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  1. This is honestly disgraceful. I've had people talking down to me for the best part of a year. I've had people insulting me for the best part of a year. They face no punishment. But if I stick up for myself I get banned. If that's how this works then I'd rather not be part of it.
  2. Covid is still being rammed down our throats every moment of every day? Turn on the news right now. See what it says. It might tell you that 19 people died today. But let's also remember that 1581 other people died today from other causes. Yet, the so called 'moronic British public' are still walking around like living diseases, scared to go within 5 feet of eachother outdoors.
  3. Well from what I see people are still going crazy and are running scared of eachother with their double masks. I guess we see / take notice of the things which annoy us most.
  4. A lot of people may think I'm 'selfish' or 'stupid' for not taking the vaccine. But absolutely nothing will ever make me take it. No one can ever convince me otherwise. I'm not doing it to purposley harm anyone, I'm just that skeptical. So imagine for someone like me being told your freedoms may be permanently taken away if you do not put something inside your body that you do not trust. I'm so frustrated right now with the world.
  5. To protect themselves? That's the old definition of vaccines.
  6. Yes. But the Phizer vaccine is supposed to be 96% effective against this so called 'delta' varient. So the elderly who are in a care home should be protected against it. Unless they're anti vaxxers and don't trust it?
  7. This is my point. Why is it that we don't threaten care home workers to get the flu jab? Because the residents have already had it. This is beyond ridiculous.
  8. How you can force anyone to have this is beyond me. Absolutely disgusting. https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/shelagh-fogarty/husband-died-covid-jab-vaccine-mandatory-care-workers/
  9. Forcing care home staff to have the jab or they lose their job is one slippery slope. They will have a field day in court.
  10. This is a huge issue. Why? Why is it we're never told the positive news. Why is it we're never told the full story? Is it because fear sells? Most likely.
  11. Not to anyones surprise but I'm already half way through it
  12. This is exactly my point about how fear is rammed down our throats in an attempt to make us compliant. The MSM are constantly reporting deaths, R rates, cases. They never report how many have recovered, how many have left hospital etc. Its always the negatives.
  13. I suppose you have put a decent point across. But what also needs to be looked at it how Sweden coped initially. They did not lock down and they have seemingly done OK. I've also said many times how we count our figures, and if it would have been lower if we counted fatalities accurately.
  14. I've been reading a few things that may put things into perspective for you. I believe fear has been used to make us comply, and wether that was the ethical /right thing to do has to be considered. From the very outset, it has been drummed into us how we should stay at home, and how this is the biggest threat to this country since world war 2. We were told that we've had the most excess deaths since World War 2, when in fact its the most since 2008. In April 2021, 689 people under the age of 60 with no underlying conditions died in UK with covid since March 2020.
  15. Putting words in my mouth I see. What they've told you, is that it's the lockdowns which have stopped the flu, whereas it could just be that covid has replaced the flu.
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