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  1. Papasmurf

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    Everything even remotely negative is always down to Puel.
  2. I'll be calling for his head the first time we make a sideways pass.
  3. Papasmurf

    Danny Amartey

    Another player who hasn't really had a run in the team in a consistent position. If we loan him out think we really need to make a decision on where his best position for us is and get him playing there regularly out on loan.
  4. Remember 11 players have been at the world cup so probably won't feature in any of our friendlies. 3 is probably a bit light but guess understandable. Sure we will play more.
  5. It’s not even his tickets that were delayed
  6. Haha, stupid autocorrect.
  7. An all dryer in Nottingham and a few days in Lille to tide me over in the meantime.
  8. As long as they arrive in time for the game it doesn’t matter.
  9. Papasmurf

    Season tickets

    In time for the first home game.
  10. Papasmurf

    Lille OSC Away - 5pm BST on 4th August

    It was a bit long winded. My GCSE grade E in French and google translate got me through.
  11. Papasmurf

    Lille OSC Away - 5pm BST on 4th August

    Just got mine. Thursday to Sunday. Really looking forward to this.
  12. Point number one is barely a comprehendible sentence.
  13. Papasmurf


    Wish you’d get transferred to Doncaster.
  14. Papasmurf

    Moving seats

    We looked at moving a few seasons back. They were so helpful, even took us in to sit in the seats that were available.