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  1. Now can we have an Ancelotti 20 CBS stood on the goal line special?
  2. Kopfkino

    The gym

    The last bit is bang on. I’ve always been a regular swimmer but hadnt been since last March until pools reopened in April. I was absolutely miles off it to begin with but quickly regaining condition now and the process of getting back up to speed has been great. Sort of just used to go through the motions at the level I was at but being forced to be without makes me want to push myself more. Ive never really focused on strength, just couldn’t be arsed, but it would help my swimming massively (my technique is good) so I’m looking forward to starting that journey now. Really hope the
  3. Usually getting older gives you a stake to conserve. But when you’ve lived in a box in London for too many years, struggled onto the housing market, have a ridiculous mortgage for little house, have to spend a huge chunk of your wages on childcare and see your inheritance (built up by keeping people like you out of the housing market) frittered away into the hands of care home owners, that relationship starts to break down.
  4. Tunbridge Wells moving to NOC and also losing plenty of council seats in Surrey and West Sussex. It’s a longer term electoral problem for them, probably towards the end of this decade as people escape London as they get older, have decent jobs with good salaries but are paying through the nose for somewhere to live
  5. Holloway left 13 years ago mate
  6. Everyone looks shit when they don’t have Evans next to them
  7. It’s mostly attention seekers seeking attention though isn’t it
  8. The strangest thing for me tonight was that he panicked and gave up with a midfield after 63 minutes when it was 2-0. 2-0 is retrievable, as we went on to sort of show so why panic so early and leave us even more open than we already were
  9. The players had no idea what was going on in that first half, that’s down to Rodgers. Whilst individuals will look bad if the manager hasn’t got them set up right, it is not his fault for just how bad some of them have been. Soyuncu’s performance is one of the worst individual performances I can remember, he could easily have been responsible for 3 goals in 25 minutes
  10. Some people earlier in the season actually talked about leaving Evans out so we got these two clown around together every week
  11. Soyuncu chief bottlejob merchant again this year
  12. Well played even if the result didnt go your way. Greens doing great across lots of different and varied areas of the country which is interesting to see. Personally can't get on board with the UK version of a Green Party but glad to see the Green message getting more democratic traction
  13. Well voters accept it because they've managed to sound like they've listened to them for a change/got done what they wanted to get done. The Conservative party of now is clearly distinct from 10-16 with May's period being a holding period that created an opening to reinvent itself for electoral success. Quite clearly when the message and the messenger are clearly different, it's pretty easy to disconnect it all. He very publicly purged those that didn't buy into the message. Of course it's nonsense to insinuate that baggage sticks with Labour but not Cons. People who weren't even c
  14. But people do see it as a change because Brexit is wedged in the middle and therefore it looks like a departure from the Cameron, Clegg, Blair 00s version of politics. The faff after Brexit undoubtedly amplified it such that, for many, the 2019 outward incarnation of the Conservatives is actual change compared to Conservative to Labour. This is the point the chap in the Guardian made this week, Labour spends too much time fighting past elections and most of the time they miss the boat as a result. Consternation that a party that has been in government for 11 years being able to pre
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