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  1. Why on earth not??
  2. There's nothing fair and sensible about football.
  3. It's only the season ticket that's being given back.
  4. Haha, when I moved seats a couple of years ago the woman in the ticket office told me most people move seats because of a random idiot.
  5. I'd have thought he'd learned his lesson having nearly ended up at Sunderland.
  6. Joke are meant to be funny.
  7. He's not registered for the squad.
  8. Yes.
  9. Boro did one when they got relegated and lost both cup finals.
  10. And legends?? Crouch, Edinburgh and Davies hahaha.
  11. Yes, there was an evening game after the last league game. Think it was some sort of legends game. After the the game they brought loads of old players out, played auld lang syne and switched the flood lights off one by one. Never seen even so many grown men in tears. Epic.
  12. Surely he'd be their manager now if that was going to happen? Take over when AK got the boot, assess the squad with nothing really to lose and see what's needed in the summer. Business done early and a full pre season.
  13. Wasn't a mess at all. Our form before Claudio was very sadly sacked was a mess. We should have shown faith in the players that won the title not replaced them.
  14. We won the league by 10 points. Wholesale changes weren't necessary. We backed the players who achieved this with new deals. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  15. I have the back of my seat too. My grass died