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  1. This really is ridiculous, like others has said - An academy graduate who is England's number 1 left back.. Yes, he's going through a rough patch but really? Get a grip
  2. I think there should be some sort of licence for cyclists, or they have to take a test or something. There has been far too many accident involving cyclists, and iv'e had one too which stopped me getting in a car for two years. The amount of times i see them with no lights, dressed all in black, no helmets, undertaking cars, jumping lights etc.. If you want to be on a road, that's completely fine, just abide by the same rules that car drivers have to.
  3. Because that's what they wanted to do
  4. So excited for El Camino 🙌🏼
  5. Unfortunately there will always be a bias towards the so called 'big 6', despite half of them being not so big anymore...
  6. Harrydc


    I don't know what it is, but my anxiety is getting far worse. Whether i'm on tablets or not, it seems to always be here. It's pushing people away from how I am, and no one understands i can't help these irrational thoughts. Honestly feel like i'm broken and I am stuck like this forever. It's taken over my life.
  7. I’ve tried this in the past . It gets so tedious , and having money in so many different betting accounts can make things confusing, and you lose track. Signing up to new accounts, providing ID before you can withdraw, just too much effort for me .. and that’s coming from someone who is skint most of the time.
  8. If you ring up to cancel , most of the time they will call you back offering you a much better deal such as half price for the year
  9. Against it. You can choose to have the procedure at an older age when you can have a say in the matter if you really want to. To do it to a baby is cruel.
  10. Harrydc


    This email you provided appears to be invalid
  11. go downstairs and have a pint if you don't like it, or just don't look at it. It's so irrelevant.
  12. Dont put words in my mouth. I think it’s obvious that Im upset about the deaths, and my thoughts and prayers goes out to the victims, and the family’s effected by this tragic event. My point was, that terrorism doesn’t have a race. This was a terrorist attack.
  13. What annoys me is people calling this a “shooting” and not a terrorist attack. I hate this world so much.
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