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  1. Sometimes I love VAR. But in all seriousness, if they need to take over 30 seconds to make the decision it should just go back to the original decision.
  2. This 100%. How many dangled carrots does it take? 5 days at Christmas? Sacrifice Christmas to save Easter? Deluded.
  3. I see absolutely no future. I do not want to bring any kids into this authoritarian totalitarian world we're approaching. It'd be cruel. So that's a family out the window. It's about people in care homes who haven't seen their family in a year. It's about basic human liberties being snatched away. It's about the impending social credit system once these 'freedom passes' are out. But if you want to live in a world like this then good luck to you.
  4. It's absolutely nothing to do with 'self interest'... 30 million people have this oh so precious vaccine. The old and vulnerable are all vaccinated. They account for 98% of deaths within 28 days of a positive test for any reason. We should not be in a lockdown anymore. There's no reasonable excuse. Its just 3 weeks. It's just until the summer. Sacrifice Christmas to save Easter. When the old and vulnerable are vaccinated. When the over 50s are vaccinated. When everyone is vaccinated.
  5. You've just contradicted yourself. "vaccinated people can still carry the virus" - therefore they can still spread it? Exactly the same as an unvaccinated person. They can still spread it too. You either trust the vaccines or you don't. This is my argument about vaccine passports. If you have been vaccinated then why wouldn't you want to mix with the unvaccinated?
  6. If you're naive enough to believe these vaccinations will get us out of anything then I feel for you. Just like 3 weeks to flatten the curve? Just like 5 days at Christmas? Just like sacrifice Christmas to save Easter? Johnson said himself 2 vaccinated people still can't meet indoors? Vaccinated people can still 'transmit' the virus. They're purposely ripping the economy to shreds. I don't know why, but they are. If you're not even a little bit suspicious then there's no hope.
  7. Have you ever needed a vaccine to go to something as simple as a football match or a pub? What a silly comparison.
  8. Because I don't want to. That's my point it should be a personal choice. I thought we were in an age of Pro choice?
  9. I honestly feel as if every day is becoming more and more pointless. I've suffered anxiety for years, although I manage and have done through this last year, but I'm reaching the end of my tether. I've been known as a 'covid sceptic' - now that's not because I want to hurt anyone, or cause any harm. I wear my mask (reluctantly) and I follow the (in my opinion) these pathetic authoritarian rules. Nothing can change my mind or opinion on what's happening. One thing I will not be doing is taking the vaccine. Never. No one can persuade me otherwi
  10. Just thought I'd pop my head in and say vaccine passports / freedom passports are a disgrace and they're a direct attack on our basic liberties and freedoms. Out ancestors who fought for our freedoms would be turning in their graves.
  11. How is it possible to remain optimistic when they're extending furlough until September? I said the same thing in November when they extended it to March. Absolutely ridiculous.
  12. You'll have to read it again
  13. After a lot of thought, I have decided I am fully in favour of forced mandatory vacations. Everyone should have one.
  14. The way I think it is comparable is that we all know smoking is bad for you and can cause long term health effects which could result in hospital treatment, yet, we still choose to do it. However, we don't turn around and say to smokers that they're not allowed treatment, or have to pay for it because it's their own doing.
  15. So anyone who is morbidly obese, smokes or excessively drinks should not have treatment for related conditions caused by these either? What a ridiculous comment.
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