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  1. Good job they all got a lay in then. Speaking of Newcastle v Southampton, who’s the match summariser today. Don’t recognise his voice.
  2. Don’t understand why he’s playing Gray over Barnes.
  3. No, it’s saying they’re worth less than £52m.
  4. Careful. He’ll do it to you too. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2556762/Liverpool-boss-Brendan-Rodgers-left-wife.html
  5. Doesn't seem to have done Barnes any harm.
  6. The foxestalk masses have written people off a lot quicker than that before.
  7. Would be interesting to see the signings Congerton has been involved with if anybody has the time or the inclination.
  8. Papasmurf


    He did not fail miserably he was injured for the vast majority of his time there.
  9. If you take enough pics of somebody you are bound to get one like that. That's probably on his way in and he's sober as a judge when that was taken.
  10. They’ve got 3 more league games before they play us.
  11. Nice to see the away fans on the bottom tier too.
  12. Missed that. Bloody hell, they’ve spent well over £100m then.
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