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  1. Schools opening March 8th at the earliest... Top 4 groups vaccinated mid February..
  2. Why don't the government use their scare mongering propaganda skills to put people off McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, processed foods and the list goes on and on. £££
  3. If they don't know if these vaccines transmit the virus then how have they been vigorously tested? The way Matt Hancock was 'crying' on GMB you'd have thought these vaccines were the beginning of the end
  4. People are at the point of thinking tier 1 and 2 are good things. That's where we are now, it's ridiculous.
  5. Matt Hancock also saying today that we're a 'long long way off' easing restrictions. You'd imagine with this 'world beating' vaccine we'd be closer than ever to not just easing restrictions, but completely ending them.
  6. I don't understand why we would require restrictions next winter if everyone (or the majority) has been vaccinated.. Is this life now???
  7. I think it was a shameful piece of propaganda.
  8. The media are the absolute worst for fear mongering.
  9. I've stopped smoking for about 12 weeks, but it feels like I've lost an arm. That "reward" is something I deeply miss, and smoking was a huge part of my daily routine and my life. I'm considering buying a vape to bring back that feeling without the damaging effects. Is this a good idea?
  10. How does no one know if this vaccine will stop transmition? Wasn't it supposed to be vigorously tested?
  11. Catching a cold was just normal life. Since when was catching a cold such a a terrible thing? Our immune systems will turn to sh*t if we carry on with an attitude like this post covid. Also, COVID is very different to a cold so I don't see the relevance of your comment.
  12. Something else which I have been saying will come into our life's for years has been a cashless society, I was always told it'll never happen but look around us now. Due to the virus, people don't want to touch cash, and it'll probably stick after. Personally, I much prefer using cash.
  13. Do people actually want to return to the old normal? I seen a tweet earlier which gained a lot of traction complaining about our past behaviours, stating how we used to "get close to one another" and "touch the same things" and how disgusting it was . I also seen one saying how strange it is that we used to go to work and infect people with our cold... This doesn't fill me with much hope for the future if people are going to continue being scared of eachother after this (whenever that may be). It saddens me to know children are going to grow up thinking these kind of behaviours ar
  14. The enjoyment of life and being allowed to have fun is being sucked out of us piece by piece.
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