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  1. Harrydc

    Your favourite burger toppings

    Don't forget the BBQ sauce
  2. Harrydc


    Does anybody else feel like anything they do or touch is wrong? I'm starting to feel like i have a curse , which makes things around me go wrong, making me feel like at the moment i just want to lock myself away so that i can't cause anymore damage.
  3. Hi all, I have wondered this for a while now, whenever i run out of data on my phone, I always go to buy an add on. But - there doesn't seem to be an option to buy more data for some reason, all i can see is to buy more "Personal Hotspot". Would buying this still let me access the internet from my own phone, or am i missing something? Thanks.
  4. Harrydc

    Just a little help please lads !

    I'm sorry to hear that mate, in situations like this I don't really know what to say but I wish you all the best , and I hope you can make this a special occasion that you and your family will remember and hold closely to your heart.
  5. Harrydc


    Thanks means a lot .
  6. Harrydc

    Betting Thread

    Picked out some nice selections and I fancy this coming in.
  7. Harrydc


    Thanks @Izzy Muzzett and @gw_leics772 . Means a lot for the detailed responses, going back on what you said @gw_leics772 I'll defiantly try that and put on that act. I understand that it will be easier said than done , and yes @Izzy Muzzett do you mean controlling as in its controlling me or I'm being controlling? It can be tough, because a lot of things contradict two different people for example and I'm stuck in the middle , and it's only yesterday that I've fallen out with one of my closest friends just for trying to do the right thing - or what I thought was. I don't know if that way of thinking makes sense to you though :/ but anyway thanks again both means a lot.
  8. Harrydc


    Anyone got any tips to just not give a shit what people think? Because I think a lot of the anxiety is to do with that , not wanting to upset people and trying to keep everyone happy which inevitably makes me ill.
  9. Harrydc

    Betting Thread

    Cus I just wanna land a big odds bet for once need the money
  10. Harrydc

    Betting Thread

    Never mind .. never lucky
  11. Harrydc

    Betting Thread

    Treble tomorrow West ham Burnley and Arsenal pays about 250/1 ... worth a fiver imo .
  12. Harrydc


    Backed Whitlock at the start of this tournament @ 110/1 . Been some big shocks but I've seen some of the most exciting darts in recent times , expecially last night . Feel bad for Cullen though he deserved to go to the semis.
  13. Harrydc

    Matched betting

    Oh how I wish I could understand fully how to do the reload offers
  14. Harrydc

    Matched betting

    Thanks mate, how did you keep up with all your money in different accounts and did you ever panic that you'd lose track of things?
  15. Harrydc

    Matched betting

    Hi all, apologies if there is already a topic or this kind of stuff isn't allowed but I was wondering if anyone has tried matched betting . Ive started today and it does seem a little confusing with all your money going in to different betting accounts but at the moment I'm £15 up from my first go, has anyone succeeded with this and would it be recommended for me to carry on doing it? Is it worth the time . I'm using profit accumulator at the moment. Thanks harry .