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  1. Kopfkino

    What’s happened to ‘our Arry’

    Get him alongside Evans and he'll be much better. Him and Morgan just doesn't work, whilst Evans is comfortably the best defender we have.
  2. Kopfkino


    He's so much better when he actually has a half decent player next to him in a two. Looked decent next to Drinkwater and looked pretty good next to Iborra last year. I pity anyone having to play in a two with Mendy.
  3. Kopfkino

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Feel for Puel there, players let him down all game
  4. Kopfkino

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Get in there
  5. Kopfkino

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Super goal
  6. Kopfkino

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    Deserves sacking for making Mendy undroppable, no idea what he offers
  7. Kopfkino

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Well that was rubbish. A decent 8 minute spell after they scored but otherwise as pedestrian and clueless as ever and hopeless defensively
  8. Kopfkino

    Wolves A Match Thread

    "you're getting sacked in the morning" Hope so lads
  9. Kopfkino

    Wolves A Match Thread

    **** this shit, pathetic from.top to bottom
  10. Kopfkino

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Imagine starting a game well
  11. Kopfkino

    What's in the news?

    Well of course you have to have checks if you aren't formally committed to the same standards. For example, if the UK signed a trade deal with the US (or NZ/Oz) that permitted chlorinated chicken into the UK market, there has to be checks to ensure this is not entering the EU market as it is banned in the EU. If you have the same standards on chicken and the UK doesn't import chlorinated chicken then no need for checks on chicken (agriculture and food is treated differently anyway but it shows the point, I couldn't think of a different obvious example). Future matters on technological regulation maybe offer a point of divergence. And the key thing with the EU is some trading relationships work on the basis that it doesn't matter how you get to an outcome on standards as long as the outcome is the same, the EU a lot of the time works that you must get to it in the same way. It's not the EU punishing us, it's that you can't just have open borders without formal governance and its the way the EU operates anyway, the EU uses standards as protectionism. Tbf I am exasperated. I mean I've seen for long enough absolute nonsense written about the Norway option that it's got a bit tiresome seeing it presented, and also dismissed, with absolute nonsense. I took it as Owen Jones meaning a full customs union because the Norway+ plans that I've seen written about say exactly that, maybe he doesn't idk. Tbh, I've never watched full parliamentary proceedings before but I did on Tuesday and Wednesday and that just made me angry. I think on Tuesday it was only Ken Clarke and a handful of others that seemed to grasp that, no matter what, the withdrawal agreement has to passed and that is not going to change from what was agreed in November. The PD (and this is a bit shit/just a can kicker) can be altered but what difference does it make? Maybe MPs feel it would bind government more so it needs changing, but really unless they amend the WA in UK law, the government is probably not going to end up producing what's in the PD anyway, it's just so futile. The debate and contributions of MPs was so lacking, meaningless and trivial in both debates that it just made me despair so that doesn't help either Tbh if it wasn't so vital and if parliament wasn't so inept it'd be a great little conundrum to get your head around. Like playing it as a game to solve it's a real strategic dilemma, so in that respect you have to feel for government trying to find a way through. I don't think I quite understand the Boles amendment but that's a big thing next week. And this from James Kirkup sums up my feelings towards the ultra-Brexiteers but in a kinder way https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/01/brexiteers-are-destroying-their-own-dream/
  12. Kopfkino

    What's in the news?

    I wasn't attacking you if that's what you thought Alf. My issue with Norway+ is that it is not possible in the way people talk, particularly Owen Jones as essentially it being SM and CU. Your citation proves my point. You can't be in a customs union with the EU and be in EFTA. You can't be in two separate free trade areas, it doesn't work. Which is what EFTA says. To alter that, you'd have to alter EFTA, not sure a new member waltzing in and altering it would go well. EEA solves most of the Irish border, you don't need checks if you standards are the same. Then you can use separate customs arrangements like rules of origin to solve the rest. Probably other bits of the customs code would be necessary. Of course there will be difficulties with anything and parliament's current make up is amplifying that, but it'd be useful if the people talking about an option were at least well-informed on it and not misleading. I know that's always a bit much to expect in politics but we've got people putting forward ideas they seemingly have no idea about. Similarly, it still requires a withdrawal agreement, maybe easier with clearer future direction. Freedom of movement is entirely why it's not happened yet. Much of the bubble now criticises May for negotiating with no wriggle on freedom of movement but it's going to be a tough sell to do anything that doesn't restrict FoM.
  13. Kopfkino

    What's in the news?

    There is no such thing as Norway+ ffs, at least not without serious difficulty working it out. You can't be in EFTA and in a customs union with the EU, it's not currently compatible. Maybe it could be worked on, idk. EEA largely solves the Ireland problem anyway so the + isn't really necessary beyond adopting some of the customs code, which I suspect would be what officials would deem the Norway+ to be.
  14. Kopfkino

    What's in the news?

    It's not really a good look to spend the last two days whinging about the lack of cross party talks to then refuse them when you are invited
  15. Kopfkino

    What's in the news?

    Gove on fire