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  1. Bloody stop playing 5 at the back... ohhhhh
  2. Can you point me to where he made these wins about him?
  3. So you’ve found one example of him making a joke and that immediately preceded him saying that the ‘team was fantastic and got the result they deserved’. Low bar if that shows he’s desperate for the plaudits when we do well. If we’re doing single examples, albeit not a loss, he said after Chelsea away last year that when players make mistakes it’s his fault. Therefore, I must conclude that he always takes responsibility when bad things happen
  4. you are just making that up aren’t you? Go on YouTube, watch all his post match press conferences and give me the quotes that show he ‘is desperate for the plaudits when we do well’. You’ve made your mind up and you’ll sprout any shit that confirms what you’ve already decided.
  5. I think we should be forbidden from having corners full stop tbh
  6. I feel he’s overcompensating for the number of games and injuries. I didn’t like the 4 in midfield v Wolves and I wasn’t happy to see it again. But the players have got to be better, Tielemans sloppy on the ball a number of times first half and Fofana defending like a 19 year old with a handful of games gave them a goal. Then we panicked, gave them another and could have been 3 at half time. The people who hound Brendan would be the same people who would hound the next guy after every poor performance. Literally every game there’s an arrogance about a lot of fans that just setting
  7. Fulham defended well, have gotten much better defensively bar last week. As with West Ham, none of our lot really turned up, too arrogant first half and never really looked like doing much thereafter. Terrible defending for the first but got to start games better, it’s too slow and controlled. Need to confront the fact that Vardy offers absolutely nothing in these games.
  8. Dock his wages for that shot in the 87th minute. Same with Justin
  9. Yeah it was sarcastically aimed at the folk who can only analyse football matches through what layered combination of numbers adds up to 10
  10. The performance second really does enforce the idea that 5atb is the problem...
  11. Do we not bother with 10 yards from a free kick? Whether it’s stupid or not for Evans to take the kick, how can he allow a player to challenge a free kick?
  12. Doesn’t have the players available to trust in a 4. He might change it now we’ve got to go for it but I fully understand why he’d be reluctant to do it from the start. Fuchs isn’t going to get up the line so it would essentially be a 3 anyway, Thomas too weak for a 4 atm and Albrighton has shown before that he’s honking in a 4
  13. VAR just exacerbates the problem. It’s the pricks that decided to turn the rules into any contact in the box is a penalty and any touch of the hand is a penalty. And ***** like Hinchcliffe that justify it. We give an 80-90% chance of a goal from a free shot for minor indiscretions, sometimes as with us at Leeds, in a situation with next to no chance of a goal being scored. We get all these penalties and more goals and people the pretend it’s more entertaining when it’s patently not
  14. Proper embarrassed for anyone that defends the penalties that are getting given these days. I say this fully in the knowledge that we’ve also benefitted from it but it’s just not football
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