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  1. Well said, thank you big man or little man.
  2. People spelling Denis wrong! Annoying 😡
  3. Rob Dorsett just spoken, will be confirmed in next hour.
  4. Spells Denis wrong but welcome if true
  5. We are in the "who can break the top 4 section"
  6. Maybe he wouldn't if he had Ndidi in front of him, breaking up play.
  7. The Express today reporting Man City are after him.
  8. Why has he never had a testimonial? Sure he would give the profits to charity. Seems like a good lad, but not good enough for the Prem. Thanks Andy
  9. You were in a dress when I met you at The Rocky Horror Show! . Sorry guys for going off topic.
  10. Sky Sports are doing a feature on the best kits in the Premier League on their website, City are currently second behind Arsenal.
  11. Lucky you, pay the £80,000,000 and she's yours, asap.
  12. Not sure what it has to do with the area beyond Dublin? But still an awful quote if an untrue!
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