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  1. Papasmurf

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    Ghezzal was outstanding at home to Liverpool.
  2. Since when have we ever given anybody a fair crack of the whip?? I’ve been practicing my groans all week.
  3. And 3 from our academy.
  4. It shows that a hell of a lot of what Puel is doing is not for himself but the long term future of our football club. Hopefully when we see a lot of these players realising their potential years from now we can appreciate all he's doing now. Despite the dogs abuse he gets on here.
  5. Leicester to Watford by train is a mission.
  6. Leicester to Watford is hardly a mission.
  7. Papasmurf

    Palace Game Moved to 5.30pm on 23rd Feb

    Maybe you should wait until the TV games are announced before you buy train tickets.
  8. Papasmurf

    Huddersfield (A)

    Can’t fathom why people like this one. Ground is awful and the town is the pits.
  9. Papasmurf

    Eduardo Macia to Bordeaux

    There’s more Macia leaving threads than Puel out threads.
  10. Papasmurf

    The OH Leuven Thread

    If that were the case he wouldn't be managing in Belgium.
  11. Papasmurf

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    So you like what Wagner did in the cups this season?
  12. Papasmurf

    Southampton (H).. pre match thread

    Good, one less moaner in the ground. If he starts Ghezzel I hope we get behind him.
  13. Papasmurf

    Clean Sheets

    Probably because of the flat back 6 they play.
  14. Papasmurf

    Barnes coming back

    Literally can't wait to barrack him the first time he plays a simple sideways pass and retains possession.
  15. Ridiculous. It's not about giving chances to more English players it's about the rich getting richer and widening the gap between the premier league elite. So we're going to boot smaller teams with a 100+ year history out the league to make way for premier league B teams? Shocking.