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  1. Makes a lot more sense, but don't think anyone knows yet.
  2. Well said Mr Larsson, someone with some real football brains. Lets hope the people in charge of our club have the same common sense.
  3. How much will the Owl be up for this? Come on Jamie, carry us over the line.
  4. Boo Hiss , you are being to clever. Can't believe Trav the blue hasn't been on to give you a merit.
  5. When do we find out what who is showing our game against Man Utd? Just I don't have BT, so that would be a bummer if they have it.
  6. Thought that was the most ironic, he can't play. ( Maybe I watched to much Blackadder as a youth) Maybe I should have put a happy face? Maybe posting something silly and ironic has been lost.
  7. Think Ryan Fraser will have a blinder tomorrow!
  8. Sure Bielsa would pay Sure Bielsa would pay a few pounds to sit and watch us train.
  9. Barnes for Perez if we are staying this system, Bennett not doing anything, prob not his fault but just a waste of a player. Change the formation?
  10. I hate Alan Smith being a common potato when we play the arse
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