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  1. Harrydc

    Vaping ban

    I have no bad intentions from what I said, apologies if it caused any offence. I vape to cut down on the smoking, and when I’m smoking I tend to not breathe it near people, but vaping I don’t take as much care, not that I vape much in public anyway.
  2. Harrydc

    Vaping ban

    Makes me laugh, if people want to vape let them vape, because you may not like the particular smell, it isn’t going to stop someone who in my opinion is vaping to try and improve their life and stop smoking. Oh, I do both.
  3. Harrydc

    Train fare increase from 2019

    I just feel these days it’s impossoble for some people to commute, and to live. Running a car isn’t cheap: tax, petrol, insurance, services, MOTs and fixing the bloody things. Trains should be cheap for the people that can’t afford cars in the first place, but instead some people are stuck with nothing.
  4. Harrydc

    Train fare increase from 2019

    https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/jan/02/rail-fare-increases-prompt-protests-at-stations-across-uk What's your thoughts on this? Surely, as public transport is massively encouraged, the government should be investing in this to cut down prices and improve the service, instead it's getting an increase, when the service that is provided is so incompetent already. Always delayed, cancelled and overcrowded. Impossible to find a seat half of the time, and more first class carriages then standard ones, which is pointless - because lets be honest, who has the money to pay for first class? Rather then spending money on pointless things like painting Buckingham Palace, and doing up the Queens 69 bedrooms, spend it on making it easier to get around the country for the working class people of Britain. Rant over.
  5. Harrydc

    BDO Darts world Championship 2019

    I enjoy it most years, there are some quality hidden gems in there, and some big names that have played in the PDC in recent years. Glen Durrant looks also to be switching to the PDC as he's off to Q school so this could be his last year in this.
  6. Harrydc

    Cheese less!

    All this guest pie of the month crap whatever happened to a classic steak and kidney. Fumminggg
  7. Harrydc

    Grand slam of darts.

    What you all make of Price? he got in Andersons head and i absolutely loved it.
  8. What a beautiful picture it will be if they all get on the pitch at the same time.
  9. I think it's f**k off tbf . Right amount of letters
  10. Harrydc

    Helicopter crash

    That's another thing, selling it to any paper is disgusting, but selling it to the no morals joke of a paper the sun is even worse.
  11. Harrydc

    Helicopter crash

    Honestly do not think the video should have been released. Disrespectful in my eyes.
  12. Just got back and yeah it hit me when I seen this , I knew I had it but like others has said it was the little things which made him so special to us. He didn't have to do any of those things , the gifts etc, he chose to. Loved throughout the whole city , and even England. Rest in peace, boss. The video of his family laying flowers was also a hard watch.
  13. Skip to 30 seconds in. "Here are the owners, they couldn't be any more popular" so so sad. The contrast from then to now , I'd trade the title for last nights event to have not happened in a heartbeat. Rest in peace.
  14. Harrydc

    Helicopter crash

    He was more than just an owner to these players . A friend too.