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    What grinds my gears...

    Much applause for this rant. Very pertinent. I had a rave about the dropping standards of the BBC recently, an organisation that should hold its head high above the parapet and retain some sort of integrity with its news output, even online. But no, their editors and managers are just has hungry to chase those clicks, stir up that controversy and drive traffic to the website, and they're more than happy to ruin/tarnish lives and diminish their standards of news to do it. It's shameful and its a travesty that we're heading this way. Get your phone out, find something you're not happy with, film or snap it and submit it to a national news outlet. If the editor thinks it'll split opinion straight down the middle and cause 2,000 comments on Facebook about who was right and who was wrong, BANG, you've got your five minutes of fame.
  2. Footballwipe

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Change them from Greenpeace activists to Tommy Robinson and his vile crew climbing on lorries in a 100hr protest over something to do with their racist views and breaking the same laws and with EXACTLY the same actions these guys did. It once again highlights both the extreme left and extreme right's hypocrisy over laws. You get what you deserve until it's you that's suffering; that's when the law is wrong. Mass protests must commence. I'd have more respect if the people behind this protest came out and said it was worth it for the cause, not protesting at a jail sentence for their breaking of the law. Baffling yet unsurprising.
  3. Footballwipe

    Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw. At home to Soton.

    Sorry to get all preachy, but we are an established Premier League team and former PL champions. There are no glamorous away trips domestically for us now. We're not in League One, we've not been out of the top flight for a decade. This is normal. Any away tie to a Premier League club, any Premier League club, should be run-of-the-mill and mundane. The only glamour left for us are top European teams away in competitive competition.
  4. Footballwipe

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Exactly this. There's an awful lot of unnecessary willy waving going on in this thread. "I NEVER LEAVE EARLY" "LAST ONE OUT THE STADIUM ME" Just smacks of that superiority you get from fans who think they're better because they attend more games. It's never, ever going to stop, and it's quite bizarre people think it should like being a fan and attending is some kind of job. People leave early, some for inexplicable reasons (to me), but they do and they always will. Just like the myth that Filbert Street was 90 minutes of cacophonous noise, people seem to be under some kind of impression that fans leaving early is a new phenomenon, when in fact it's been happening for decades. Look at the footage from previous years. Games winding down and what do you know, people have left early.
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    What's that thing called quiz.

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    What grinds my gears...

    This is an underrated grind, anything with an "official in-house commentator" or something that has been retrospectively dubbed over is horrific. It's sanitised and lacks any sort of passion or authenticity. That being said, if we ever employ anyone like Paul Rice (RIP) the guy who used to to Tranmere's club commentary, I'll listen to every minute.
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    Balls. A quiz about them

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    LCFC Relegation Quiz

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    Current LCFC Players Quiz - Part 2

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  10. Footballwipe

    Do you remember...

    I have a version of the game with no commentary. I must spend some time splitting the third and fourth goal clips together. Noise is insane when there's no one jabbering over the moment.
  11. Footballwipe

    Player Arrival Time - Kids Autographs

    Do people still do autographs? I never really got the attraction of getting a signature that's basically illegible to everyone but you who witnessed it being signed, but I thought selfies had replaced signing a programme/flag/shirt etc. There's something about getting autographs that seems so archaic now! Though that's better than holding a sign begging for a player's shirt so go for it.
  12. Footballwipe

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Dunno, but if we're going by Pep's history at Barcelona and Bayern, he doesn't have much history in things going awry or players ticking off from his ideas
  13. Well exactly, bring enough unpleasant individuals together in one place, stick drink and drugs in their body and it's a powder keg. The surprise was it took till 10pm for it to kick off.
  14. Footballwipe

    Cardiff City away

    Does everyone stand up? Certainly not every single row in a Leicester away end stands Good to know my view is less important than a child's, though. Thanks for the clarification.
  15. Footballwipe

    Cardiff City away

    So, so sick of young kids in front of me at the last two aways, as this is also an issue as well as pensioners. Both have been in front of me on the back couple of rows and would you believe it they need to stand on their seat to see what's happening. Luckily the seats at Bournemouth were okay but when the chap stood his kid on the seat at Southampton I couldn't see a thing.
  16. Footballwipe

    Ranieri - would you take him back tomorrow?

    I absolutely do not want to make this political in any way, shape or form, but you're right. Some fans are almost mimicking certain elements of society, who seem to think harking back to the past will bring success...
  17. Footballwipe

    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2002/03

    • Graded Mode
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    Second part of the series, this time looking at 2002/03 in Division one
  18. Footballwipe

    What grinds my gears...

    I know social media groans aren't always welcome on here, but the newest one from utter begs looking for the NUMBERS is so frustrating. "settle a debate, what is it... RT for Cob, like for Roll." "Let's find out for sure... RT for chip butty, like for bread roll with fried potatoes" "The definitive answer... RT for Lampard, like for Gerrard" They conveniently lose the ability to use a poll to discover the results for this. Amazing that they only use the method that will ensue they get 30,000 RTs and 12,300 likes.
  19. Leicester City Quiz - Season 2001/02 The first in (hopefully) a series of season specific quizzes about our favourite football club. Includes one or two random questions. Submitter Footballwipe Type Graded Mode Time 5 minutes Total Questions 10 Category Sport Submitted 03/09/18  
  20. Footballwipe

    Notts Forests

    Oh yes indeedy. He is so absolutely bitter about us winning the title and gazumping Forest's achievement it's fantastic. Weirdly he came across well on the Quickly Kevin Podcast, but on both Fighting Talk and The Totally Football Show he's just smug and biased. In face when he was on the TFS I read many tweets complaining about him. Unsurprisingly he hasn't been back on.
  21. Footballwipe

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Can genuinely say I've eaten a Dominoes. I've had a Pizza Hut buffet a couple of times but I've not once in my life had a pizza delivered to my house. Not sure how people can justify the cost of a pizza tbh, extortionate prices.
  22. Footballwipe

    Movies and Actors quiz

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  23. Footballwipe

    What grinds my gears...

    I'm hopeful the referee refused, called the game off due to the interference, reported it to the local FA and had the team thrown out? Because that's what should happen. Zero tolerance for this kind of crap. I wish referees at that level would band together and just go on strike or quit. I know many love it and do it because they enjoy it, but no-one deserves that crap, not in kids football. They should report and turf out teams with no warning for any incident like that. If it means kids football dies, so be it. Kids shouldn't be exposed to irate parents screaming at them, the referee or their friends, and referees shouldn't be exposed to that kind of abuse. The "parents" don't deserve the chance and should take the shame of having the team thrown out of the local league.
  24. Footballwipe

    England v Spain match chit chat.

    I mean... is this new to you? England matches have been on satellite TV for nearly 30 years now. They've been on so long British Satellite Broadcasting (BSB) actually showed some matches, and they went defunct about 27 years ago. Games like Italy in 1997 and the last ever game at Wembley on satellite TV. If you're so against it, contact your MP to lobby the minister to change the listed sporting events to include England national team fixtures. Maybe write a letter to UEFA asking them not to sell their rights for the Nations League to the highest bidder.
  25. Offshoot of this, two funny things also from this match - The raining copies of Nuts/Zoo magazines (forget which one) in sheer disgust at our performance that day - The apology placed in the club programme on the next home game for the content of Nuts/Zoo magazine after some fans complained about it's not so family-friendly content