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  1. 72% Conservatieve, 15% ahead
  2. The thing is he hasn't, all he's managed to do is emphasise a lack of leadership and chaos. Fair enough, in his own speech he rehashed Ed Miliband but with a bit more gusto and probably played well to some. He has someone accusing Costa of not paying taxes which is wrong, some were saying they would hold a second referendum, others not though this has since been ruled out. John McDonnell is making completely false claims about tax and the 'rich' and Emily Thornberry is trying to soften this stance. It's just disorganised, even if Corbyn manages to perform adequately, his complete inability to run a political party will show through
  3. Find something to do together, that you wouldnt normally do. Theatre break in London or something. Spending has moved towards experience rather than material goods and surveys show people are increasingly preferring gifts of that nature. Plus it's a treat for yourself too
  4. Governments agree deals with foreign companies all the time, Brexit throws a spanner in the works and companies will use it as a negotiating tactic to get better deals, whether they really have intentions of moving or not. Some industries will be harder hit than others. As you say these things take years to plan, hence firms have been planning for a less favourable Brexit negotiation, this grabs the headlines and over eggs what will really happen. Take the banks for example; notoriously hate uncertainty so they are beginning the process of mitigating possible problems that may arise. But even so, the amount of jobs that are being moved out is quite small. London edges New York as financial capital of the world, the institutional framework in place in London can't be matched by anywhere in Europe and would take a monumental effort for them to get close. Many in Europe has acknowledged they won't be able to overthrow London and are therefore begging for any piece it can get. You used Transferwise as an example, its actually setting up a European headquarters but keeping London as its global headquarters. They, and the rest of the financial services industry, chose London for a reason and most of that isn't going to change. Brexit may do some damage but the government will have policy instruments available to it that were previously more tricky to possibly mitigate any problems. Inflation at 2.3% isn't a problem per se, well within the inflation target. Just to say, it's not that I don't share concerns, I just don't see why we should hamper ourselves with pessimism. I find it strange that a lot of the pessimism comes from within when Europe doesn't seem to share it. There's a reason cities across the EU are making desperate attempts to lure firms to relocate a small % of their business there. Look what the CEO of Axa's real estate division said over the weekend or what has been said by Nasir Zubairi.
  5. Let's completely ignore that net FDI is up since the vote
  6. To have their cake and eat it multiple times
  7. For a start, why the **** would Wenger come here?
  8. He epitomises everything we have been about over his time with us, losing Vardy would really feel like the end of an era. Would be gutted
  9. We gave them a game and that's all we could ask for. A lucky bounce or ricochet at 1-1 and who knows
  10. Hope they go on to win it, would be great to say we lost to the eventual winners
  11. Massively proud of them, if Vardy or Ulloa get that second then I genuinely think we'd have done it. Also proud of how much respect Atletico gave us compared to Sevilla. They are a world class team and had the experience to see it out so professionally. We couldn't have gone for it more in the first half, we had to try and keep it at 1-0 as long as possible and then go for it, they got the goal just as they'd lulled us into thinking we were on top, showing their class yet again. Just beaten by a much much better side and we gave it a good go, just couldn't quite manage it. Couldn't ask for anything more. Shakey got it tactically spot on 2nd half again, Mahrez frustrated though.
  12. But King offers the discipline in midfield that you need in this game and in theory is better going forward than Amartey. It was a slog of a game where it was fanciful that we'd get a goal cos of how good they are at the back. Damage limitation and 1-0 was a great result all things considered which I don't believe would have happened without that sub.
  13. King for Oka allowing Ndidi to drop back completely nullified Griezmann, was a class sub
  14. How inconsequential has your life got to be for this to actually bother you
  15. Doubt he'll change it, it'll be same team with Albrighton for Gray