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  1. 9 minutes ago, Sol thewall Bamba said:


    It's a joke isn't it. The one thing that bugs me most is the historical aspect. In years to come people will read the reference books, look back on Wikipedia or a football website and see that there was an official attendance of 55,000 for games where there were literally thousands of empty seats. It's rewriting history to make yourself look good. A plague on any club who does it.

  2. It's me birthday today, but suffering twice briefly today with antibiotic side effects of nausea the doc told me I'd experience. Went to a walk in centre on Sunday due to a MAN PROBLEM which worried me so got checked out. Turns out it's a common issue but because men don't talk about it, it wasn't something I'd ever heard of!

  3. 2 hours ago, Webbo said:

    That's the one. It's in sports quizzes, second one down. If you can't find it I'll ask Mark if he can open it.

    Ah, sorry, can't see it in my list under Sport Quizzes. Not sure why and feel thick not seeing it, but it might be best for Admin to open to save my technological blushes.

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  4. 23 hours ago, Webbo said:

    It's footballwipes  quiz that can't be opened. Yours is fine.

    Is this the 02/03 one I did a while ago? I can't seem to find trace of that within any dashboard or option? It might be me being dense, but genuinely can't find trace of it?

  5. 2013/14 was an incredible season never to be forgotten. Faded because of two years later, sure, but man, like others have said this season was all about the utter dominance we had. I remember the fury when the team was announced before the opening game against Boro, I remember the fury when we were 1-0 down at half time against Boro. And then. And then... The crazy 5-3 v Bolton, demolishing Derby 4-1 and then sneaking a last minute winner away at Leeds. The squirrel at QPR, Mahrez smashing his first goal in against Blackpool, the last minute Schmeichel goal-but-not-officially-his-goal and the pitch invasion on the last day against Doncaster.


    Football was fun again. The heartache of previous seasons was back and I guess for many the joy we all felt in 08/09 had returned and this time we made it back to the PL. Those memories are so burned into me just as much as the endless list of moments from April-May 2015 and then August 2015-May 2016.

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  6. If it's recommended for approval it's likely going to fly through committee with no complaints. Nimbys oppose all sorts and any application. This could be us, the rugby team or the FA putting this application in. It's change, and people hate change.


    Just remember if the Planning Committee do refuse it, the club will immediately lodge an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate and, if the councillors have refused it on non-material grounds, the appeal will win and leave the Council picking up a bill for tens of thousands in the appeal.


    All Cllrs on a planning committee are trained and educated in things like this. Look at the Hinckley/Bosworth battlefield site decision. This was approved because it met all the material and planning obligations despite lots of opposition. Lots of opposition doesn't mean it's not a good design or application fulfilling all the requirements. the committee members are well aware refusing an application has to be done for solid reasons with a legal basis or based on that area's Local Plan.


    One way or another we're getting that approval, so I really wouldn't worry one iota.

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  7. 22 hours ago, Finnegan said:

    Stuff like this in the news. 




    Now, this guy could have been more helpful. We don't really know the details, he could be a raging arsehole or she could have been rude and abusive, he could have been in a desperate rush to get to the loo or he could be some angry misogynist refusing to help. Who knows? 


    It's still not news and to make it worse, there's ****ing photos of the guy smeared all over the front page of the BBC website. 


    He's not a criminal, he's not even ACCUSED of being a criminal, he's just accused, with no context, of being bad at customer service and for that he's now nationally infamous? 


    What the actual ****? 


    It's bad enough when this shit gets posted on spotted on Facebook or whatever but actual credible (yeah I know) news sources leading the charge? **** off with this. 


    It's a matter for the customer and asda and that's it. 

    Much applause for this rant. Very pertinent. I had a rave about the dropping standards of the BBC recently, an organisation that should hold its head high above the parapet and retain some sort of integrity with its news output, even online. But no, their editors and managers are just has hungry to chase those clicks, stir up that controversy and drive traffic to the website, and they're more than happy to ruin/tarnish lives and diminish their standards of news to do it.


    It's shameful and its a travesty that we're heading this way. Get your phone out, find something you're not happy with, film or snap it and submit it to a national news outlet. If the editor thinks it'll split opinion straight down the middle and cause 2,000 comments on Facebook about who was right and who was wrong, BANG, you've got your five minutes of fame.

  8. Change them from Greenpeace activists to Tommy Robinson and his vile crew climbing on lorries in a 100hr protest over something to do with their racist views and breaking the same laws and with EXACTLY the same actions these guys did.


    It once again highlights both the extreme left and extreme right's hypocrisy over laws. You get what you deserve until it's you that's suffering; that's when the law is wrong. Mass protests must commence. I'd have more respect if the people behind this protest came out and said it was worth it for the cause, not protesting at a jail sentence for their breaking of the law.


    Baffling yet unsurprising. 

  9. 9 hours ago, Izzy Muzzett said:

    We ain't gonna win the PL so the only chance of a trophy is this or the FA Cup.


    Surely we want the easiest possible home tie to progress?


    Sod glamorous away trips or local derbies, I hope we draw the lowest ranked team at home and stuff em.

    Sorry to get all preachy, but we are an established Premier League team and former PL champions. There are no glamorous away trips domestically for us now. We're not in League One, we've not been out of the top flight for a decade. This is normal. Any away tie to a Premier League club, any Premier League club, should be run-of-the-mill and mundane. 


    The only glamour left for us are top European teams away in competitive competition.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, lifted*fox said:

    who cares what anyone else does. 


    getting annoyed about people leaving isn't going to stop it from happening.


    just let it all breeze past you and you'll have a much less stressful day.

    Exactly this. There's an awful lot of unnecessary willy waving going on in this thread. "I NEVER LEAVE EARLY" "LAST ONE OUT THE STADIUM ME" Just smacks of that superiority you get from fans who think they're better because they attend more games.


    It's never, ever going to stop, and it's quite bizarre people think it should like being a fan and attending is some kind of job. People leave early, some for inexplicable reasons (to me), but they do and they always will.


    Just like the myth that Filbert Street was 90 minutes of cacophonous noise, people seem to be under some kind of impression that fans leaving early is a new phenomenon, when in fact it's been happening for decades. Look at the footage from previous years. Games winding down and what do you know, people have left early.

  11. 17 hours ago, DanNDH88 said:

    Watching iconic goals from the last few years ruined by the absolutely dreadful commentator that the official site uses 🤦‍♂️

    This is an underrated grind, anything with an "official in-house commentator" or something that has been retrospectively dubbed over is horrific. It's sanitised and lacks any sort of passion or authenticity.

    That being said, if we ever employ anyone like Paul Rice (RIP) the guy who used to to Tranmere's club commentary, I'll listen to every minute.



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  12. Do people still do autographs? I never really got the attraction of getting a signature that's basically illegible to everyone but you who witnessed it being signed, but I thought selfies had replaced signing a programme/flag/shirt etc.


    There's something about getting autographs that seems so archaic now! Though that's better than holding a sign begging for a player's shirt so go for it.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

    Man City getting what they deserve considering their fans can’t be arsed for it 


    Are they hitting the fabled ‘third season’, remarked by the famous Guttman as the season when players tick off to a managers ideas 

    Dunno, but if we're going by Pep's history at Barcelona and Bayern, he doesn't have much history in things going awry or players ticking off from his ideas ;)