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  1. What's it called? Looks interesting, have been thinking of buying some weights for a while but idk My main source of proper exercise is swimming but cant do that now so looking for alternatives. Flatmate has a Peloton thing cluttering the place that I could use but don't fancy it much
  2. It's been pretty inevitable for a while that 2021 should be a piece of piss for the SNP and there's no legitimate reason to deny them another referendum anyway, just as there was no legitimate reason to deny people a referendum on Maastrict and Lisbon.
  3. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    But this is from the Department of Electrical Engineering, not the epidemiologists. The model they produced suggested a most likely peak daily deaths of 260 (upper limit of 330) which ofc was already reached yesterday. In short, file it under likely bollocks along with the Oxford piece.
  4. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    But the death rate is still reasonably low, they're working on the assumption it's below 1%. Judging by it, HCID seems to be about genuinely high mortality disease like Ebola that's mortality rate is over 50% and by being categorised as a HCID it means its treated at 5 specialist centres rather than anywhere.
  5. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    All 3 of us in my flat have come down with something at the same time, all started noticing it in the last 24 hours. I've just got a sore throat (which already feels like it's getting better) with some vile mucus, one of them has a fever and is a bit achy, and the other has the classic fever, cough and is completely zonked. If it was just me I probably wouldn't even think of it being CV over a normal sore throat but the guy with the classic symptoms makes you think. Could of course have picked up different things but we've also pretty much always been out together over the last week.
  6. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    Nobody ever tried to hide that the masks are possibly of use stop the infected infecting others. But we're telling people to not go out if they're possibly infected which is obviously even better for stopping infection than a mask. Plus I find it very hard to believe that you'd be able to get a significant enough proportion of the population to regularly wear masks for it to be useful and so the small amount of people siphoning off supplies that would be better used elsewhere is undesirable.
  7. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    Yeah that'd be a gripe I could imagine being prevalent but not come across it myself because people I've spoke to accept its all very difficult for the government. My personal view is the criticism of the government over the self-employed is ludicrous but its obviously tough if you're affected. But otherwise, in most conversations I've found myself the one being most critical of the government for a lack of planning when they could have and the unclear comms.
  8. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    Probably still be working out how to blame Israel for it all
  9. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    Bollocks to a government of national unity. Its tough to see what any member of the shadow cabinet, aside from John Ashworth, could possibly offer. Even if the entire Conservative party was incapacitated it'd be much more effective to call up the student council at a local primary school I also think that people that Guardian readers that think twitter is representative of the country are gonna be in for a shock when they realise yet again they've forgotten the world outside their bubble. I am yet to speak to any actual people that has been particularly critical of the government. All anecdotal of course but just got off the phone with someone whose spent the last 3 years that I've known him telling me how all Tories are scum and don't care about people like him who now loves Boris and Rishi.
  10. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    Being asymptomatic when tested ≠ never having symptoms. I'm pretty sure it was 18% on the Diamon Princess that reported never having symptoms
  11. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    This is the problem though. If you say to the public that you are free to do stuff if you already had it, lifting the lockdown for them basically, then it's harder to stop people that haven't had it from going out and about so setting up new transmission chains
  12. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    The idea that the police have any chance of actually enforcing it is one for the birds. Just hope it sparks most people into taking it seriously
  13. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    So what those of us that have been paying attention have been doing for the last couple of weeks?
  14. Anything to get away from the virus, no idea if it's a bs source or not but **** it
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