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  1. I’d write to the DVLA and explain what’s happened, they should take your details off the vehicle so nothing can come back onto you.
  2. Just had new brake pads and discs on my van but there still making a noise when braking. Is this normal ? I know nothing about cars. did a search on the internet some people say could be cause there bedding in and others say might not fitted properly.
  3. How come Hogan is never seeded for the world championships ? Always seems to be there as a qualifier. He’s one of the best players there in my opinion
  4. Haha, so they’ve gone against what they told me a couple of hours ago
  5. It is considering the game is guaranteed to sell out anyway, don’t understand why there holding the lower tier back
  6. Just emailed the club, lower tier not being released until upper tier has completely sold out. So lower tier will go on sale some time tomorrow.
  7. Glad Sherrock is out to be honest. Nothing against her but her games were becoming a bit of a circus with the crowd etc.
  8. I know, I find sky’s over the top biased coverage quite condescending to her. No reason whatsoever why women can’t compete with men at darts. shes a decent player, but I do feel for anyone who has to play her with the stick they have to endure from the crowd
  9. Yeah I’m enjoying it, still been some good games.
  10. From what I’ve seen of it, the standard of the tournament as a whole isn’t as high as previous years.
  11. I doubt it, he’s nowhere near premier league standard and He’s not played regular football anywhere for years. Couldn’t even make the the match day squad in the spl.
  12. She played well. Crowd were an absolute disgrace though with the booing of Evetts.
  13. You could win them on the of the games in there. That’s how I got mine, presumably that’s the only way you could get one.
  14. Sounds like a good option I’ll probably do that. Cheers
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