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  1. It's a well produced advert. Smacks more to me of "It's likely we have many customers who are arseholes and this advert shows how much we corporately disassociate ourselves from this customer base" more than trying to change the world.


    Always like the giggle though. Helps reinforces that people who scream "snowflake" are, in fact, probably the biggest "snowflakes" of the lot.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Stevosevic said:

    Do we not walk out to the horn anymore? 


    It was that shit jazzed up version yesterday. 


    Tbh atmosphere is what I expect it to be with the football how it is at the moment. They go hand in hand generally at most stadiums. 



    Just assumed the guy who does it had a prior engagement. He was at the Royal Albert Hall doing something either last season or earlier this season.


    Can't believe they still persist with the jazzy PHG though, it's almost the perfect two minute sum up of our 2004-2008 horrors. Surely we can afford to produce a classier one?

  3. 7 hours ago, Corky said:

    Many thanks to the BBC for sticking it on at 6.30pm on a Sunday night. 


    Of course it was the only win amid a ten-game spell of league dross.

    Quite. Stadium only had about 19k in from memory, 6,000 of those Spurs fans. I remember it was a miserable day. As a 16 year old who'd only experienced disappointment since promotion in 2003 that winner was an incredible feeling in a miserable run of dire games before meekly bowing out to Southampton in the fourth round, from memory.

  4. It's actually difficult to find level-headed people in this debate now, unfortunately. We have the hardcore in, hardcore out and those who are leaning to one side probably being hardened every time they read something they don't agree with.


    So many people are predetermined in this debate I actually think it's pointless now. What's the point in sacking mid-season when you're unlikely to bring in the manager you want (and who would that be, I've still to see a realistic, good long term name. And by the way, long-term is key for me, sick of changing as I'm sick of changing managers.)


    He has flaws, of course he does. I'm hopeful that behind the scenes there's a master plan and a VERY busy summer, because boy do we need some player turnover, both in the first team and the second string. If that involves more youngsters then let's get going, because we clearly have some good ones.


    If we finish seventh, which is realistically the best we can do with the big six I think that's acceptable. We can look to bring in the players Puel wants for his style of play. Finally phase out the crap lingering on their fat, post title win contracts, invest in the talent needed (or bring through young players) and have a positive outlook to 2019/20. Success isn't instant in football, it's not always 2015/16. Teams take time, investment, faith and support.


    A part of me thinks it's for the best if he did go, though. A section of the fanbase are so entrenched in their dislike of him I think he could win back to back Champions League titles with us and they'd still resent him.


    I'm prepared to give him a chance. My faith is fragile but it's there for now.

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  5. 30 minutes ago, Blue ROI said:

    Newton's game went to bits after 2014. Had a good go of it in the 5 years before that. Same with Hamilton.


    A lot of it is down to the increase in competition too. 96 players in the PDC WC was a lot this year but given the prize money on offer it attracts the majority of players now.


    The biggest talking point this year was the BDO removing restrictions on PDC players playing in their events. Players that don't hold a tour card can now play in BDO comps now. No sanctions for players entering Q-School either.


    Re-unification a long way away but probably the first BDO decision greeted with positivity in a long time.

    Are there any more "big" (aka people I'd have heard of) people who would qualify for this now under the new ruling? Would be nice to see those who are rank bottom or not with a tour card for various reasons in the PDC give it a go and mix it in the BDO WCs. Surely a good run, even winning it, would not only raise the standard of the BDO tournament but also give them confidence with their game.


    As an aside, and I know this is a BDO thread. I was in a Wiki chain and was reminded that Colin Lloyd was World No1 for a while in the mid 2000's in the PDC. Fair to say the last decade has been transformative for both!

  6. This thread sparked me to have a look at the BDO schedule. Interesting to see Wes Newton and Andy Hamilton, who was only a PDC finalist back in 2012 both in the qualifiers/draw.


    Anyone know why they ended up dropping off the tour card? Didn't know if it was personal issues or their standard dropped and everyone else raised their game. Feel it's quite good to have that caliber entering. More than likely won't be watching, though I remember that epic 7-6 Nixon (RIP)-Adams final a decade ago.

  7. People commenting like we have to play every game like we're world beaters. Games like this have happened under every previous manager, and the smash and grab is a great make up for what Cardiff did to us on Saturday.


    Great job in a scrappy game. Not great in the first half but, low and behold, that's football in a hectic festive period.


    Ricardo is fast becoming the best player in the team. When he goes he'll be a bigger loss than someone like Maguire leaving.

