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  1. How the actual **** is Bruno Fernando's jumping on Konsa's ankle a penalty to Man Utd? So bent
  2. Southampton must be feeling positive about next season, looking good. Also shows how utterly abhorrent our result at Everton was, they are horrific.
  3. Kopfkino is nonsense German and as @Stadt knows German words are a pre requisite of trying to seem cool whilst being as far from cool as humanly possible. I changed it from KingGTF cos I lost some of the lust for Gary Taylor Fletcher but I realise the error of my ways now he has accepted me on LinkedIn and will name the first racehorse I have after him. The picture is Crystal Ocean and Poet's Word in the King George at Ascot, no particular reason just an awesome photo.
  4. You've got me thinking, I don't think I'd ever stop anyone for a photo. It seems an utterly bizarre thing to be doing to me.
  5. I thought I liked Arteta, comes across well and is clearly a decent coach even if he is just desperate to be a Pep tribute act, but him whinging about this is seriously pathetic. I expect it from the fans, typical North London wet wipes.
  6. So frustrating, we get the goal and forget how to play football. It was there for the taking in the last 10 minutes and we did absolutely nothing, ffs man someone go and win it
  7. Defensively a shambles and that's on the manager with this weird setup that means it's sort of a 4 at the back with Albrighton stood on the touchline. Soyuncu has looked clueless and needs to take off his dancing shoes and put some football boots on. Perez just refuses to pass it when he's in a good position, so frustrating. The whole thing is frustrating, we're just a bang average mid-table side atm.
  8. Yeah you'd be absolutely desperate. The death rate per capita is soooo much well better thanks to the masterful actions of Nicola Sturgeon.
  9. You think it'd be worth one of them just sitting on the bench instead of Bennett and then throwing them on in depseration.
  10. Palace are a tough tough side to break down but they've shown nothing going the other way. We just lack conviction and confidence so it's gonna be a real slog. Vardy in this form is like playing with 9 men, can't control or pass the ball.
  11. Bognor in August, living the life.
  12. Cos every time we've lost in the last 2 and a half years it's been Chilwell's fault. The fans decided they don't like him and that's it, there will be no objectivity or rationalism around anything he does.
  13. Next week will be a good week for us 3 wins out of 3
  14. He's clearly not at the level required which is our fault and not his. But can anybody point me to time in these 4 games that he has done anything good with the ball?
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