, the joy and buzz that came from a team we thought could/would do well in the competitions. Whilst that won't be there for the groups, a run in the knock outs would hopefully bring a flash of that feeling back again. Whether it's to the quarters or battling through to the semis, it would be fantastic to bring that expectation back to England on those warm summer days.
  5. Footballwipe

    Kids on Holidays in Term Time.

    Well, yes? I don't get why people seem to treat schools as some kind of creche. They're your responsibility and if the educational establishment is closed for health and safety reasons (and they don't close schools lightly) then you'll have to make an arrangement. As mentioned inset days are announced well in advance, but they can't help the weather. The same parents moaning about schools being closed would be the first to be onto InjuryLawyers4U if their little darling slipped over and hurt themselves in the school grounds. Also it's worth remembering some schools are closed in snowy weather because the bus companies refuse to run in those conditions, so there's nothing they can do. Schools are there to educate children, not look after them.
  6. Footballwipe


    No I think that's fair comment, though I think Vardy is a special case. The man was an absolute catalyst for the title win and a total phenomenon. My main aim at the comment was around the extensions to the likes of Simpson, Morgan, King, Ulloa. Players who we should have been looking to significantly upgrade from as we capitalised from the title win. Morgan, as amazing as he is, was 32 signing a massive new deal taking him through to 35. That's not the long-term planning I want from my club. I'm not sure why we should have been pressured into giving bigger contracts to all the players. If it was the best for the long-term in the club then fine. I'm not saying flog them all in one transfer window, but they were all under contract and we should have had some succession planning, when we just seemed to chuck money at incompatible players and the existing squad.
  7. Footballwipe

    Spurs 5 (FIVE) - Leicester 4 (FOUR)

    Gifted them the first goal Unlucky for their third Gifted them their fourth Poor defending for their fifth Makes me sound really bitter but that could've been so much different. Really enjoyed the match overall but we completely shot ourselves in the foot time and time and time again.
  8. Footballwipe


    Think this is one of the key elements we need to consider here. The desperate rush to reward some of the title winning players with big bumper contracts was short sighted at best, though you have to praise the agents for striking while the iron was red hot. They're all going to sit and see their contracts out unless something incredible happens. History will continue to highlight that our transfer activity in the summer of 2016 was an absolute disaster for the long-term planning of the club. It's left us with much baggage, millions wasted and, certainly for now, a handful of players on huge contracts who will be hard to shift.
  9. Footballwipe

    Kids on Holidays in Term Time.

    I think the only issue that arises is when the "my child can do no wrong" parents have the temerity to complain if their child is under performing if they've been on a 2-3 week holiday somewhere and they inevitably miss out. Parent's entitlement game is very strong, so nothing is ever their fault, it's always the school or the system that's failed them. The whole argument comes down to what they can gain and when they do it. If they're getting perilously close to exam season or a critical term, I really don't see the point. One short term holiday for potential impact on their long-term education and prospects. However some holidays can be a gerat experience and if you're eight it's not the end of the world. If a top performing kid goes away and comes back that's fantastic, but remember as perfect as people think their kids are, some need to be in school all the time because they need that time to learn. Not everyone is a sponge and straight 9 student. Two weeks away could seriously affect some, and not others. Whilst it's not really the greatest deterrent in the world in terms of the fine/cost saving, it probably ensures that it's enough of a deterrent so most classes are all-but full, rather than having every kid on a two week holiday. It's unfair to force a teacher to chase their tail helping 25 kids catch up at various stages of learning if they've all been on their jollys.
  10. Footballwipe

    Spurs hatred towards Leicester

    Yes, this is an aspect of rewriting of history that concerns me, mainly because it'll become more blurred as the years go on. People talk about our miracle like we somehow bravely kept up with the dominant Arsenal and Spurs, clutching at their coat tails until the heroic Chelsea beat them, enabling us to nip in and win the title. In reality we blitzed the league, went top (again) in mid January and didn't relinquish it. Our fate was never our of our hands and we never looked like losing the lead. The way Sky Sports made our 2-2 with West Ham like some kind of disaster result which let Spurs in to catch us never sat well with me.
  11. Footballwipe

    Club Shop Revamp

    Not difficult to find, stick the postcode into the Leicester City Planning search function and it's the only result...
  12. Footballwipe

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    With it likely we're going to finish ninth, and on the assumption we lose to Spurs as Kane chases the golden ball, here is a list of our finishes in the PL and points totals 94/95 - 29pts, 22nd place (R) 96/97 - 47pts, 9th place 97/98 - 53pts, 10th place 98/99 - 49pts, 10th place 99/00 - 55pts, 8th place 00/01 - 48pts, 13th place 01/02 - 28pts, 20th place (R) 03/04 - 33pts, 18th place (R) 14/14 - 41pts, 14th place 15/16 - 81pts, 1st place 16/17 - 44pts, 12th place 17/18 - 47pts, 9th place Absolutely amazing that in six seasons since, we've only managed to beat Peter Taylor's points total once** *assuming we don't get anything from Sunday And I'm getting pretty tenuous at this point, but it's only our fourth single digit placing in 12 seasons. Makes 2015-16 even more incredible.
  13. No, they're not an accident. Look at the past fixtures to know that we play these teams quite early on. Man Utd 97-98 - August 98-99 - August 03-04 - September 14-15 - September 16-17 - August 17-18 - August Arsenal 96-97 - August 97-98 - August 98-99 - August 99-00 - August 01-02 - August 14-15 - August 15-16 - September 16-17 - August Chelsea 99-00 - August 00-01 - September 03-04 - August 14-15 - August 17-18 - September We've also played Chelsea in October on five separate occasions (94/95, 96/97, 97/98, 01/02, 17/18) Liverpool 96-97 - September 97-98 - August 99-00 - September 03-04 - September 16-17 - September 17-18 - September There are patterns like this with every team, usually. I'm all for conspiracies about the top six being kept apart at the start and end, mainly because they're not conspiracies, but I'm not having that the PL actively conspire against us to give us tough games. That kind of thinking is just paranoia and ridiculous.
  14. Only six weeks after the season ended, I've finally decided to make my own season review based on the footage I've collected over the year. I'm uploading it month-by-month because it's easier for me to edit, and if it's an absolute sack of crap then I'm not wasting my time! It's available below on Google Drive, because uploading it elsewhere would probably see it deleted instantly... LCFC Season Review - August LCFC Season Review - September LCFC Season Review - October LCFC Season Review - November LCFC Season Review - December Feedback is appreciated, but don't be too harsh, I'm a very amateur video editor! (720p is probably still processing at the time of posting, it will be in HD quality!)
  15. Footballwipe