  8. Away games are pure pot luck. At Brighton I had someone who thought he was Puel, coaching the players through the game. That is definitely frustrating.


    Big tendency in the area I'm around at home games for people to SCREAM, and I mean SCREAM for Vardy to get up the pitch at corners. Not like Pearson, Shakespeare, Ranieri and every other manager has employed this tactic. Conveniently now like to criticise it.


    There's always one person, though, who insists on having their voice louder than anyone else constantly through the game picking on something. Chelsea away it was everything and anything he could find. Then we scored and he was happy. Fickle.

  9. This is genuinely an interesting read. I was too young for all of this but my perception was that were were a stable, financially responsible club that didn't stretch beyond its means until we went PLC and the new ground came about? I guess my perception comes from Season Reviews and a general lookback at purchases in that time. It's also predetermined by where we ended up.


    Was there any element of Blackburn Rovers envy with the publication of this, and this movement in general? In comes Walker, invests his personal millions, redeveloped ground, Premier League title?


    Also love that putting FACT and words in CAPITAL LETTERS to emphasise your point is not something exclusive to social media.

  10. 1 hour ago, Costock_Fox said:

    If anyone’s resolution is to join a gym, please don’t join mine. Thanks 

    Is it genuinely bad in the first few weeks of January? I've read glimpses of the cliche that they're rammed for the first few weeks then fall away. Would love to know if it's true, how annoying it is and, most importantly, when you can predict the 'fall away' will happen!


    11 minutes ago, Izzy said:

    I've got the opposite problem mate - I need to put weight on. Did you bulk up through just doing weights or by eating more/different foods?


    2 hours ago, pSinatra said:

    To try & lose a bit of bulk.  I intentionally put some weight on a while back, as I was too skinny.  I over did it a bit & now none of my clothes fit me.



    Weight is a bloody nightmare. I used to weigh 16 stone when I was 16 years old, had to lose it as I was on meds increasing my cholesterol. Lost a lot, not in the right way, ended up with food issues etc. Now weigh in at around 10 stone, which I think is about right for my bone structure. I run four times a week, lift (pathetic) weights. Protein shake. Suddenly I've got a body that marginally resembles the one I always wanted.


    I agree with Matt on the meats. I eat plenty of chicken and lean meats. Venison/Zebra burgers from Makro are also great. I'd eat Turkey every day if I could to be honest and my protein shakes after a run and weight lift also help.


    It took me a long time to start embracing food, realising that a night out or a meal out weren't going to make me 16 stone again overnight. A few pints weren't going to give me an instant beer gut.


    If we look at the positives, mind. XS, 28 inch jeans and 30 inch suit trousers never sell out first. Unfortunately this is countered by some very liberal interpretations of "skinny" fit clothing, which I think is only used to make larger people feel good about themselves.


    Good luck on the weight gain/loss!

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  12. The other week I joined the throngs after Palace when we put in a disinterested, insipid, pathetic display. 11 days later and good God, how good are we?


    My main gripe was the consistency of those performances. It was sucking the life out of the support, with no ambition and causing immense frustration. Look at these last two displays. Fantastic energy, discipline and a desire I thought had been lost under Puel for good.


    All I want when I watch my team is maximum effort; boy have we had that, and get that, today. Outstanding display. Choudhury was excellent. Ricardo is immense, he'll be next on the list for the big clubs after Chilly and Harry. Saturday and today bought back, personally, the pride and fun I've wanted in watching the team. It's exactly why I watch football and I'm so bloody proud.

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  13. Already booked off days at work so I can watch the playoff weekends on upcoming Mondays. Complete blackout on all TV is going to be fun, but it'll be worth having the time.


    Talking of which, I'm also buzzing for the college semis on Saturday, too. I've already booked those games in as Sunday morning TV with the Mrs.


    Such a shame the final MNF of the season was such a bust of a matchup. Gruden really is quite dislikable, isn't he?

  14. A particularly prickly journey home yesterday so I was especially irritable, featuring these three.


    - The lane changer behind me in B4114 traffic. Cutting lanes four times in a minute chasing whichever lane was moving quicker

    - Someone on the outside lane of Lubbesthorpe way doing 35mph.


    Special mention though (and I was wound up properly by this point) to the idiot who decided to use the road as their own reversing point for their driveway with me right behind them. Just so bloody rude. Pull over, wait for no traffic, reverse onto your drive, don't hold me up just so you can position your car how you want.