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  1. I'm not sure if it has been covered but what happens to the TV money if the season cant be completed? SKY and BT Sport pay for a certain number of games, if they are not provided with those games then the PL are in breach of contract. Surely they wouldnt need to pay for this season.....
  2. I dread to think of the damage this is going to do further down the leagues... ALOT of clubs rely on gate receipts week to week. With no TV money to fall back on, some clubs could be in serious financial trouble.
  3. What's easy about either of those? If the season is void then the league breaches contracts with TV companies worth billions of pounds. Teams get screwed out of promotion and harshly relegated costing them hundreds of millions of pounds. If its pushed back..... whennis it pushed back to? It cant be rescheduled as we dont know what's going to happen with this virus. It will mean rescheduling the start of their season, it will interfere with players contracts..... Nothing about it is simple.
  4. But being overly cautious is still better than doing nothing other than washing our hands and singing happy birthday....
  5. And what makes our nations top scientists any better than many other nations top scientists who have a different view?
  6. Same with the Old firm game. Apparently it's ok for 60,000 people to cram into a football stadium on Sunday but as of monday, no gatherings of over 500 people.
  7. The vast majority of folk who have had it experience mild symptoms and recover within two weeks. However, if everyone was to get it at the same time, it would not only reek havoc amongst our countries infrastructure but cripple the NHS and increase the chances of people who ARE a high risk priority to not get the medical attention they would need. Self isolation is not about stopping it but slowing the spread. Most of us will get it and most of us will be fine but if we all soldier on like you so naively suggest then we all get it at the same time and the fatality rate goes through the roof. The worring thing about your statement isn't your ignorance or lack of empathy but the simple fact that you seem to think you are speaking common sense.
  8. Most of us will get it, the government know this. What's important is that A, we dont all get it at the same time and B, we protect our vulnerable as they are more at risk for this being fatal.
  9. That's EXACYLY what they are doing. NOTHING will happen until its confirmed someone has it.
  10. You are probably right but I honestly can not wrap my head around how they are going to do this without totally screwing some teams over....
  11. Well it's either that or get all the managers together in an over the top rope royal rumble to determine the final league table.
  12. If the season was scrapped then I vote a 5 a side tournament involving all clubs playing their remaining games on the same day. Half hour games and be done with it.
  13. Surely that's what we done this year? I might be wrong but as far as I can see, our net spend on players this year was 15m or something along those lines, which is nothing in today's game. As for wages, I couldn't say but certainly in terms of spending, we have been very prudent this season.
  14. If we did go two up top, I would much rather see Kelechi start with Vardy. He deserves a run in the team but like others have said, I dont see us going two up top.
  15. At the start of the season, I wanted 7th place and a decent cup run so we are certainly over achieving my ambitions back then but there is no getting away from it, from the position that we were in just before christmas, with a 10 point lead on 4th and a 14 point lead on 5th, our current form and where we find ourselves is disappointing. Not to mention going out in the semis to villa.
  16. Nacho is playing like a target man right now. We are hitting him with long balls, hes trapping it and protecting it bit if there is no one willing to get within a few yards of him then it doesn't make a differance.
  17. Gotta love it, Chillwell gets pelted on here (sometimes deserved) but when bottom of the tables Norwich' left back scores and Ricardo isn't within a fuchin mile of him, no one says a god damned thing.
  18. You're probably right but it's a sad reality to face that money comes before the enjoyment of the fans.
  19. It's the current rules that muddy VAR up. There is so many different interpretations of the rules that bring inconsistency and until they are sorted, VAR doesn't have a chance. There are 3 issues I would address for next year, which I feel have been the biggest problem with VAR this year. 1. Handball. We've certainly been on the wrong side of this. The current problem with handball is it is a very subjective rule. Ball to hand, the distance between players when the ball was struck, intentional or not, hand being in a natural position...etc. There is absolutely no chance of referees or video referees making consistent decisions with so many variations.... Thos year, the rules were simplified in a sence where, if the ball hits an attacking hand in the run up to a goal, its chalked off, why stop there? Simplify it even more, if the ball hits a hand, it's a foul regardless of circumstance. Ball to hand? Doesn't matter, foul. Unintentional? Doesn't matter, foul. This is something that VAR can uphold and although it would be harsh, it would be harsh for everyone equally. 2. Offsides You are not going to get away from the fact that some offsides are going to be by very tight margins and seem harsh but right now, it seems even more so by the fact that a perfectly timed run can be ruined by your nipple being offside. Draw the line from the feet. If your toe nail is offside, you are offside. If your feet are on bit your boaby is off, you're onside. It makes it very clear. 3. Clear and obvious? All the "clear and obvious" ruling with VAR does is raise questions as to when and where it should be applied. Again, it creates inconsistency. Bin it. If the ref makes an error, VAR corrects it, obvious or not. Again it makes it fair for all clubs involved.
  20. There should be 3 main European competitions.... Champions cup. Old school format, all the winners of the European leagues are drew out a not (no seeding) in a two legged knock out. Cup winners cup. Same lay out to the champions cup with all the FA cup winners from each league. Euro league. Basically your standard champions league format with the league cup winners and your 2nd, 3rd placed teams. Essentially your money making completion that's going to have the greater amount of "big teams" in it.
  21. Only saw him the couple of times he's played since moving to Rangers and whilst there is no doubting that he is capable of some magic, he disappears alot during game. Whether that's just due to him being young and the consistency comes later, I would much rather have him as a long term target.
  22. Good news. Not only does he provide decent cover when called upon and offer a good experienced head that doesn't seem to expect first team football week in week out but it means it's one less position yo worry about in the summer and being a cheap option frees upbfunds to be used elsewhere.
  23. Who was signed for nearly £30m and gets almost 100k a week......
  24. The problem with referring decisions I'd consistency. It is all over the place and it's not down to the referee OR VAR, it's the rules themselves. There are so many ways that hand ball and offside can be interpreted that makes consistency impossible. The rules need refreshed to make VAR relevant. Right now, if the ball hits an attacking hand in the lead up to a goal, its immediately chalked off. This is clear cut. It is easy to uphold so why not do it the other way? If it hits a hand, it's a foul. No ball to hand, no natural position. Clear cut and easy to uphold.
  25. He wasn't protecting his face though as he had already moved out of the way. If he just stood head on, yes protect your face but he moved out the way the put his hands were his face was....Handball.
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