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    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Hahaha as if the above post think Lamela's was a dive. Ok mate. My only theory on why Moss gave the pen after asking Atkinson was that he realised TV shouldn't influence decisions at the moment? No idea why he said it in the case but still, the only explanation I can come up with. As aggrieved as Klopp it's fantastic cover for what was a dreadful second half performance from Liverpool. Spurs upped the game massively and Liverpool just couldn't cope. And even if you do go 2-1 up in the 90th minute, you should be able to see the game out without your defender flailing his leg and walloping someone in the box for a second penalty.
  2. Footballwipe

    Quiz of Quizzes of Quizness

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 21 seconds  
  3. Footballwipe

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    Took the morning off work to watch this. Holy shit. What a game. Eagles were brilliant.
  4. Footballwipe

    Fousseni Diabaté

    Yeah like those above, looks very raw, but the raw Diabate seems full of talent for his age and experience so far. Just need to get some coaching and protein shakes into him and he'll be stellar. Hope we've got a £95m release clause on him
  5. Well you don't support the club, do you? You're wishing injury on an asset which by the way has helped to bring the club you so claim to support such joy over the last 2 1/2 years. Your response is something I'd expect of a petulant child. You seriously need to grow up and reevaluate your life priorities by saying another human being should get injured. Such a pathetic man. Calm down or step away from they keyboard for a few hours. No issue with you being angry, no issue with you thinking about the perspective of this situation, but two broken legs? Really? Really?
  6. You are not a supporter of this club. You cannot have an ounce of support for a club when you're wishing severe, potentially life-changing injuries on one of our players. I don't care if he's been to training today, not been or is sitting in the Etihad reception. Don't say such ridiculous, disgusting crap like this. Shameful
  7. Footballwipe

    What grinds my gears...

    Good lord why do people want sponsoring to stop doing things? Why should I throw in £10 because you've gone a month without drinking? In fact how do I know you're not having a bottle of wine every night whilst tweeting that you're "16 days strong and counting." Someone not drinking for a month on social media in January tends to go a bit December - thinking about going dry this Jan Mid-December - Just had the office party, deffo need to go dry Christmas time - Packing in the alcohol before I go dry in January PLEASE SPONSOR ME 01-05 January - I'M DRY PLEASE SPONSOR ME 06-10 January - I'm a week in, this is really hard but I'm doing it PLEASE SPONSOR ME 11-15 January - Two weeks in, I feel so much better in myself go me, oh yeah PLEASE SPONSOR ME 16-20 January - Ooh man can't wait for a drink now, PLEASE SPONSOR ME 21-31 January - Four weeks in omg I'm so close I can taste that pint/glass/shot final few days guys PLEASE SPONSOR ME 01 February-01 March - I DID IT!! Ah that was the most enjoyable drink I've ever had thanks for sponsoring me and having zero long-term impact on my life choices. (these tweets MUST be accompanied by pictures of your choice of alcohol and us seeing you in the action of drinking said alcohol, too.)
  8. Broke our transfer record three times too, remember... Look at our history of record signings ffs Eadie Akinbiyi Mills Karamaric (will ignore Ulloa, he was okay) Musa Mendy Slimani There's definitely some kind of hex on us with record signings either getting injured, being utterly appalling or just not fitting in.
  9. Footballwipe

    Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    Anything is only what someone will pay for it if you're actually looking to sell, and we're not. He's not got a "For sale" sign around his neck and we haven't been trying to flog him for six months. There's no "market value" if you're not looking to sell. A collectible item might have a market value of £10,000, but if the owner doesn't want to sell the collectable item you might have to offer them a lot more than the market value to persuade him...
  10. Footballwipe

    Should the darts and other sports ban 'walk on girls'?

    I saw a tweet which summed it up best; I'm not offended by walk-on girls, it's just that in 2018 they are utterly pathetic. I've literally never understood the difference it makes, they always walk two steps ahead and it's for about 15 seconds at a time. The practice is just weird. The model saying her "rights" have been trampled over is hilarious, too. She's Obviously never heard of the term "redundant" in her life. Woe betide someone removes a job and as such makes someone unemployed as a result. She's getting some great PR out of it so I assume her tactic of milking this for all it's worth will work. Equally funny are the men replying to her tweets in some pathetic attempt to curry favour with a pretty lady. It's massively outdated but most importantly both ITV and Sky agree with this, and the PDC have just ended the practice. The term "banned" is a great word to parade around so the perpetually "I'm offended people are offended" brigade have something to hold onto.
  11. Footballwipe

    FA cup 5th round sweepstake.

