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  1. In no particular order: Football Manager 2010 Football Manager 2011 Football Manager 2012 Football Manager 2013 Football Manager 2014 Football Manager 2015 Football Manager 2016 Football Manager 2017 Football Manager 2018 Football Manager 2019 Time to get a life.
  2. Feck sake. That escalated quickly
  3. Yep. Done Real Madrid for the paid bet and backed draw with the free bet. Not confident but desperately hoping for no Man Shitty win
  4. Hearn should pay Wilder step aside money AJ v Fury for all the belts Wilder v Whyte winner v winner for all the belts loser v loser
  5. Did well to survive that second season! Although usually the Leicester board focus their expectations on Europe don’t they rather than the league (when you qualify in season 1 on fm20)?
  6. If they both start I’m going Ronaldo over 4.5 shots 10/11 and Benzena over 3.5 shots at 6/4 Tenner returns £47.72
  7. Maybe I’m just getting old but don’t feel safe in town these days. Especially on weekend nights. Just always feel like something is ready to kick off. It’s probably very similar in a lot of places I guess.
  8. That Alphonso Davies looks quite handy. Maybe Bayern will do us a swap for Chilwell
  9. I'm sure he said it was his last one over 20 years ago and has said it multiple times since. He can't get enough of it. Pencil him in for 10 more. No minor issues like heart attacks will stop him
  10. Any word on overseas player? Shocked if we can even afford one.
  11. Nope. Loser. Settled as 3. Incredible player. Shame he wasn't more selfish haha.
  12. Should be a winner if that attempted flick counts but let’s see how they settle!
  13. Let’s hope he get a home draw then when we’ve stuffed the Brum
  14. I’ll have to apologise again. ‘Other’ is potentially getting some real momentum.
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