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  1. 31 minutes ago, Blue Fox 72 said:

    I would agree in that I don't think there is any hate for us from the mainstream media/pundits. But the massive bias towards the 'big 6' is there for all to see, plain and simple.


    Most of them give us praise for what we are doing to upset the status quo but it is usually done in a patronising know your place type way.

    Bias as in concentrating their time on the big six ?  That’s just business ..... it’s the advertising that pays the bills (beyond the subscriptions) and the best way to keep the tills ringing is to broadcast as much as possible about the big six clubs  .........  moreso yanited and liverpool ....

  2. On 29/01/2021 at 17:23, RowlattsFox said:

    Putting us at 12 on the Sunday after we play at 8 on the Thursday is kind of them. Arsenal play Thursday too I guess so can't contain too much. 

    Yes , there’s a huge difference between our boys being in their beds by midnight on Thursday when Arsenal’s will be four in the morning if they’re lucky.  And then the Arsenal coach has to drive up Saturday evening to ensure they make it to the stadium for 11 am Sunday 

  3. 14 minutes ago, Paninistickers said:

    Anyone know who this london dude with an african name is on R5? Ex player, but presumably  from the lower leagues. 


    This is the 4th or 5th time.ive heard him.over theseast couple of weeks. He's superb value. They've uncovered a gem (and obvs knew it to employ a relatively unknown ex player) 

    its nedim onuoha .....(although he has more of a manc accent ) 


    he’s decent 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Nick said:

    I’m not yet resigned to Madders being out for a few weeks. Yea there is with Doctor seeing specialists in London but if he doesn’t require surgery I’m not sure rest will make a massive difference? It may just be here’s some cortisone and a needle and off you go? My fear is that his condition may ruin his career. Does anybody know about his previous hip injury and if he had an operation or what treatment he had?

    last summer i believe he had surgery.  its a big concern that his discomfort has returned within six months…. the fact he is having a second opinion isn't great imo. if the first diagnosis was positive then why would you want a second opinion ??  the first assessment was either not great or uncertain.  i assume he had an injection before he played second half at everton in july. that lasted about twenty five mins before he was unable to run !


    i'm worried and i wouldn't take too much notice of what Brendan has to say ….  going back to cags needing an op (he didn't), timmy being out for a few weeks (became six), JJ looking like he might be ok (out for nine months) ……….. are there any more ???

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  5. if we retain the same shape then i expect he will alternate ayo, kel and under as a ten.  but these guys will not drop as deep as madders does so we simply cant keep the same structure. these guys are more link up players than a true creative ten like madders is.  tbh, we haven't seen if under is able to play this role - we might tomorrow for a period. 


    we need ayo fit asap - he has looked ok in between the lines high up when given the chance. its certainly more suited to him than leading the line!  kel also likes to link play by dropping into that space.  lets see how it goes before committing hari kari ……...


    the bigger issue for us that we are losing another first team starter at a time when we simply cant afford to  …………….. 

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