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  1. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Fully expected the stretcher on for his poorly hand.
  2. Smelly supporters

    You’ve got him banned.
  3. Smelly supporters

    I'd have seen the 2 ladies off years ago. Let me know if you need a hand with your open letter on Saturday.
  4. Smelly supporters

    Where do you sit? I'm going to keep an eye out for a mob of stewards in gas masks escorting him to the baths in the changing rooms.
  5. Busy Christmas - 4 games in 213 hours

    Because we have shite players. I love festive football.
  6. He will come on with 20 mins to go, misplace a pass and be written off by the foxes talk masses.
  7. England squad

    I imagine because nobody remembers the last time he had a good game.
  8. Southampton away - Weds 13 December 7.45pm

    Bastards didn't give me my £10 back from Palace away last season though.
  9. Anyone noticed Danny boy?

    Ambition = sitting on the bench week in week out. Brilliant.
  10. Welcome Claude .... positive posts only

    Finishing 8th and being robbed in a cup final is not a pretty average season. Happy days going forwards if it is.
  11. West Ham Away

    People don’t get it.
  12. Next City Manager?

    Credit to Nice there for sticking with him
  13. Everton (H) Pre Match

    Banned for the cup game midweek unfortunately.
  14. Swansea (A) Match Thread

    Sweeping changes then.
  15. Thomas Tuchel

    A world away from where we were then. You're all beginning to sound like forest fans and the european cup.