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  1. The “big 6” using covid to blackmail the smaller clubs with cash in return for total control of the game.
  2. Fair play to the club for this. absolutely disgusting that we were the only club to do this though. The others should be ashamed.
  3. I went to this one they were unlucky better footballing side but gave themselves to much to do after going 2-0 down. Alfreton proper shithouse team, Burnley of non league
  4. User my wildcard last week and it’s still saying it’s active this week ? Anyone else had this ?
  5. Wow, shocking from klien and lilley there. Did so well to get back into the game
  6. Crazy decision, none of these rules being put in place make any sense.
  7. He had his calf strapped up after the game
  8. West Ham looking very good tonight, will be a tough game
  9. How long is marcal supposed to be out for ?
  10. Pressed the panic button and wildcarded today. Should of done it yesterday as have been caught out by some price changes. expect Werner to start scoring now I’ve got rid of him
  11. This is probably a stupid question but is he injured again ? Not even in the squad tonight
  12. I agree, schools seem to be the elephant in the room at the minute. It’s clear that’s why the infection rate has risen. i can’t see the current measures making any difference then we will be into a full lockdown that will conveniently fall on the October half term week.
  13. Disappointing, I don’t see why they can’t let them up to a reduced capacity like the non league teams from step 7 and below
  14. Won’t do anything. people will just go out earlier or move on to house party’s after 10.
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