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  1. Am I in a Chilwell thread or Mardyezz thread?
  2. Was about to ask the same thing. One relegation and three titles?
  3. Golden duck is when you are bowled first ball, Ackerman only managed a normal coloured duck.
  4. If getting a striker from Scotland I'd take a gamble on Timothy Weah, not sure how much PSG would want. But if Morelos is 20 million than that's not worth a gamble.
  5. Why no option of lifting the Premiership Trophy?
  6. Scored again today, price going up?
  7. Swap him for King and James maybe?
  8. Look's like he could be the next thing! Please
  9. Thought first half N'Didi played like his old self, broke up so many of their attacks. If we can keep this squad together who knows? Barnes looked great, shame Gray had another poor game. But mostly positives today.
  10. Aston Villa midfielder, being reported in the Birmingham Mail. Can’t say I know much about him.
  11. Going with 10 men? That should confuse them
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