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  1. Part one complete. Now just add, Tielemans, McGregor, Bowen and Adam's and we are good to go!
  2. This feels like one of those low key signings that turn out to be a great piece of business.. And I say that having saw next to nothing of him. He just meets all the criteria of a good addition.
  3. As long as they make it to the final qualifying round, they will be playing on the Thursday.
  4. Not sure if it's already been posted but a few rule changes for next season. https://www.goal.com/en/news/football-rule-changes-what-are-the-new-additions-to-2019-20/1nt8llqwfqkje1qe1qbwdct06a
  5. You're talking like our defensive record is particularly bad. The top 4 have all conceded significantly less than us but apart from that..... Wolves and Everton have let in 2 fewer and that's it.
  6. So there are five players you'd swap then? I excluded the top two because it's fairly obvious.
  7. You've maybe got a point with the rest but I'd argue Azpilicueta all day long. I wouldn't swap Ricardo for him. Not when you consider, the season they both have had, age, potential.... Nah, it would be Ricky for me all day. I've never been a huge fan of Luiz either to be fair. In a team like ours who dont always rely on possession, I think hes a bit too scatty.
  8. Just something I was thinking about earlier when I should have been working. Outside of Liverpool and Man City, are there any defenders in the PL that you would do a direct swap with, in return for one of our back four (I.E Chilwell, Maguire, Evan's and Ricardo)? In my opinion, there is definitely no one within Utd or Arsenal. Off the top of my head, I can't think of anyone at Chelsea. Spurs, yeah I'd probably swap Evans for big Toby but apart from that.... no one obvious jumps to mind. After thinking about it it made up my mind that we should do all we can to keep Maguire. Previously I was indecent as long as we got a good price for him but now, I'd like him to stay because I think that back line has the potential to be one of the best in the league, especially with an in form Ndidi protecting them.
  9. Can't really fault the logic behind it. Good business.
  10. Excellent win. That game played out like WE were the team playing for top 4 and THEY were the team playing for 7th. Absolutely battered them all game and if not for Leno, it would have been an embarrassment.
  11. Thanks. Hope everything is ok. Some things are bigger than football but nothings bigger than family.
  12. What happened? The boys birthday today so I've missed pretty much everything.
  13. The blue and black are atrocious but I really like the pink. Outrageous colour and dubious use of the Germany design. Sign me up.
  14. Unless a decent offer came in, I'd keep Mendy and Nacho. Otherwise, I agree with you completely.
  15. I agree, Tielemans and a RW are the last two pieces of the starting 11 but i think the squad itself is where the work is needed. We NEED another Striker, desperately. Cover for LB. Another creative CM as cover for Tielemans. Add those 3 onto the RW'er and Tielemans and we have some squad. Then we need to focus on getting rid of some of the dead wood.
  16. Imagine the absolute MELTDOWN if he went to Chelsea in the summer.
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