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  1. Just in and on a side note, Perez’s Range Rover is on his drive. Hope he’s not home having a party 🎉
  2. Walked the dog past Perez’s house half hour ago and his Range Rover is not there. Guessing he’s out shopping 🛍 😀. Wasn’t there yesterday afternoon either. So probably parked up at Seagrave.
  3. Looks good, but is she any good at stroking the balls? Needs a soft touch sometimes.
  4. Never seen that before but I think that’s top class, would love it.
  5. Is there any deals to add BT Sport to current Sky Sports package?
  6. Heading to the ground, a quick beer and in to watch the City. COME ON LEICESTER! (I wish)
  7. Gave this a day, am I missing something? Why would Ben Shephard be running to the Chase? She is lovely but I think Bradley Walsh would be a bit pissed
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