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    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    It'll never, ever be their fault. Look at the amazing, honest post above by Realist Guy. He apologises for his situation then spouts the same incredible rubbish we see. No stats, no figures, no facts. Just "remianers, treason," like he's swallowed the Mail and Express dictionary. Even when someone tells him his business is on his knees he doesn't give a shit. It seems for some they're quite happy to trample over those adversely affected by this horror show to get what they want, just to be principled. Anything negative is "project fear" and, like quoted above, when these predictions come to fruition it'll be the "remainers" fault because we rallied against something going so wrong, so quickly. I'd like to say when the Mogg and Johnson cult wake up we might have hope, but they're so embedded in their idols to care. Follow the elite millionaires as they take you for a mug. Let's not leave the Corbyn cult out of this. His damage to the opposition means we're sleepwalking to disaster because A) he's pro-brexit and B) he and his cronies love a bit of antisemitism. There's no crying out at what's going on, and the Corbyn cult followers (oh will they please wake up) are blindly following him. Other then being vehemently opposed to Brexit and my country being hijacked by those desperate to stroke their own ego than do the best thing for the country, I have no political identity at the moment. We're a political mess. What has happened to this country, to scrutiny, to caring about facts, to challenging politicians and people to get things right and do what's best.
  2. Footballwipe

    What grinds my gears...

    Kids are just utterly exhausting though, from my non-parent POV. We had friends round last week and their 18 month old just spent the three hours walking about, touching everything. We tried to "babyproof" the house but it was a waste of time. Pushing books on shelves, grabbing the lamp wire, pushing buttons on the TV shelf, climbing on dining chairs. He did have his quieter moments, but they don't last long. You can't get a decent conversation in with the parents, you can't settle and eat dinner civilised, you can't sit and watch a movie. It's three hours dominated by the kid. Have to say they don't sell parenting to me much!
  3. What an absolute waste of everyone's time. We really are reaching saturation point if this comes in. How much football and competitions do we actually need? The slog of the Europa League is bad enough.
  4. Footballwipe

    EFL Cup draw, 3rd round - Wolves (a)

    No chance. Liverpool v Chelsea and either Oxford-Man City or Man Utd-Derby as the TV choices. Might get an international feed for a stream if lucky.
  5. Footballwipe

    Manchester City All or nothing

    Finished it yesterday. Bullet point thoughts - Pep is relentless - Brandon the kit assistant is the true hero of the whole documentary - It's a great insight into the backroom workings, but I feel it could've gone further (time constraints) - Narration is patronising at times but you get over it. - Narration also pitches any defeat as desperately unlucky - Vincent Kompany's location when they win the title is just wonderful - The main appreciation I have is for all the work the backroom/medical staff do - Their togetherness is something to behold. I can understand why some players would find it hard to leave
  6. Footballwipe

    What grinds my gears...

    I can hear the conversation now... "Oh he's fine with my child when he winds it up into a frenzy, the fact he's just run up to your child and savaged it means yours must have provoked it."
  7. Footballwipe

    Do you drink too much?

    Actually watched that doco last night. Thought Chiles comes across really well (always liked him myself, personally and never understood the stick he got when at ITV.) He came across as a normal bloke, sadly lacking in most media outlets these days, and offered a great insight into the issues (including his mum's weird assertion that depression isn't a thing!) Couldn't believe the obese chap they featured, though. Seemed to just accept his situation and ticket to an early grave.
  8. Footballwipe

    What grinds my gears...

    I'm not sure, but it's definitely a heated battle between dog owners and parents of small children for the most entitled, obnoxious and irritating set of people. Their dogs/kids can never do any wrong, and woe betide they ever take responsibility for anything they might cause/do.
  9. behave yourself they were absolutely creaming all over us when we won the league. Features, week after week of coverage, at least two special programmes after we won the title and for the parade, as well as all the UCL coverage they did the season after too. I bet it drove the other teams' fans mad I know you might be being sarcastic, but I'd really like to nip the "BBC EMT are Pro-Forest" in the bud quite quickly, when they're really not.
  10. Footballwipe

    EFL Cup draw, 3rd round - Wolves (a)

    100% cannot be bothered with the faff of sorting time off work so a winnable home tie will do.
  11. Footballwipe

    Our start so far?

