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  1. Only saw him the couple of times he's played since moving to Rangers and whilst there is no doubting that he is capable of some magic, he disappears alot during game. Whether that's just due to him being young and the consistency comes later, I would much rather have him as a long term target.
  2. Good news. Not only does he provide decent cover when called upon and offer a good experienced head that doesn't seem to expect first team football week in week out but it means it's one less position yo worry about in the summer and being a cheap option frees upbfunds to be used elsewhere.
  3. Who was signed for nearly £30m and gets almost 100k a week......
  4. The problem with referring decisions I'd consistency. It is all over the place and it's not down to the referee OR VAR, it's the rules themselves. There are so many ways that hand ball and offside can be interpreted that makes consistency impossible. The rules need refreshed to make VAR relevant. Right now, if the ball hits an attacking hand in the lead up to a goal, its immediately chalked off. This is clear cut. It is easy to uphold so why not do it the other way? If it hits a hand, it's a foul. No ball to hand, no natural position. Clear cut and easy to uphold.
  5. He wasn't protecting his face though as he had already moved out of the way. If he just stood head on, yes protect your face but he moved out the way the put his hands were his face was....Handball.
  6. Pickford all day long. Trippier. Diego Costa. Delle Alli Alfredo Morelos and a honorable mention to Jack Graelish who I would possibly overlook my irrational dislike for to see him in a Leicester shirt.
  7. It's difficult to see past 5 at the back for this game given what happened at the Etihad. Kasp Evan's Bennett Soyuncu Ricardo Chillwell Tielemans Ndidi Maddison Nacho vardy
  8. A three man midfield in Teilemans, Maddison and Ndidi with Praet, Llalana and Hamza as cover..... Sounds decent enough to me.
  9. So, who would you like to see us sign that would see Maddison or Tielemans dropped to the bench for?
  10. So, who would you like to see us sign that would see Maddison or Tielemans dropped to the bench for?
  11. I have no doubt that it goes on but in top level english football? I just don't see it. I sometimes think the exact opposite. Sometimes I dont think fans consider that almost all referees do their job for ( a decent wages, yes but) a genuine love for the game. They love football just as much as we do, no chance would they do that job if they didn't.
  12. I've always thought that the MLS had a decent system with spending in terms of wages. Of their 30 man squad, something like 25 of them have to fit into a league wide salary cap of a certain amount. The other 5 players in each team are free to be paid whatever the club wants.....
  13. That statement could have been used for Maguire before he went too to be honest. Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd could all use a LB and if they think they could get England's starter, they will bite
  14. It's his hip that worries me most. It was reoccurring at Celtic and he played quite a bit with it. Doesn't seem to get a full season in for whatever reason and is a constant sick note for the national team.
  15. A stranger that's saw more than enough of both players to have an informed opinion on the matter as opposed to yours that is more than likely based on having saw Tierney once or twice.
  16. A fully fit KT is most definately NOT a downgrade on Ben Chilwell. I promise you that. Ofcourse the main issue is Kieran Tierney is never fully fit these days.
  17. Ability wise there is no doubt I would take him but I'm getting increasingly worried about his injury record. I could easily see him being one of these players that retires before their prime because his body can't keep up with his talent.
  18. To be fair, I'm from the west coast of Scotland and I've been a Leicester fan since the age of 13. The most common reasons for supporting a team are through location and family ties, sure. I was brought io a Rangers fan. All my family supported them and all were season ticket holder. I was attending games before I could walk. They were my team. Leicester were my "English team" because I was taken to games whilst visiting family in the City every year but as I grew older, I started realising what being a Rangers fan meant. I sang the songs that the adults in the next seat to me sang, I wore the cool looking orange and purple ulster scarves. It wasn't until I got older that I realised what I was singing and what I was wearing, i still supported Rangers for a few years afterwards but i eventually decided that that I didnt want to be associated with a team and fanbase like that so Leicester went from being my second team to my only team. My point is, there are many different reasons for being a fan of a particular team. Sure, I may only get to one or two games a season most years but that's only because attending a game for me is hundreds of pounds. We should accept all fans and not "reserve sarcasm" for any of them. That's how we grow as a club.
  19. I hope West Ham go down. I've never new a set of fans to be so quick to turn on their team. Their home games turn very quickly into away games if the start slow.
  20. The main problem with VAR is the rules don't compliment it. One of the main issues with VAR this year has been offside but currently the rules say that if any part of your body that can be used to score a goal is offside (even marginally) then your offside but people blame VAR when it picks up on someone's pubes being offside. Hand balls too. There are so many different rules that can be interpreted in different ways. Ball to hand, unintentional, hand not in a natural position etc. There is always going to be inconsistencies when there are so many variations of the rules. Another issue is the term "clear and obvious". All that phrase does is put into question when VAR can be used and when it can't. It just confuses the situation. Why does it have to be clear and obvious? If VAR picks up on something the ref got wrong then correct it. Simple, don't over complicate it. The rules need to be amended for the use of VAR in order for it to work efficiently. To be honest, they should have been simplified a long time ago to install some consistency into referee performances.
  21. Who would have thought at the start of the season that most people on here (myself included) would be disappointed that Ihneacho wasn't starting against Chelsea?
  22. Just out of curiosity, who in your opinion what players currently in the EPL are top 6 level wingers?
  23. Looks like a week off from this site for me. Poor performance and bad result but some of you are acting like Craig Levein has just rolled up with Mo Sylla in the front seat, De Vries and Rab Douglas in the back with Sol Bamba in the boot.
  24. Some really poor performances tonight. Chilwell was poor. Perez was non existent. Maddison was frustrated. Tielemans was dreadful. All credit to villa though, they defended brilliantly and got what they came for, the tie is still alive.
  25. My first thought was Chilwell on the wing but a back 3 makes sense too. Either way, it's a good line up. I'm pretty sure Newcastle play a back 3 so 2 strikers is the only real option but I 5hink this is good for Ian. His confidence is coming back and i think he will respond well to a run in the team.
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