    Two things likely to happen to make us all go 1) Man City away so we have to go there two games in a row 2) Draw Notts County/Swansea away and inevitably Swansea win the replay
  12. Footballwipe

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    It will also be moved if Arsenal reach the last 16 of the Europa League, too
  13. Footballwipe

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Had a slide myself yesterday at the peak of the snow. Turned into a side street in my area and just went sliding on... can't have been doing more than 10mph but went bumping into the kerb. No damage by some grace of god to the front tyre or the bumper. Did get a glare from the old man oncoming in the side street. He was nowhere near me but felt it necessary to give me the death stare as if I'd tried to go round the corner at 40.
  14. Footballwipe

    Best Away Day

    What a great shout. That game had everything, it was a fantastic experience at the time, even if it was the most heartbroken I'd ever been at the end of it all. From the initial hope to the Chopra opener standing there and thinking it was all over. Then the own goal to level the tie at 2-2. King's header put me in bedlam. I genuinely didn't utter a single word when they scored to level the tie up until the end of penalties. The tension, the hope. Sometimes you have to detach yourself from a game and say "oh wow, that was entertaining" and that's exactly what it was.
  15. Footballwipe

    Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    Just on the moaning fans theme... has anyone else noticed the trio of grown men in the Kop, dead centre and about half way up, who lose their shit whenever the oppo goalkeeper takes a long time? Particularly the one pointing to his invisible watch. Yesterday I genuinely thought one of them was going to have a burst blood vessel, he was absolutely furious, I mean seriously furious at the fact their keeper was taking a particularly long time. I'd usually find it amusing but we were 1-0 up at the time. The keeper could've stood there like that for the rest of the game for all I care if we're winning. Genuinely could not understand the three of them losing it when we were winning??!??!??! Anyway, they provide entertainment otherwise.
  16. Footballwipe

    Conspiracy Theory

    Brainwashed by a bit of fancy editing on YouTube. Don't be such an idiot.
  17. Footballwipe

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    Spent most of the weekend avoiding Twitter and the internet in general so I could enjoy the four games on delay. Aside from the snorefest of Pat-Titans, what a set of matches. Absolutely captivated by them and it's weekends like this I fall a little out of love with soccer and fall in love a but more with football. Knockout football really is the best. Hoping for similar quality this Sunday. Was all confident about the Jags doing the underdog job until Steelers lobbed 42 points past them. Vikings under their own roof would be immense. Famous last words but Foles against the Pats, if he played like he did at the beginning of the Falcons game, ain't gonna be pretty.
  18. Footballwipe

    Favourite Pre/Post match pub.

    Walk past the Huntsman on the way to every game. Definitely still has the pub element to it, fans spilling onto the new decking for every match. Always did give off that whiff of dodgy, but genuinely no idea if it still is. Feels like whoever owns it now is giving it a real go. Just on the Local Hero. I very very rarely ever go to a pub pre-match, but interested to know why they think a DJ blaring out crap music was/is a good idea? Awful.
  19. Footballwipe

    Stan's Sports Quiz - Part 3 (The 00s)

    Fvcked over by the first question but I sort of blame myself for not realising in the first place
  20. Footballwipe

    Stan's Sports Quiz - Part 3 (The 00s)

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 79 seconds  
  21. Footballwipe

    Europa does 7th get a place?

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/10800452/boost-for-everton-with-premier-leagues-seventh-place-side-likely-to-make-europa-league That's for last year. Different scenarios etc as they involve us, but yes, 7th does get a place in the right circumstance.
  22. Dunno the official way, but when I log in and I click on "Away Tickets" if you then go to your profile in the top right the drop down should bring home and away priority viewing options... Not sure why I can't find the "proper way" to look cause that method can't be it!
  23. Footballwipe

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    To be fair, this league is rubbish. All it will take is a Lambert bounce of 4-5 wins in a row, or a good spell and he'll probably keep them up. Definitely be looking for a new manager in a year's time, though.
  24. Footballwipe

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Agreed. I think they only started this after that phone-in competition scandal about 10 years ago? Look at old MOTDs from the 90s etc and it was a call in competition and if the goal you thought was best was picked by the MOTD pundits you won some tickets or something. Now it's part of their #getsocial crap which just makes it a popularity contest unless it's an absolute worldie, meaning people can suspend their pathetic club bias for a few seconds.
  25. Footballwipe

    Fleetwood Replay Ticket Details Confirmed

    This is exactly what I've done. My seat in SK4 became available (it was actually taken) but I just called up and got the back row of SK3. They cancelled the paper ticket I had and sent me a new print at home one. It's a bit of a faff but really not that much of an issue. You either wait for them to open the stand or be prepared to transfer your tickets in situations like this.