    I think this is right. When Wolves were all over us before we scored, and when we played under par against Soton it was very frustrating to stand and watch. However the result is all that matters on face value. I'm not sure we'll do anything on Saturday, so you're right, the games following that will be key. Bournemouth, Newcastle, Huddersfield and Everton before the next international break. All winnable and we won't get away with shithousing every week. It's about the progress we make throughout the season and we won't know that until we let it unfold. Have we become to entitled now that every win needs to be glorious and wonderful. Wolves until we scored was a bit of a horror, but we barely looked like we got out of second gear after we'd scored, riding it out comfortably.
  12. Footballwipe

    Do you drink too much?

    Must admit I hadn't heard of this but will definitely seek it out. I was such a prude at uni, everyone getting smashed and there I was not touching anything. Look back now and it was ridiculous. My drink intake has increased dramatically in the last couple of years, something which I enjoy doing. I think my slight frame helps though, I feel terrible after anything more than four pints really, so tend not to bother getting leathered and if I do I have to hit the spirits up. Must admit it is interesting reading accounts of people and their drinking habits. I know it's not considered 'manly' not to be able to drink 10-15 pints in a session, but reading accounts of those who do is an eye opener!
  13. Footballwipe

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    Well he's not quite sussed it has he? Relegation from the Premier League is done - 2017/18 Few years of toil in the Championship before relegation to the third tier - 2021/22 Promotion back to the second tier - 2022/23 Few years of toil and near misses before promotion to the Premier League - 2027/28 Survival in first season - 2028/29 Premier League Champions - 2029/30. Just in time for England to host the World Cup. The most inaccurate tweets get popular don't they. If you're going to make light of your team "doing a Leicester" at least get the timeline right...
  14. Worldwide, Swansea-Palace and Wimbledon-West Ham are the only two games that look like there's a full OB unit being sent to them (the latter on Sky of course) so it looks like a couple of camera job for us today.
  15. Footballwipe

    What grinds my gears...

    Couple of things based on being at the Southampton game... - Why do people insist on buying tickets for the back rows with their small children, then proceed to get them standing on seats when they inevitably can't see? It's so selfish, both on the child and the dimwit like me behind. If you've got small kids accept the fact you'll need to be near the front? In this day and age it's become easier and easier to request whereabouts you can get your tickets, so the argument of "oh I didn't realise" really doesn't wash. - Begging signs. Again driven by parents, I saw four in the away end on Saturday. It's so tragic, so needy and I'm convinced there will be more signs than there are players soon. Really glad no-one gave their shirts up this week, it only encourages parents to push their kids to do it more.
  16. I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 49 seconds  
  17. Footballwipe

    Southampton post match 1-2 Win

    I may be the only person interested in this, but when downloading the match on Saturday the person who uploaded put the entire NBC broadcast up. For some reason they left the cameras rolling during the post match interviews and as a result we get to see every interview, and the transitions between the interviews. Puel doing three back to back, Maguire doing his MOTD and Sky interviews, with Hughes and Bertrand in there as well. You can see how bored they all look as each sets up for one interview after another. I know this isn't exactly new, but thought it might be worth putting up.
  18. Footballwipe

    What grinds my gears...

