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  2. As you say depression / mental health is relative, so not sure why you have gone on a rant about being lucky I’m not living in a war zone. I can’t be bothered to respond to the rest of it, think I need to take a break from here for a few days
  3. Totally agree. I don’t get these lockdown forever weirdos who are obsessed with covid. To be honest if the restrictions were to continue through this year and into next I’d rather be dead than carry on “ living “ like this.
  4. I’d disagree that it’s ridiculous that all restrictions can be removed in June. If we continue to vaccinate and hospitalisations stay low then there’s no reason not to lift restrictions. What would we be waiting for ? If we can’t lift them this summer when would we ever be able to ?
  5. If there is a 3rd wave it will surely be a load of people testing positive but hardly anyone being ill or hospitalised
  6. It certainly is, all started with the league 1 season and carried on from there really. so sad that nobody was there to watch the game live tonight it would of been brilliant. I just hope if we do make the final that supporters will be able to attend.
  7. Superb performance, we were miles better than them. tielemans, ndidi and iheanacho were excellent. Absolutely gutted none of us can go to the semi finals though
  8. It has, I was gutted when we went out but it’s been such a benefit to our domestic season
  9. I think Evans will retire after this World Cup qualifying campaign
  10. @Chrysalis this is what I was trying to get at. I’m not downplaying covid, I’ve had it myself and know people who have died due to it. now we have vaccines that seem to be effective they should reduce hospitalisation and transmission to a level where we can live as normal.
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