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  1. So they're microchipping us?
  2. There are many.. Every working man's club across the country for a start. Micro pubs. Thousands.
  3. It's not human. I like to see people when I'm speaking to them, and if the pandemic is over then there is zero need for them. We didn't use them before, so why use them after.
  4. But if the pandemic is over, why would we wear masks? What is there to be scared of?
  5. I people can't see how wrong this would be then I give up.
  6. Do you want to walk your dog or go on a morning run wearing a mask? The question that needs to be asked if how long are these restrictions going to be in place if we do not get a vaccine? Because there is absolutely no way I'm living like this in 2 years time. It's sending me crazy.
  7. So why do Lancashire gyms get to stay open (rightly so) , but Liverpool are being forced to close. The inconsistencies are astonishing. Absolutely had enough of this boll*cks.
  8. In recent local lockdowns, only 1 out of 20 places had reduced cases. They do not work.
  9. Does it not occur to you that maybe places are being locked down for no good reason and absolutely zero scientific evidence?
  10. The effects of wearing a mask outdoors is minimal.
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