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  1. Expecting the aston martin to be stunning tomorrow, providing they don't plaster it with pink sponsors.
  2. The Alpine is the nicest car so far.
  3. Matty James scores for Coventry
  4. https://www.wrc.com/en/news/2021/wrc/obituary-hannu-mikkola/ Hannu Mikkola, former world rally champion.
  5. Was watching an old episode of family fortunes on my lunch break today. The question was name a character from thunderbirds ? The first guy said Spock, second person said Sam, and the third person said Thunderbird 5.
  6. I've done the official F1 one.
  7. Looks pretty serious, the cars got heavy front end damage.
  8. The 2021 car liveries have been boring so far. Looking forward to Alpine and Aston Martin.
  9. Not a dream as such but the other night I woke my wife up singing songs from 'Waffle the wonder dog' in my sleep.
  10. We booked the holiday with love holidays. They refunded the hotel straight away. Ryanair had to refund the flights. Only got it back yesterday, but my brother got his money back quite quickly.
  11. The flights and accommodation are cheap. It's the food and drink that are expensive. About £10 a pint and £20 for fish and chips.
  12. https://twitter.com/EdwardTroth/status/1363178714008334341?s=19 102 minute equaliser in a kit he designed himself to support mental health.
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