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  1. Went past today, is the height of that indoor pitch higher than the highest point of the King Power? Very impressive from the A46!
  2. Dennis Praet was man of the match for me. Great result and move on to Tuesday. Villa have more fresh players than us.
  3. Excellent post, couldn’t have put it better! And I know. 👍
  4. Taken tonight on Beatrice Road in Leicester. It’s not funny but how stupid some people can be.
  5. Will be walking as I did last year, hope the rain holds off this year!
  6. I am of an age and I would watch Emmerdale cause of her (sad I know), very sad. When life is so bad, only few will get this but a few words from her when she felt trapped in a cage because of her illness. "If only you could find the door and step out to freedom and life as it was before. If only you could wake from the nightmare, dawn breaks and you realise that it was all just a bad dream. And life is wonderfully normal again. Yes only."
  7. He's the baby faced assassin! Can't believe he is younger than me!
  8. Bloody hell how good is your hearing?
  9. All Glen Hoddle could say is, he has to be closer to one of spurs midfielders.
  10. He once smashed a ball at my brother during a warm-up in front of the kop, brother put his hands up to save himself and burst his packet of crisp, Parker turns to him and points his finger at Scott Taylor to blame him. Good memories. There is a story on the Mercury on line about his daughter's appeal for help to raise funds for life changing surgery.
  11. Never watch games that don't involve City, but today I've watched two and the quality of the Rangers/Celtic compared to this Arse/Spurs game is unreal! Think 2-2 would be good for us.
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