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  1. Gave this a day, am I missing something? Why would Ben Shephard be running to the Chase? She is lovely but I think Bradley Walsh would be a bit pissed
  2. Turn the heat down, she's starting to melt.
  3. Benkovic should do really well there. Keep injury free and come home.
  4. How posh, having a radio in the playground in the 70's.
  5. How old are you? We were never aloud a radio in the classroom in the early 80's.
  6. Looking great for her age, as she is pointing out.
  7. St. James Park is one of the grounds I hope we don't copy. Some of it is KP and some of it is high rise ugly, hope we make the KP more aesthetic.
  8. When on earth did Anthony Knockaert join the shite team in Dottingham?
  9. I like him, do Man City still have the buy-out clause? Does this new training place boost confidence 😀. There is a player there ⚽️
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