    The totally unofficial 2016-17 Season Review

    BUMP Sorry, not shameless self promotion, but both 2015/16 and 2016/17 have moved to another destination, can be downloaded via the links. Just to say that I'm working on the Totally Unofficial Season Review 2017-18. Inspired by the players in recent games, and the anticipated (lack of) demand (I'll watch it even if you don't!), it really is just the highlights spliced together very simply month-by-month, rather than anything elaborate. But in anticipation of the club not releasing a season review I thought I'd get a head start. Should be out soon!
  16. Footballwipe

    EFL to stop printing programmes?.

    I'm pretty much like this. Can't remember which season it was, but I suddenly realised I was paying over £120 per season for Leicester v Blackpool and gathering dust in a box and just stopped suddenly. Still get the momentous ones though. Everton, all UCL home games and bought all the Wembley finals from the 1990s a few years ago cause my dad didn't go. Great retrospective read. Everyday, run of the mill league games though, they've had their day to be honest. 80 pages made up of adverts, club propaganda and corporate box ticking. I think the history sections and other features can be, and are great, but as mentioned these can easily (and often do) transfer online for free. I'll always hope and expect big games to be catered for, and whilst there's demand at the top level they'll always exist, but lower down it seems awfully draconian to force teams to design, manufacture and print a programme, especially with some of the short turnarounds they must have!
  17. Footballwipe

    David Wagner

    Just had a look... They won 22/25 games by just one goal and had four matches where they lost by three or more goals, including a 5-0, 4-0 and 3-0 loss. Only one game in the season did they win by three clear goals! So of the 22 games they won they only had a GD of +22. With 15 defeats over the season that means the GD was +7 before you count the losses and the other matches they won by more than a goal. Not sure this much detail was necessary
  18. Footballwipe

    Beliall's Revenge

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 45 seconds  
  19. Footballwipe

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Exactly. Comedy is one of the hardest things to take people's criticisms of. Look at Mrs Brown's Boys. Almost universally slated on the internet, yet raked in eight figures at peak. Now I'm going to assume people weren't tuning in just to pick fault with it... I tend to find with the "popular" comedians that they overdo themselves. They become very popular with a stand up show, then that snowballs into panel appearances, stand up skits in chat shows, another tour, their own TV show and suddenly they've over exposed themselves. Same joke, and modified to death. That's why, whatever you think of Peter Kay, he's done his career the right way. Limits his TV appearances and writes his own material. Tours aren't every year, they're almost a rare event and the stuff is gold. He's diversified his TV content over the years and not burnt himself out like, say Michael McIntryre or John Bishop has. Lots of credence in the fact they become very family friendly too, and if that deviates from their original material it can be an unwelcome culture shock! But on the whole comedians/comedy/sitcoms are so subjective. Some are great stand ups but rubbish on panel shows, where they have to think on their feet and can't rehash the same material over and over again.
  20. Footballwipe

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    I'm not sure it looked a joke. It's not like they commissioned it themselves. It was specially made for Arsenal FC by the Premier League. They were literally giving a trophy awarded to the football club to Wenger himself. The symbolism in that means far more than any horrific over-the-top club commissioned piece that could've been produced...
  21. Except for Man City, who in 2015-16 played Southampton away on the Sunday between their semi-final against Real Madrid.
  22. Footballwipe

    Lap of honour

    Amazing A beautiful day A terrible performance An underwhelming season People, including myself, had more interesting places to be rather than stay behind and applaud. Whether it's beer with mates or actually spending time with their family on a bank holiday weekend, it's amazing that some people posting as if staying should have been a mandatory prerequisite of entering the ground yesterday. If nothing else it should send a massive signal to show how sick to death we are of watching such crap. I am always struggling to understand why people worship at the alter of their football club. Applaud everything, warm up, players entrance, every substitution, after every lethargic defeat home or away.
  23. Footballwipe

    Relegation to League One - Ten years ago today.

    Second best defence (45) Worst attack (42) Fewer defeats than we had in 2006/07 (18 losses, 19 in 06/07) All those 0-1 home defeats are seered in the memory. What a disastrous season. Clive Clark onwards was a horror show.
  24. Footballwipe

    Champions League 2017/18

    I can see it now. Underdogs against Man City, underdogs against the Barca-slayers of Roma, and massive underdogs against Madrid. How can they beat Real, it's an impossible task, they'll say. There's just no way on earth Liverpool, with their superstar squad will overcome the back-to-back European Champions. Cue ultimate shock when they trounce Real 4-1 in the final.
  25. I don't care what any Forest fan living in the past says, this is THE greatest achievement in English football history. Context is everything, and winning the Premier League in this era was unthinkable. It's still the most unbelievable moment in my entire life and I regularly just sift through the footage/memorabilia and memories I have just to appreciate it all over again.