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  1. In before it becomes a Puel out thread.
  2. Or 3 points from 6th if you prefer.
  3. His interviews are a million times more interesting than this thread.
  4. Papasmurf

    Checkatrade Trophy v Fleetwood

    Was just thinking the same thing. No way this won’t be more entertaining than the England game.
  5. Being on Chelsea's books and never playing is basically the same as playing every game for a mid table premier league side.
  6. Obviously trying to improve ticket sales.
  7. He’s braver than I am wandering around Stratford after dark.
  8. Papasmurf

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    The one Newcastle put up nearly came down on its own.
  9. The Nial Quinn freeeeeeak chant and arm waving whenever he touched the ball.
  10. Papasmurf

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Or something to talk about instead of the dire football on display.
  11. We're not selling out league games. This will make general sale. We've not played them for ages so if there wasn't a league game too it would have been much more popular.
  12. Papasmurf


    Some unbelievably embarrassing comments in the Mendy transfer thread. Let’s give players a fair crack of the whip before leaping to knee jerk reactions. Still early days but he’s had a fantastic start to the season.
  13. They won’t let him take free kicks either.
  14. Papasmurf

    EFL Cup draw, 3rd round - Wolves (a)

    Agreed. Always enjoy the draw in the evening after the last tv game. God knows why it can't be done then.
  15. Papasmurf

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Not sure. Maybe. Walk past it every game and can't actually remember what's past the walkway??