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  1. Need Man United to score here, West Ham are more of a danger to us
  2. Struggling to think of a team in this league he wouldn't get into
  3. VAR must have some margin of error, so how can anyone say the Son decision was correct given frame rates and a drawing of lines that doesn't to me seem to be to the exact mm? Which makes this somewhat utilitarian view of it getting it right so it's alright a little silly. I struggle to see how that today was a good thing for football. No sympathy for the Spurs fans by virtue of them being Spurs fans but it's terrible for the game.
  4. Yep keeps doing it for me on my Mac, seems to be a safari issue as haven't had problem on chrome
  5. gaining an advantage by playing the ball or interfering with an opponent when it has: rebounded or been deflected off the goalpost, crossbar or an opponent Looks pretty clear to me
  6. Eh, without VAR we'd have 1 less point, the goal against you. We both had one ruled out today, cancels each other out in a way. That's all VAR has decided for us.
  7. Needs binning tbh and I was heavily for it for a long time. It went with us and its beautiful that it was against Spurs but the Son decision is ridiculous.
  8. Great game from the start, deserved the result, happy days. Our general play was fantastic, need to be better with final ball and a bit too open at the back but it all looks good. Love the options we have in midfield.
  9. This climate strike has been another eye-opener into how crazy some of these people really are. Went on the climate strike website, was initially struck by the word reparations and clicked through their link on climate justice to find a manifesto of demands https://www.peoplesdemands.org/#read-the-demands-section having seen it on Robert Colvile's twitter. Wow oh wow. Rejects the use of technology, geo engineering, economics, the market mechanism, and has no grasp of the realities of the challenge that we face. It's distinctly anti-science. It's a classic case of people on the left thinking the only way to solve problems is to engineer societies to be exist at their command. Fair enough to those going on marches and doing as they wish, I'm sure many of them would also reject this nonsense but they'll be used to by these crazies to suggest what they demand is popular because that's the banner they are marching under. If these people seize control of the whole climate change agenda, we're completely ****ed.
  10. I've not watched the Galloway thing but yeah this argument about easily substituting is bonkers. It assumes other markets have the capacity to supply us and as you say the means, it ignores that they still have to be checked anyway (medicines are serious things can't just be waved through), it ignores any other regulatory issue. 2/3 of medicines come via France so imagine the time and cost of getting them from NZ instead. Air freight capacity is limited and expensive, container ship would probably 50 days. Then also there's the supply chain impact on our producers and also the huge loss of economies of scale that comes from losing access to 27 other markets. In other news, just seen this and only one source but have seen many others that suggest much of the EU just wants us gone now. Makes a real mockery of those that think we just Revoke and go back to how it was, not much better for those that think a remain win in a second ref would be fine. All political capital for the next 10 years has been spent and we'd end up a nightmare come next treaty change. Can probably guess the four countries will be out of Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland(?).
  11. But you didn't question it, that's really the issue. It's not unquestionable just cos the person has credentials. Whats the reason for a 40% increase? Why isn't the government as prepared as they say? It's kind of the crux of any argument to have something to back up what you say.
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