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  1. go downstairs and have a pint if you don't like it, or just don't look at it. It's so irrelevant.
  2. Dont put words in my mouth. I think it’s obvious that Im upset about the deaths, and my thoughts and prayers goes out to the victims, and the family’s effected by this tragic event. My point was, that terrorism doesn’t have a race. This was a terrorist attack.
  3. What annoys me is people calling this a “shooting” and not a terrorist attack. I hate this world so much.
  4. Voodoo tattoos in Nottingham is a decent place lad I’ve told you this @JoshLcfc20
  5. I think he’s so over rated . Can’t take a corner or free kick. Let him go. Just my opinion ....
  6. Admins , please delete if not appropriate. I’ve recently started a darts blog for fun, as it’s something I’m passionate about and interested in. Here is my first post : https://everythingdarts.weebly.com/blog/nathan-aspinall-future-world-champion If anyone could give me any pointers on improving my writing style to make it more engaging then that would be much appreciated, and overall I hope it was an okay read. Thank you
  7. I know we should never have sacked him after we won the league
  8. It’s not like a normal guy has lost their job , he’s probably been payed a couple of million. My heart bleeds for him good riddance I say. Boo.
  9. In all honesty, bring back Pearson. Would be the absolute dream
  10. That’s exactly what I want. Bring back Nige
  11. I have no bad intentions from what I said, apologies if it caused any offence. I vape to cut down on the smoking, and when I’m smoking I tend to not breathe it near people, but vaping I don’t take as much care, not that I vape much in public anyway.
  12. Makes me laugh, if people want to vape let them vape, because you may not like the particular smell, it isn’t going to stop someone who in my opinion is vaping to try and improve their life and stop smoking. Oh, I do both.
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