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  1. He's the baby faced assassin! Can't believe he is younger than me!
  2. Bloody hell how good is your hearing?
  3. All Glen Hoddle could say is, he has to be closer to one of spurs midfielders.
  4. He once smashed a ball at my brother during a warm-up in front of the kop, brother put his hands up to save himself and burst his packet of crisp, Parker turns to him and points his finger at Scott Taylor to blame him. Good memories. There is a story on the Mercury on line about his daughter's appeal for help to raise funds for life changing surgery.
  5. Never watch games that don't involve City, but today I've watched two and the quality of the Rangers/Celtic compared to this Arse/Spurs game is unreal! Think 2-2 would be good for us.
  6. Vardy plays like that in the next game Harry will be in trouble.
  7. Great team performance, but can anyone explain what happened to the new rule where if you are being subbed you go off at the nearest point of the pitch you are. Today all six subbed players walked off at the halfway line near the benches.
  8. Only seats left for the Bournemouth game, what do you get for such a pricey ticket? Serious answers only please
  9. Well said, thank you big man or little man.
  10. People spelling Denis wrong! Annoying 😡
  11. We are in the "who can break the top 4 section"
  12. Why has he never had a testimonial? Sure he would give the profits to charity. Seems like a good lad, but not good enough for the Prem. Thanks Andy
  13. Sky Sports are doing a feature on the best kits in the Premier League on their website, City are currently second behind Arsenal.
  14. Drilling outside the main entrance today, some expansion this is going to be.
  15. Not sure all this drilling is to do with the expansion, they are now drilling behind the family stand. I hope it is and it's gonna be a mega expansion involving more than one stand.
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