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  1. Sky has killed the game
  2. Money has ruined football. I came so close to not renewing and have only done it in the last 10 minutes.
  3. This world is shit. You should never go to a concert and not return home that shouldn't be a thing. Ffs were literally living in hell.
  4. If I were to go in to a shop and show them a few different images, and say things that I'm interested, would they be able to incorporate that in to one design? I'm just struggling to decide on one thing
  5. Hi all, I'm considering getting a tattoo, but I just had a few questions first. - How did you know what to get? - Did you get something meaningful or just something that looked good? - Did you regret your decision to get a tattoo? Just thought I'd make this topic as it is a big decision to make if you think about it as its gonna be there your whole life
  6. The thing is most of the 'old school' come out for the bigs games all stone island up yet when it comes to it shut themselves,I was a prominent member of the ybs when we started it up,was always us young lot Avin a row,we were game as ****,hear the young lot now are(I'm 30) and av mrs and kids and don't bother anymore,pisses me off that you get the so called old school sitting in family stand with the kids in the s.i gear,yet when push comes to shove and it's gonna kick off say 'av got me kids',that's well and fine but then don't wear the clobber to say your a lad if your a has been,most so called lads ain't even as a row,gaur enter that out of 50 lads(hate it when folk say there was 200 there today)only a dozen tops will av it,the rest **** off back to the tavern and av the cheek to say they've just 'had it'! If you know you know.
  7. It's played constant on Gem and Capital. All the clubs have it on repeat too. Some females put it on the duke box in some pub the other day as well.
  8. Sick of hearing that song. It's literally everywhere
  9. Can't believe some people are saying "pay the guy". Seriously this is why the game has been ruined over the years. People looking at this and thinking its normal, you have to work 2 years to get what he will be getting in a week!
  10. I'd imagine every chip shop has scraps, they may just throw them away straight away. Surely it'd be impossible not to, you batter the fish, put it in the fryer and it creates scraps.
  11. Wow. Well done mate
  12. So will we beat Man City ?
  13. Let's do it
  14. Pearson as assistant?
  15. Sorry to hear that mate.