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  1. I'm honestly shocked. Fair enough resting a few players but this is drastic. Rodgers is clearly smoking crack this christmas.
  2. The reaction on here to these clowns is worse than what they actually did. There is absolutely NO place for this in football. It's not "banter" and the whataboutery going on like "but but liverpool fans do it" is absolutely laughable. I was taken to my first Leicester game when I was about 13/14. Up until that point I was a born and bread Rangers fan (I'm from the west coast of Scotand) and I continued with rangers as my first team and Leicester my second for a few years afterwards but the thing that drew me more towards Leicester as I got older was that it was generally all about football. It wasnt about religion or politics and that d!ckhead element in their fans was far less. I made the call to cut all ties with rangers when I was about 20 because they as a fanbase and club were something i didnt want to be associated with. I'm proud to be a Leicester fan, please dont excuse this sort of sh!te, that's what they do in glasgow.
  3. Or maybe some folk just got too far ahead of THEMSELVES. Start of the season, most folk were talking about top 6. 10/15 good games and those same people are talking about us being title contenders, lose two games and we are mid table? It's hilarious.
  4. Bad result and embarrassing performance but do you know what's even worse? The reaction by some of our members on the match thread. "We nee to rebuild in january" " this squad needs serious investment" "Will be lucky yo finish 8th" We're Leicester fuching city, 10 points clear of 5th half way through the season on a two game losing spell from a pair of the best teams in europe. Some of you need to wind your fuching necks in.
  5. We look very sluggish and slow today.
  6. Absolutely delighted. Hopefully that means no more buy out clause!
  7. We need to reject all offers for him. I think that's what Brendan has always wanted. His ego wants to know that the club want/need him. Isn't that why he went to Reading? Because Watford were quick on accepting the compo? I'm sure it played it's part in him leaving Celtic too, he wants a club to fight for him. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about this though....
  8. As a Scotsman, I'm both buzzing at the prospect of two home games and a trip to Wembley and gutted knowing we are probably not going to qualify.
  9. As a Scotsman, I have two feelings on this. Buzzing if we make it there and gutted knowing we are probably not going to. Teo home games and a trip to Wembley to face England would be outstanding.
  10. Liverpoil have an easier run than us in the next 5 games so I dont imagine the gap will be any fewer than 8 points by the time we play them.
  11. Rather nervous about this game. Ofcourse, we've looked good this year but so have Palace. Very well drilled and good on the counter, you can never discount that bam Zaha from a dive either. Hopefully I'm wrong but I see a draw here.
  12. Is the semi's a draw as well or are we now in brackets?
  13. My team would be.... Kasper Justin Benkovic Soyuncu Chilwell Praet Choudhury Maddison Albrighton Perez Barnes
  14. It's definitely the one are that we could go and improve. I quite like Perez. I like how he holds the ball up and his link up play. I like his work rate but he's clearly not a winger. Certainly not one at the level we should be playing at. For me, he should he back up to Vardy. Yes, it's an expensive replacement but that's what I see him as. One thing that's worked out well for us is that our net spend is still pretty low for this season so if we are still in the top 4 come january and a top quality winger becomes available, there is no reason we shouldn't be all over it. I agree with others here though that Fraser should be a definite target. Relatively cheap given his contract and would 100% improve us. Him on the left and move Barnes only the right and I feel we could see out this season in the top 6 if not the top 4.
  15. Kasper Justin Evan's Soyuncu Chilly Ndidi Tielemans Maddison Ricardo Albighton Vardy Their full backs are a serious issue. They are the reason that their front three have so much space. Playing more defensive minded wingers would nullify that and also allow for a more creative midfield of Maddison AND Youri. Just a thought.
  16. Every single game this season has been the same. Starts Maddison wide, wonders why we are playing poorly, puts Maddison central and we play better..... Now, I know this is radical and a bit out there but.... What if.... We start Maddison central? Ya know.... in his actual position?
  17. World class striker? No. World class finisher? Yes.
  18. Yeah, any time I've saw him, he looked almost bored. Never seems to panic and I think that's down to not being caught out of position too often. We have a huge luxury in that we dont need to heap pressure on him to be first team ready whilst Evan's is fit as he's still (probably) first defender on the team sheet but slowly introducing Big Ben in his place makes sense long term.
  19. He definitely still looks like he's got the odd howler of a mistake in him but over all, I feel rather silly worrying about whether or not he would be able to take the step up. It would be topped off nicely if, over the course of the season Benkovic steps up and forces Evans out the team with good performances.
  20. The difference between the two halfs was insane. The worst part about it is I'm not really sure what changed.... Tactically we seemed to be set out the same in both 45's. Has to be said, I feel silly for doubting big Soyuncu.
  21. This is the worst I've saw Wilf play. He's been awful.
  22. That had nothing to do with VAR and EVERYTHING to do with the new handball rule that says any handball, accidental or not in the lead up to a goal see's it ruled out. VAR just reinforces the rules.
  23. Where we will finish? 7th Top goalscorer? Vardy (21) Player of the season? Tielemans Young player of the season? Maddison How well will we do in the Cups? Semi final of both. Surprise of the season? Nacho (11) Game you are most looking forward to? UTD at home Premier League Top 7 Man city, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Utd, Chelsea, Leicester Cup Winners FA, Liverpool, League, Wolves Relegation from PL Norwich, Newcastle, Sheff Promotion from Championship Leeds, Boro, WBA Winners of CL Real Madrid
  24. Ok guys, now that's that done with, let's agree to meet back on the Tielemans thread exactly a year from now to share screen shots of the D!ckheads over on the Red Cafě as they balk at our £100m price tag for young player of the years, youri Tilemans.
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