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  1. Exactly. Nothing will get me up and singing like a balloon would.
  2. He's been to the same barbers as Jimmy White.
  3. So assuming Man City get to the final and also will qualify for the champions league will either us or Villa get a European spot from the cup even if we lost in the final?
  4. Played well today. Liked what I saw. Amazed that Wes has been on the bench ahead of him.
  5. Concourses are awful currently. I packed in even attempting to get anything at half time 2 seasons ago. I now sit in my seat and go down for a slash just before the second half kicks off. There's still massive queues when I go back up. Obviously space is limited but this really should be looked into when we expand.
  6. The job at a corner is keep the ball out of the back of the net. There’s a much better chance of doing this with everyone back defending.
  7. I’m falling out of love with football rapidly.
  8. How can VAR take so long to give the bleedin obvious.
  9. Aubameyang putting in a shift. Totally different Arsenal side today.
  10. Is this ever going to be fixed?
  11. Moyes ultimately did a decent job with West Ham. He's probably just what they need right now until the end of the season. Can't see the guy in China ending well.
  12. Do we know when the time and date for this will be officially confirmed?
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