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  1. Kopfkino

    Corona Virus

    I mean the reason it feels different is its the first really infectious outbreak in the age of social media meaning you see, and are aware of, far more than previously. SARS may well have seemed worse had social media been around. But its a concern for sure. Who knows what's really going on give we're relying on the Chinese for information. Also now it seems it can spread during incubation, and that can be upto 14 days, the slow response in the first place likely means the situation is worse than we already know. Hopefully like SARS it will mutate to something less serious and we'll get away with it.
  2. Pure class, ****ing love him but do agree he could put his stamp on games a bit more with some swagger. But anyone that says anything else against him is irrelevant and deserving of an instant ignore.
  3. Yet another cup tie where we're comfortable as you like first half but really dreadful and quite lazy second half. Newcastle, Burton, Everton were similar. Albrighton is spent here tbh
  4. You are genuinely parodying yourself surely? It's the only explanation for you asking for a citation and then proceeding to quote an unattributable passage on Wikipedia, that itself makes a confident assertion without reference to back it up, to make a point about Burke's view of liberty, having already (imo) expressed the most reductive view of conservatism that you could.
  5. Deary me. A player we won't want in 18 months time, will struggle to shift and waste money paying him to be on loan at Mainz
  6. **** football if that's now a penalty. Dead game
  7. Tbh you've got yourself in a muddle cos you've thought about it too much. Its pretty evident from UK and US comedy that there is social pressure. Comedy is to be used by people however they want, as with any art form. Punch wherever you want for whatever reason you want to, we should not be afraid of that. It's not about social vacuums, there can still be a reaction against comedy, it should just be accepting of other comedy and not descend into righteousness about directions of punches from those consumed by making everything a battle.
  8. No it really simply means if someone wants to take the piss out of x they can take the piss out of x. It can be used for whatever people wish, we don't need it policing. Comedy is quite a simple demand and supply relationship. If you want some 'progressive' "punching up" comedy go consume that.
  9. Or as Simon Evans says "If something is funny it is funny regardless of where it sits in some theoretical oppression matrix dreamed up in a sociology department", comedian's should punch in every direction including their own face. Some folks will like some jokes, others won't but that's how comedy works. Audiences don't like to have their existing views challenged they just want to laugh at something they already know, just those that like to define in terms of directional punches want to feel like their laughs have some meaningful purpose.
  10. "Couldn't string 2 passes together" Apart from the 750 completed passes with a 90% accuracy. Revisionism.
  11. Fond memories of the "we're in a title race cos Liverpool aren't that good" chat
  12. Yeah and also maybe the reason is that Kate is actually a likeable, nice person and Meghan isn't and rubs people up the wrong way. I know some people are seemingly only capable of seeing identity as a differentiator but the reality is that there are more differences between people than the colour of their skin. There is undoubtedly some racist undertones to it for sure but given that she's treated a ton of people like shit during her life it's unlikely the sole driver.
  13. Wasn't it also something like: Burnley have only won 1 of 50+ when behind at half time
  14. Its getting pathetic, the same people that wank players off when they play half decent pile straight in when they're a little off. Its not even objective discussion, it's just mostly verbal diarrhoea from the cerebrally deficient
  15. There's no energy and zip and we can't defend. Tbh if the week off didn't help I've got no idea.
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