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  1. Think he messed his hand up once putting it through a window following a red card.
  2. Great, that's 2 games in a row ruined.
  3. He can be a bit rash too but that will improve. He was probably just keen to take the limited chances he got. I really don't understand why he wasn't given more game time in the final few matches last season.
  4. He’s 100% my scapegoat this season.
  5. They've stitched up our last 3 managers.
  6. He could be their first choice right back for the next 10 years. If so, that fee is a bargain.
  7. Internet rumors of him going to utd = clickbait Internet rumors of him joining us = facts
  8. Think we're about due a home 3pm on the opening day. Would be very happy with the Friday night again though.
  9. It’s not sport anymore it’s business. That’s why we now have VAR.
  10. I've got a rep point for the person who tips us over to 100 pages.
  11. No, we all have to stand there scratching our arses for 5 mins while the ref ambles over to the tv at the side of the pitch before we’re allowed to celebrate a goal.
  12. I imagine all staff at Celtic have been lined up for thumb inspection.
  13. If you don't like the odds then don't bet.
  14. 3 academy lads doing well in the first team.
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