    Just wanted to vent about some imbeciles, and in general how entitled people are. Someone started up a Thorpe Astley Christmas Market, to bring the community together and have an event near Christmas in an area which is quite distant. No issues with that at all, and seems to be quite popular with lots of support. I've been watching from afar and it seemed fine. They want to host this on Braunstone Town Council land. Today they're kicking off because it turns out they've done all this promo and arranging BEFORE ASKING PERMISSION of the landowners, who have refused it saying the Football Club who play there have a match and that with it being winter they'd chew the ground up badly. Boy, have they not taken it well, whipping up their Facebook followers saying the council have been "unreasonable" and seemingly, with no hint of irony, not considering that before making themselves look a fool by promoting this to the hilt, they should've asked permission to host this AGES AGO. But no, they're the angels in all of this, entierly in the right. Can someone help me, because I genuinely don't get how they can think they're the victims in all of this?
  19. Footballwipe

    What's the nicest pop?

    Pepsi Max Vanilla in Harvester. So disappointed they don't sell it in bottles/cans here Otherwise Pepsi Max or PM Cherry
  20. Footballwipe

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    I don't think that's a silly suggestion at all, but sweeping statements don't work in football. As much as the hardcore would love everyone to stay until the final whistle, context is important. Against West Ham in title season, 2-1 down, I bet barely any people left. If they did then I have no comprehension why, but I bet it was a minuscule number. They stayed, belief remained and we levelled the match. We were on the verge of the greatest thing ever, the result absolutely mattered. Look at Sevilla, Atletico Madrid and any game which is very close, has gravitas and matters. People stayed, to enjoy the post match celebrations and to back the team as they got over, or tried to get over the line. Roll on two years and we're 2-0 down to West Ham with no hope of getting back into it, on the back of a bad run. Are people going to head for the exits or are they going to stay watching the rubbish served up? It's not difficult to see which one. As idealistic as it sounds no amount of support could've helped that team. Equally, this post revolved around Saturday. It was a comfortable 2-0 lead in August. Nothing was really riding on the game and a win was inevitable. Can I see why people flocked out early? Absolutely I can. Leaving early isn't even generational. Old, young, families, groups of LADS, middle-aged beer belly LOYAL SUPPORTERS types, they all disappear before the final whistle. You can argue the toss that every game is as important as each other, but let's be honest to many it isn't. Context on these departures is important and why they happen.
  21. Footballwipe

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    What a load of rubbish. I fully understand the other side of the argument but this is one of the worst, most jingoistic representations of it.
  22. I personally don't feel it myself, but I totally understand the argument that there will be many out there watching a game on Sky/BT who feel like football isn't as fun, or it is absolutely essential to place a bet on the game/event. Since the laws were relaxed only 11 years ago there has been an explosion, and it looks as though it's been a money spinner for all commercial broadcasters and clubs. I suspect there will be too much lobbying to get any advertising banned completely, both by the gambling corporations and by those companies who benefit from their sponsorships. It'd be interesting to know how dependent BT/Sky etc now are on it. It's now spreading to podcasts, with one of my favourites, The Totally Football Show, propped up by Paddy Power. The more profit they make, the more they can invest and become important they become to the popular YouTube and independent podcasts, increasing their spread. As a slight aside, there should also be much stricter regulation on broadcasters and perceived link ups that try to lure betting. Sky Bet, as some will know, isn't actually owned by Sky at all anymore, their 20% stake was sold off earlier this year but the long term license for the brand gives inevitable links. It's not really a coincidence when Sky Sports News pumps out vague transfer links then shows the betting markets. It's almost sinister in how openly it acts. I hugely admire anyone opening up to talking about it. The more stories I hear the more I am committed to wanting more regulation. It's all too easy for me to sit here, having never had a gambling addiction, and say "everything is fine" when it really isn't for a lot.
  23. Footballwipe

    Championship 2018-2019

    Devastating to see Stoke fans booing, moaning, whining and floundering in the Championship.
  24. Footballwipe

    Former Player Remembers: Richard Stearman

    Married a girl who was in most of my classes in secondary school.Unsurprisingly was the co-most popular girl in the year with her best mate at the time.
  25. Footballwipe

    Steve McClaren

    In terms of QPR, look no further than their Chief Executive...