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  1. Yes we have an FA Cup Final to win, get a grip.
  2. Ok, so you want to bring Thomas in, keep Ricardo and Timmy and play either Perez or Maddison, so who are you dropping?
  3. Not good enough to play on a consistent basis is not the same as classing him as the worst player we have had in a long time, I would like to know what you class as a long time as that is some statement.
  4. Ridiculous comment, that’s like suggesting we won with 10 men, just enjoy the moment and stop moaning.
  5. And who are you going to get better who will come and be 4th choice, and if he was that awful how have we beaten both Man City and Liverpool with him in the team.
  6. How big a squad do you expect us to have, great guy to have around when you have 3 defenders out injured.
  7. They turned 3 points into 1 very recently at the King Power!
  8. I actually agree, we are desperate for a leader but to be honest I cannot think of one we could sign who would get into our team on a regular basis, although some might say on present form anyone half decent would get into the side. We are well covered in midfield and say we find a midfield general who do you drop out of the first 11 and keep the balance of the side.
  9. Do you think that might be a slight overreaction?
  10. I think that is probably the point!
  11. Do me a favour, winning the league or finishing 5th are hardly comparable so stop kidding yourself.
  12. Speak for yourself.Claudio had just won the title so merited a bit more time.
  13. Gardening leave, other clubs have done it and Brendans ego would not allow him or his support team to sit at home whilst the contracts run down, as soon as they get a new job we stop paying them. The whole situation has the feel of inevitability about it, hope I am wrong.
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