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  1. Quite obviously. There is no ideal way to punish them because either the club loses out competitively or you give them a punishment that is barely punishment(tbh I don’t really think missing a game is much punishment when you can just **** off down the golf course instead) but there has to be a standard set and expectations clearly laid out so even people as dense as this lot can get it into their heads. As Brendan said winners don’t act like that in the first place and winners set standards. The players are fortunate that the team is a bunch of soft touches cos I guarantee players li
  2. Could have gone with a standard 442 with Thomas and Albrighton on the left. Could have gone with a 442 diamond with Mendy or Tavares featuring (although, tbf, it would have made little sense given West Ham’s weakness is on the sides, particularly the left) Anyway, the system we played didn’t keep Iheanacho and Vardy together because Iheanacho ended up playing as a right-side inside forward/wider 10 and Praet vice versa the left. It was crap and no surprise we improved when Albrighton came on and we got that partnership back closer together (and finally had something out wide).
  3. I don’t understand why they needed the coverage on two channels, to take BBC4 off air, and for all their radio stations to alter their programming, that is overkill, although i thought it would be pretty common knowledge that it’s what would happen, this is pre-planned. Just needed to be on BBC1 only though, I don’t have any problem with them having wall-to-wall coverage of it. I vaguely remember the Queen Mother dying but I can’t remember if it was the same, presume it was. But back then there was much fewer alternatives, at least this time you could switch off from it all because o
  4. Well Choudhury is but that’s a reflection of his football ability rather than this incident
  5. He’s better with Soyuncu in the team mainly cos Soyuncu has refined his aggression and Fofana hasn’t, has to cover him too much and that’s much harder when you also have to babysit Amartey
  6. It shouldn’t be his free time. He was meant to be playing football but cos he’s a massive **** he wasn’t. The least you can do when you’ve been a **** and therefore aren’t doing the job you’re paid to do is to sit at home with your head down.
  7. That at least 4 didnt give a toss ahead of today’s game, shows there’s quite obviously a mentality issue.
  8. His best position so far has been inside right and should have played there today, idek what position he was playing today. But he’s hardly played for three months so I’m not surprised by his performance today. And he wouldn’t have played had the bellends not been bellends
  9. Albeit they weren’t in game management mode, the last 30 minutes showed what might have been had we turned up to a play a game of football an hour earlier. They didn’t have to be good, we made it so simple for them to score 3 goals. Might even have been able to salvage something had those ***** not been *****
  10. Nope. Have thought we would be fine all the way through, even when people were getting all worked up after Arsenal. But not at all convinced now. The only thing this team hasn’t bottled is the QF against Man Utd and Brendan is bottler when he’s not playing Sunday League opposition Doesn’t say much for them either when we’ve got 4 players that think themselves above the club
  11. They still represent the football club whether it’s a job or they’re invested as a fan. It’s still not a reason. They are in a high profile position where everything they do is a reflection on the club, they have a responsibility to act in a way that doesn’t act against the club’s interests. But the distinction is also important because it is beyond bizarre that any fan of the football club would find any way to defend players who showed they didn’t give a **** about our most important game to date.
  12. You know you can make the point about not needing to overreact and that this is sufficient punishment for them without making pathetic excuses for them. They represent your football club and have shown the square root of **** all respect for that
  13. They’re not though are they. Just their defence doesn’t part like the Red Sea as soon as we get the ball like ours does.
  14. I’ve been entirely relaxed about making the top 4, thought we had it this year but we’re done for now. These last one and a half performances have been a feeble disgrace, and given these players have shown their piss weak mentality it’s not happening. Today they look like they’ve ambled up to the local park for hungover kickabout
  15. Complete and utter willy pullers. Let anybody connected to the football club down massively. Wouldnt have them in the squad next week either
  16. Nowhere near it, tactically clueless. Seen West Ham and Man Utd give them something to think about in recent weeks and we just roll over and let them tickle our bellies.
  17. ****ing dogshit no matter who you’re playing. Pathetic and spineless
  18. Let's be clear on the difference given the original tweets are a disingenuous misrepresentation (she's either a few bob short of a pound or has no intention of accuracy). MP's expenses have to be approved by an independent body and have limits. These are not her own expenses, but Home Office expenditure, i.e anyone that works for the Home Office and is able to expense (which I'm sure includes the SoS). Now why people at the Home Office are spending 5k at Primark, or 1k at a garden centre is anybody's guess
  19. I guess it depends on the level of supply and when it actually turns up, but if it’s next month then, being as that could only be used for first jabs, why do first jabs need to stop? Must be turning up late in the month or be small numbers.
  20. How do you properly define and measure intelligence? And what constitutes a ‘good’ moral compass? If there is any evidence either way, it will a good example of being ‘flawed’ by being WEIRD-centric
  21. I don’t think it’s worth it really, best place for them is in the ground. It’ll protect them from summer pests sure but if you don’t store them well then you’ll lose some and the most likely problem is them getting too wet which is a winter problem when they need to be in the ground to flower in the coming spring. Only dig them up when you’ve got too many in an area imo. Idk about acer’s specifically and what soils they like/if they like rubble, but, in general, plants will tolerate hacking away at the root ball well. As long as you haven’t hacked away the main roots and haven’t g
  22. Is there any info on when the Moderna one is turning up and when any of the others like J&J will be ready to go?
  23. Unlikely, I’m pretty sure daffodils are a bulb squirrels won’t eat unlike crocuses or tulips. For them to not come up at all, it suggests they’ve got too wet and rotted or been attacked by disease/pest.
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