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  1. They are saying they will win because we have won 7 in a row and we have to lose sometime. I'm afraid you load of thick Brummies, things don't work like that. They have 3 outstanding players that can hurt anyone, but we have the best defence in the country and should be way to much for them in every other department as well. Drop Perez, play Nacho with Vardy upfront, Barnes in behind them and madders / tielemans in midfield, the rest picks its self. Let's smash "the biggest team in the Midlands". Oh and did you know they won the European Cup in 1982?
  2. He is the future, we really missed Chillwells energy, Fuchs is solid enough but ain't pulling up many trees these days. James looked full of running when he came on for Barnes. I take it from your snide question, you think he is rubbish?
  3. I love him already, unlucky not to start ahead of Fuchs imo
  4. I suppose its a good a yard stick as you are going to get, to even be mentioned in the same breath as some of those clubs is hugely surreal for me.
  5. what is that table, how do they work out the numbers? to be in amongst some of those teams is insane.
  6. What a shitty attitude, just let people do what they want to do. If you care so much what others do, pay for for the seat and fill it with someone who stays to the end. I'm not responding after this post, every time this thread comes up, i say the same thing, you have people thinking they can dictate what others do and you have people coming up with all excuses as to why someone can leave early. just live and let live, you cant control others you will never be able to control others. if someone wants to leave early, they will regardless of what people on the internet think of them. To say that people just shouldn't bother going is arrogant and elitist, you don't know their situation and you shouldn't judge anyone. Everything in life is easier when you don't concern your self with what others are doing.
  7. if for example, you have a car parking space at the ground and you dont leave 10 mins early to drive out, the stewards shut off the car park for 1 hour after. it could take like 2 hours from final whistle to get home, rather than 30 mins, for the sake of 10 mins missed match. i always say this when this bloody topic comes up, but to judge others by your standards is wrong, everyone has their own lives, live and let live.
  8. if he can keep up the level we saw against Everton, its like a new signing for us. I know there is a hell of a player in there some where, lets hope it starts to show now. I just wish Rogers had Kramaric still here, i still think he is the one that got away.
  9. not really sure what to make of that, made me laugh though. Someone has put a lot of thought and effort into these
  10. Merge with the other Ndidi thread?
  11. All of our players are crap if you read enough on here.
  12. ****ing love that picture, sums up JV and what he thinks of that **** of a ref
  13. Released by Micky Adams for no real reason. was a class act and one of our own.
  14. how are some of these guys 18 or 19, they look older than me!
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