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  1. So much to do but I need to see it again !!
  2. can’t say I didn’t think the same when I read it yesterday............
  3. Vichai was ‘close’ to the old king ......... do we have any evidence that he has any proper relationship with the new chap?
  4. Straight out of his bramhall lane back catalogue......
  5. He wasn’t suited to the style of play we had. He would suit puel’s way of playing the way he floats between the lines. We bought him to try and stay up - and we did !
  6. Assume that this was all rubbish then .....
  7. I think the owners have a fair amount of empathy for their staff. If they are getting rid of puel it won’t be a happy task for them. From my perspective, if he is leaving then im really intrigued as to who they might have lined up. They won’t sack him without a replacement. Tbh, they most likely aren’t sacking him anyway!
  8. Assuming there is something in this (unknown) why do you think he is doing it without the owners knowledge?
  9. Those leaked opening day fixtures on the money !! Playing big teams early after a tournement can sometimes work out ok playing big teams at the end of the season when the places up top are settled can also sometimes work out as we saw this season - long runs against the meh sides after January doesn’t always work out as they are scrapping for every point
  10. Forest Echo News if you’re going on twitter then you need to know the parody accounts and the pedant in me says this should be in the puel thread in any case .....
  11. Arsenal’s revenues outside the champions league are impressive. Slimy stan is a good businessman - but not a good football club owner!
  12. Didn’t Stan get injured at Watford ? It is a long time ago ......
  13. Possibly not davie - I think we’re paying a few bob to get the game so I suppose we can promote the stadium brand
  14. Let’s hope we do a better job of removing the ‘king power’ stuff than we did on our champions league debut ......surprised we didn’t get a fine as the fifa peeps tripped over the poor fellas summoned to do the last minute covering up!
  15. Southgate isn’t an idiot - he knows vardy’s strengths and he will use him when the situation is right
  16. They publically backed him before the end of the season. No need to do so again. If they can’t get anyone better then he keeps the gig. The papers will write stuff whether it has any basis or if doesn’t.
  17. Absolutely right - we try to employ the best person we can .... whether that’s on the pitch or off it (DOF excepted ?) you dont sack the incumbent manager until you know you can get the better one in. And this doesn’t mean I would approve of Rogers being appointed ..... that’s a different debate
  18. U wait till they nick the wheels off dyche’s Ferrari ...........
  19. Cos they are players we need ???? In any case, If discussions are actually ongoing with anyone and at anything like an advanced stage then prospective signings would be passed by him.
  20. Irrespective of the pros and cons of this fella, I don’t believe the attitude of the owners has changed - if they can get in a better option then they will........but they aren’t going to ditch puel unless they get a pre agreement from a new man. Puel is condisdered a safe pair of hands but not trusted to take the team to the level the owners want.
  21. These things have a habit of sorting themselves out - might take until the jan window by prior agreement
  22. You tend to finish close to where your wages sit - I’d say 7th is about right then ....
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