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  1. Ive heard from people who are in the know that kasper is very influential not just in the dressing room but within the club. Gets on well with top, rudkin , whelan etc.
  2. Most of the “big 6” would take them. Young English over hyped players are what they go for. look at the fee we got for maguire, they will pay silly money For a player they want
  3. I think they are both gone personally. We have certainly seen the last of Chilwell. The squad needs rebuilding anyway anyone who doesn’t want to be here needs moving on.
  4. He’s lucky there’s no supporters in the grounds for these games.
  5. Probably the Portsmouth massacre when Sousa was in charge
  6. Wouldn’t be bothered if he was sacked but it’s not going to happen. Can’t see them getting anyone who’s better than him.
  7. Nothing new there, rarely predicts us to win
  8. I thought he was limping slightly after the arsenal game
  9. Totally agree, VAR has only been bought in to help the fix results
  10. I think they should of sent him out on loan a couple of years ago. He will probably end up moving on permanently at the end of the season.
  11. It’s not racial abuse is it ? The abuse is aimed at size.
  12. There no way a decision that has been given by VAR should be overturned. If the FA do overturn it then they are just admitting VAR is rubbish. surely arsenal are just doing this in hope of getting the ban reduced.
  13. I think the only way they will be able to ban him retrospectively is that if they say they have a new camera angle on it that wasn’t available to VAR on the night
  14. Arteta hasn’t come across well with his interview after the game. The Vardy and Nketiah incidents aren’t comparable Vardy was in the air with no control over his legs, Nketiah went into the tackle high with his studs up. I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt JJ as everyone at sky were keen to point out but it’s still a red card. seems like he’s trying to get Vardy into trouble. cant understand why sky didn’t even mention iheanachos disallowed goal either. Need to win the next 2 and see where we are then.
  15. Absolute idiot. The coverage from sky has been appalling tonight
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