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  1. Anybody V England will hardly be worth watching.
  2. Too early??? It’s like 3 touches and 5 seconds until the ball is in the back of the net.
  3. It’s a sorry state of affairs when football fans don’t understand the laws of the game anymore. Absolute shambles.
  4. Somebody has told him to say that. He hasn’t a clue.
  5. Not in the slightest bit bothered but surely that’s a handball in the buildup so should be disallowed??
  6. All for this as long as it’s replicated so you can’t see one of the goals from the very back of each tier.
  7. Praise the lord we didn’t have to watch 30 mins extra time.
  8. It stopped being a sport a long time ago. Sad times.
  9. It'll probably be a one season wonder anyway when we're still shit at the Euros this summer.
  10. Really looking forward to this one. Hopefully a good crowd seeing as it's not on the tv. Hopefully the whole of the ground will be open from the start of ticket sales.
  11. When are we likely to have the date/ time confirmed?
  12. Not a clue. I'm not 12 years old so have no interest in ever owning one.
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