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  1. Does anyone think places like Loughborough, Rothley, Mountsorrel etc would be part of the local lockdown, or literally just Leicester City centre?
  2. This was a little tribute video I made back in 2016. What a legend and servant he has been for our club. He deserves a testimonial.
  3. Another massive situation could be those VE day celebrations. I witnessed people around my area literally doing a conga. I don't know if they believe it can't spread if you're not facing each other?
  4. The reason for the protests are justified and I agree things need to change, however the timing of all this couldn't have been any worse. I believe that there will unfortunately be a second peak. However, I'd hate to see all the blame be put on the protestors. People have been going to the beach for weeks now, meeting in large groups etc.
  5. Just me who at this current time couldn't give less of a sh*t about anything football based.. If this upsets anyone, they need to get a grip on reality
  6. I'm unsure. From what I've heard Labour have lost a lot of members who were signed up since Starmer took over. The leaked Labour reports has a lot to do with that I believe.
  7. Bubdesliga is back so the accas can start again!
  8. Harrydc

    Corona Virus

    There's just something about Matt Hancock that unsettles me. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something tells me not to trust him.
  9. Harrydc


    I agree mate, I suffered insomnia in the past to the extent I didn't fall asleep until 5am and having to get up at 7. I was on zopiclone for a while, and then stopped after I came a little reliant. These past few weeks I have felt the insomnia coming back :/ I hope you manage to get a good night's kip soon
  10. Harrydc

    Corona Virus

    There's an estimated 46,000 pubs in thr UK. Absolutely no way we could cope. That's my job lost instantly, because I don't see a Tory government paying wages for 2 years, and even if they did I'm sure it would be paid back in tax at a later date.
  11. Harrydc

    Corona Virus

    It's bound to happen I think. It's the same in my household, everyone getting on top of eachother, same thing day in day out. Going online is a sort of escape for some, so maybe people are letting of steam online - I'm not sure. However, I do think it's a time everyone should be coming together and being nice, rather than the opposite.
  12. Harrydc

    Corona Virus

    What could it be about then? Its very rare she does something like this
  13. Harrydc

    Corona Virus

    Does anyone think the Queen will introduce further restrictions on Sunday in her speach?
  14. Harrydc

    Corona Virus

    Can anyone else see restrictions always being in place from now on? I really can't see anything ever going back to 'normal'. This will have changed people, the thought of going football, few pre match pints sounds like a dream right now..
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