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  1. Good work but 87% of 1200 responses is hardly a significant amount of our fan base.
  2. You seriously think Ulloa works harder than Slim??
  3. He'll play him left back.
  4. Haha, even autocorrect wrote Mendy off.
  5. Time??? On here? Mindy was written off after under an hour.
  6. Loyal fans will have enough priority points to get one.
  7. He always seemed to be talking too. Excited to see how this one turns out.
  8. How do you expect them to address it?
  9. He's gone ghost on social media.
  10. Never heard of half of these people. Interesting reading though. Bet it isn't going to make for a harmonious workplace. Looking at the disparity between Nick Grimshaw and Greg James for example.
  11. Can I have some of what you're smoking please?
  12. Number of wives he'll have before he retires.
  13. How many pages are we averaging daily?
  14. Sounds about right, and still no leaders or ball winners in centre midfield.
  15. Said on Sky this morning Evans is their club captain and Pulis says he's going nowhere.