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  1. Just now, Sly said:

    He’s the closest in style I can think of actually. I’m not sure they’d settle for £15,000,000 though.

    I think his contract runs out next Summer so could potentially get him at a cut price. Just read that Newcastle have a 30% sell on clause though so they'd probably be asking for more if that's the case. Either way I'd try and get it done if possible! 

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  2. I'd be tempted to bring in Adam Armstrong this month, would cost circa £15m I'd say. 


    I remember watching him a few years back play for Coventry and thinking his style was very similar to JV. Seems to have come on quiet a bit since then, reckon he'd take to the prem really well, similar to how Watkins has done for Villa. 


    We all love a foreign name from a fancy league don't we? Myself included, but I think there's a lot to be said for buying lower league players and developing them further, similar to James Justin. 

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  3. Really struggling at the minute... Apologies in advance for the long post. 


    I was made redundant in April last year due to COVID, before I could start worrying about finding another job, my Uncle, who is a transport manager for a big company, managed to get me a job working for him, with a decent salary increase thrown in as well. Everything looked rosy. 


    Not long after starting this job I quickly realised the culture at this place was very much 'live to work' with long hours, no breaks, stress levels through the roof etc. Thing is I could do the job pretty well, in fact I was told I'd been the quickest at picking the job up in over 20 years! Which was nice to hear.


    Fast forward to July last year and I'm sitting at home before logging on, and I'm crying, which isn't normal right? Straight after finishing that day I applied for 2 jobs, and managed to get both of them after interviewing. 


    I finally managed to pluck up the courage to tell my Uncle (who I feel has done me a huge favour in getting me the job) that I wasn't enjoying the role and I'd been offered a couple of positions at other places. I think he took it as a bit of a kick in the teeth after all he'd done for me tbh. 


    Anyway, a couple of days later he calls to say he's found a temporary job at the same place of work which will be more suited to my skills, and then once the temp job is done there will be a new job open up within the business that he had already earmarked me for anyway, which again was more suited to my skills. 


    A couple of months pass and I've finished this temporary role, I was really grateful of that time and it was nice to be able to work damn hard, but by the time 5pm came I could 'switch off', which is a big thing for me. Turned out this new role I was promised had been put back indefinitely and I had to go back to the old role, which I hated. 


    So I've been back in that role since the end of October, again all feedback I'm getting is great and I feel I'm good at the job... But my anxiety is spiralling out of control. I didn't feel like I saw my young daughter half as much as I should have done over Christmas due to the long hours I was working, and when I did see her I wasn't in the best of moods, which as much as I wanted to snap out of, I just couldn't. 


    So here I am, majorly depressed and anxious, both things I've had before (I went to my GP a couple of years ago who said I was severely depressed) but I've always just got on with it in hope better days are on their way. Trouble is, this time I can't see a way out, I just feel trapped in this job as I don't want to let my Uncle, or my colleagues down and obviously I'm trapped indoors due to the lockdown. 


    I've took a weeks holiday this week, but all I've been doing is constantly dreading going back next Monday. I want to go see my GP and get signed off, but I've never done this and I'm scared of how my work are going to react, and also my Uncle who has done SO much for me. 


    My partner tries to understand but everytime I try and talk about quitting, or leaving my job she worries about money, which I understand completely... I'm just stuck in a shit situation it seems. 

  4. Just now, Nick said:

    Very quick - not sure about his technical ability - Lloyd Dyer on acid?

    Valid concern however I think we have enough 'technicians' in the squad, more pace in the forward areas is defintiely needed IMO. Let's not forget Vardy was technically not the best when we first signed him, his first touch was atrocious! Plus, Sarr is only 22 so plenty of time to improve. 


    One of his finishes against Liverpool last year was sublime, I can't dig it out as on my phone at work but there's a potentially world class player there I reckon. 

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  5. Wouldn't be against us going 4-4-2 for Sheff Utd.


    GK. Kasper


    RB. Castagne

    CB. Fofana

    CB. Evans

    LB. Justin


    RM. Under

    CM. Tielemans

    CM. Mendy

    LM. Barnes


    ST. Iheanacho

    ST. Vardy


    The starting 11 last night desperately lacked goals, it was far too reliant on Vardy to make the difference. We clearly need more bodies in and around him. Always thought Iheanacho and Vardy had much better link up than Maddison / Vardy, and he gives us more of a goal threat. 

  6. 13 minutes ago, Ric Flair said:

    Haha £10m, why would they sell?

    I'd fully expect it to be rejected tbf, but might ruffle a few feathers. 


    I can't fathom why they sold Mooy either, and West Ham selling Diangana shows good value can be had even on younger players. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Sunbury Fox said:

    Surely we need to field our best players in their strongest position, rather than using them to fill gaps elsewhere. It's the same as the debate about moving Ric to the wing.

    I just feel like so many attacks break down when Ndidi has the ball. 


    He's outstanding at breaking down opposition attacks, mind. There was quite a few occasions last season where he'd win the ball only to give it straight back to the opposition. 

  8. Aaron Connolly from Brighton would be an ideal striker for us, wouldn't expect to start every week and I'd argue has the most similar play style to Vardy in the prem. Of course not as good but still young at 20/21 (I think?)


    I'd chuck in a £10m bid. 

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