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  1. WarehamFox

    Formula One 2019

    Won't look as good with the yellow walled tyres.
  2. WarehamFox

    If 2018/19 was a gif

    Should it be "KEEP CALM CLAUDE HAS A PLAN"
  3. WarehamFox

    Tottenham (Away) 10th February 2019

    Heard Ricardo is the best keeper at the club, surprised you have Kasper there! Otherwise I’d go with that.
  4. Pochettino thinks Spurs are a victim of their own success, what success? What success? Ha ha He's turning into Jose Moanieo
  5. WarehamFox

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    Went past today, first time in a long time. Looks very busy, JCB/earth movers a plenty, I counted six but probably more.
  6. WarehamFox

    Leonardo Jardim

    Thierry Henry next? Only PSG in the way.
  7. WarehamFox

    We have to talk about corners!

    And the great Huth!
  8. WarehamFox

    We have to talk about corners!

    And never scoring!
  9. We seem to concede from them (zonal marking?) but cant score from them, how many do we need? It's becoming a joke. What do they do on the training ground? Great game shame about the result.
  10. WarehamFox

    2019 Deathlist

    Sad when you think someone is already dead and then they die.
  11. WarehamFox

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    More of a joke than a picture but anyway.
  12. WarehamFox

    Matt Piper

    Good man say's at it is!
  13. WarehamFox

    Could a former player do the job?

    Gary Rowett is free!
  14. WarehamFox

    Season over!

    No, but we are safe and only one cup to play for! Not hard is it?
  15. WarehamFox

    Season over!

    Nothing to win! Will still go to the games and hope for sixth! Again sorry, I feel we have missed an opportunity cause of awful team selection. Vardy will never play in a cup final!