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  1. Possibly quarantining new arrivals if coming from somewhere with a high rate or a new variation of the virus has been found but that’s it. The vaccine should reduce hospital omissions enough to allow us to go about or normal lives, unless I’m missing something ?
  2. He’s playing tonight, they look like they have gone full strength
  3. For me any type of restrictions next winter would be too much. If there are restrictions next winter then the vaccines aren’t effective enough. Covid will be here forever in some form and my fear would be if there’s still restrictions this time next year then we will always be living under some form of restrictions.
  4. It wouldn’t surprise me either but I don’t get why restaurants especially need to be closed for that long. The ones I went in were really well regulated.
  5. We went up for a week in July it was very busy. Would 2nd what @stripeyfox says.
  6. It’s embarrassing to be honest.
  7. The national league season is going to need extending.
  8. I’m surprised Liverpool have gone so strong given all the moaning klopp does about the fixture list.
  9. I think the single game season would be the way to go with it, providing they get the go ahead to start again at some point in March
  10. If there’s restrictions next winter then the vaccine hasn’t worked ?
  11. What’s the idea of localised cup competitions, Are they basically friendly games ?
  12. It will be null and void if no more games are played. They need to come up with an alternative way to complete the season if fixtures are given the go ahead to resume, say late March. For me extend the season until the end of June and everybody just plays each other once ?
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