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  1. Oh the joy for a couple of minutes. Fake tw*ts.
  2. Someone on Bentleys saying John Percy reporting that he's signed subject to a medical! Please be true
  3. This is easy, Casablanca or It's a Wonderful Life, sorry it's not that easy. Two best films ever. Forgot Dumb and Dumber! Oh!
  4. That is actually Martin Johnson and his brother.
  5. Went past today on way back from Snotingham. Big crane on site so building work must be starting. Only eleven months till completion. 👏
  6. See the new training gear has been released, I like the grey tracksuit top. Better than last years, they have toned down the massive King Power logos on them.
  7. That's brilliant, maybe lots of new fans. Get working on the plans for the stadium increase.
  8. Also did celebrity Googlebox together, can't remember the third person on the sofa, but they must get on really well. Stays fit he is well worth a contract, Vardy and Sturridge would be amazing. Shoot me down.
  9. Also for anyone that's been down do they have new training gear released today? Might take a stroll down if they do.
  10. Agree we can do better than both those guys but who is this Grey fellow?
  11. Isn’t one of their other centre backs already signed for someone else? Also the possibility of him staying on loan for another season, so could possibly start. Might have a bit of a watch if he does start.
  12. No wonder I have never heard of him, looks a talent though
  13. Soz, never heard of him and I play Footie Manager! Maybe I should be a scout.
  14. Watching the Celtic game as Benkovic has started, but I like the look of the young Dembele. Looks like Gary Coleman but plays like a young Messi! Sure Rodgers will know. Oh and young Johnson looks a prospect!
  15. How did it go? Stuck here in Gran Canaria, hard life I know. Hope Simo and Shinz got a good send off, glad they got a few minutes in the game, unlike Huth last year. 👍
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