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  1. I might be a conspiracy theorist, least I ain't a triggered left wing unwashed sheep. You enjoying wearing your mask? What did you do when there was no footy on? Smash some statues of people you never heard of cos they might have used the N word 400 years ago?
  2. Of course there is a conspiracy. Who do you think the premier League would rather have in the champions League? Leicester or Manchester United Of course Manchester United, they bring in way more revenue than we would. Follow the money, find the root of evil. They are corrupt or incompetent at VAR HQ, I don't know which is worst but there are only 2 explanations for it.
  3. Football is over for me I'm afraid. Corrupt and now boring.
  4. ****ing disgraceful. Football is dead.
  5. We just ain't good enough. Wish the season had been finished when it should. We won't make champions League without a major improvement. FA cup is always nice but the league matters more Difference was they brought on game changers, we brought on choudrey and albrighton.
  6. Nope CL please Who cares about the FA cup now we can't even have a day out? Play the kids, get some bloody points in the league, wolves are catching us now, Chelsea have caught us.
  7. Why no pen at the end? I was watching with no sound.
  8. Just the type of player that does well at Leicester, a misfit. i would take him, Vardy aint getting younger and as much as i like Kelechi, i dont think he is the long term answer. wont hurt to at least give the guy a chance. the disciplinary record is grim reading, but some of the reds have been vastly unfair, and the knuckle draggers playing against him do their utmost to wind him up, so its a bit unfair to call him a walking red card.
  9. i ****ing hate seagulls, lets smash these please.
  10. 2 words. Game management Otherwise adequate.
  11. who are these guys? i'm very impressed with their interview style, they ask good questions and then let him speak, they also dont ask questions designed to wind the other person up. Stringer learn something off them please.
  12. you can pair it with silver and pink, or even a light blue. Also can contrast it with black to make the black less severe.
  13. Because they employ an interior designer that just googles "colour in fashion"
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