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  1. 13 minutes ago, Ric Flair said:

    Haha £10m, why would they sell?

    I'd fully expect it to be rejected tbf, but might ruffle a few feathers. 


    I can't fathom why they sold Mooy either, and West Ham selling Diangana shows good value can be had even on younger players. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Sunbury Fox said:

    Surely we need to field our best players in their strongest position, rather than using them to fill gaps elsewhere. It's the same as the debate about moving Ric to the wing.

    I just feel like so many attacks break down when Ndidi has the ball. 


    He's outstanding at breaking down opposition attacks, mind. There was quite a few occasions last season where he'd win the ball only to give it straight back to the opposition. 

  3. Aaron Connolly from Brighton would be an ideal striker for us, wouldn't expect to start every week and I'd argue has the most similar play style to Vardy in the prem. Of course not as good but still young at 20/21 (I think?)


    I'd chuck in a £10m bid. 

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  4. Just now, AKCJ said:

    He isn't. Not by a long way.

    I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised. 


    Having said that, I didn't particularly rate Chilwell, so maybe we just have different views on what a 'good' full back is. 

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  5. Just now, AKCJ said:



    It's just going to be another signing that doesn't improve us and we'll either be selling for a loss or be lumbered with.


    If you consistently sign players that don't improve the starting 11 then you won't improve.

    Castagne is better than Chilwell though? 

  6. 1 hour ago, manders86 said:

    I'm a little surprised we haven't had a loan for Tomori thrown into this deal. He would be great for us.

    No thanks, he's shocking. A lot of pace but he's far too erratic and positionally not great. 

  7. I love this club but I'm not paying £70, shocking from the club. Season ticket holder for 20 years. I'm becoming very disillusioned with football and in fact the whole world right now, feels like one blow after another. 


    Our owners are brilliant but they've handled this terribly. I've got a sneaky feeling the club will change its policy on this tomorrow anyway. 

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  8. 4 minutes ago, UniFox21 said:

    Lets be honest, we got extremely lucky with Soyuncu.

    I don't think we got 'extremely' lucky at all, the club scouted and signed him for a reason, the coaching staff believed he could step up and he did so admirably. 


    There's an element of the unknown, luck or whatever with every decision/transfer, we fell the right side of the Soyuncu decision but this was a player we already had on our books a year prior, so we had a good idea of what we'd be getting. 

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Webbo said:

    What if we get to November and it becomes apparent that Thomas isn't up to the required level yet? That's a massive risk to take with our season. 

    Worked with Soyuncu. I'd rather just splooge the money on a quality right winger than buy a Chilly replacement. 


    It's a risk definitely, but one I'd be tempted to take. 

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