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  1. True. Spurs run-in looks awful. Certainly in the short term.
  2. Lovely result that. Torn on what I want to happen in MU-WH. I think ive decided I just want Man U to win. Try and limit the number of teams hunting us down. However wont turn down a draw either with both dropping points. So rest of weekend hoping for: Burnley to get something at Everton. Us to win obv. Arsenal to beat Spurs. Draw be ok. MU to beat WH. Will settle for a draw. Liverpool not to win at Wolves (although I'm unconvinced Liverpool have it in them to go on a good enough run.
  3. Will only work I think if its ran more like a bookmaker. You wouldn't likely get people winning fortunes (off the back of the future misery of others) but at least you'd know the money is there to pay people. It was obviously a product people were attracted to so there is some scope for something of a similar ilk. Relying on a constant stream of investors like that is a recipe for disaster.
  4. ‘Absolute bullshit’ was it? Only shock is it took over a year to happen. Very sorry for anyone who fell foul to this awful company practice.
  5. https://twitter.com/thetimes/status/1370428843740295168?s=21 Football Index ponzi collapsed
  6. Is there a no arguments policy or something? I got a 2 day ban and loads of related posts from me and others deleted recently.. initial post was several months ago questioning if sub conscious racism is involved in people’s thinking. I insulted nobody. Flabbergasted. Cut a bit too close to the bone for someone maybe. This will probably disappear along with my account. Leaving Pyongyang. Over and out.
  7. Kasper and Soyuncu were a disgrace today. The horrendous distribution been a ticking time bomb for a long time and it haunted us today. Not to mention quite how pathetic he was for the second goal aswell. Soyuncu been itching to get sent off for a while. Put his ego above the team needs today and I find that hard to take. Fuchs was absolutely horrendous in the second half after looking great first.
  8. Part of me hopes he did do it on purpose after all the pant sniffing from Arteta, AFTV etc. Pretty sure he didn’t though. Wouldn’t have rushed to apologise if it wasn’t accidental.
  9. Such a weird game. In the hour and a half since it finished I’ve been flooded with mixed emotions. On one hand we were getting torn apart in the first half for large parts of it. They were cutting through our midfield like it wasn’t there and then the defence couldn’t cope with Saka. This showed how massive Ndidi is - he wasn’t at the races at all during that spell and it showed how bad we are when he’s bad. Soyuncu was the worst of a bad defensive line first half but no heroes emerged. Second half we pretty much dominated. Created a few chances. Arsenal wer
  10. Sprinkled a lot of 7’s in. Tielemans and Albrighton my unsung heroes with 8’s. Solid defensive display across the board meaning Kasper had hardly anything to do. Wilf and Evans just so solid and consistent this season. Hard to judge on a short appearance off the bench but Bennett looked very solid and at home in our team.
  11. Thought Nacho Chilwell (how on Earth is he at 5) and Tielemans played well Vardy and Barnes terrible again.
  12. I assume Vontae Daley-Campbell is several light years away from being drafted in as cover?
  13. He’s on 90k a week and is worth every penny. Hopefully he extends by an extra year. Thanks to that dodgy release clause he had at WBA, he’s been incredible value.
  14. Fair. Probably been kind to Vardy and Barnes giving them 5.
  15. Kasper 9 Ndidi 7 Rest 5’s and 6’s Solid first half without any cutting edge. Tame surrender in the end.
  16. Just didn’t have much to do really. 6 is my default. Saved a poor pen. Think 7 is pretty fair personally.
  17. Cags 8 Kasper 7 Rest 5’s or 6’s Poor performance Stay
  18. What the actual feckity feck is this. Pubs are opening though
  19. Almost everyone a 6. Chilwell brilliant goal but poor performance. Kasper great for 92 mins then hands made of polystyrene at the end. Gray very lively. Wasn’t expecting that. Lots of expected and understandable rust. Maddison made some lovely crosses and passes.
  20. Probably been posted before but a list of banks that allow you to block gambling transactions https://gamban.com/blog/block-gambling-transactions
  21. Most of ARE fans will be singing it as YOUR and not YOU’RE I would imagine 😃😂 These lot should OF been educated better.
  22. In truth a bank transfer takes 2 minutes. How many will there be? 25,000 or so season tickets? Amazing that the whole refund process can take longer than a week really. Not necessarily a moan as I’m in no rush but just think it’s strange. Was charged 5 times for 1 ticket order to the Watford play off game though so with our ticket office anything is possible. Now that is a moan retrospectively.
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