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  1. they will never do this, the whole season will be voided. can you imagine if we was Watford Bournmouth or Villa? all have a chance to stay up or go down, all it takes is a few good results, what would have happened if this happened in the great escape season, we would just have been relegated. the season will be voided, it will never be completed with the table as it stands, it would be unjustifiable to do so. the only exception could be that it is finished as current position but with no relegation, but then you would have the likes of Leeds, WBA and who ever else has a chance of promotion suing the premier league, there are literally no winners, apart from Liverpool.
  2. Cujek

    Corona Virus

    Ok next thing to panic buy https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-51819131?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/topics/cyz0z8w0ydwt/coronavirus-outbreak&link_location=live-reporting-story Cadburys! Noooooo
  3. Cujek

    Corona Virus

    Right gotcha. the autumn is a long way off, absolutley no one knows what is going to happen and how long this will take to clear, or even why there is such a panic over it. at my work, we haven't heard anything, other than a bit of a panic yesterday asking who has the ability to work from home, I work for a large utility company. Luckily all i need is an internet connection, my work laptop and my phone. Each business should have a BCM procedure in place to deal with this, or at least be frantically putting one together. Stay safe
  4. Cujek

    Corona Virus

    This is a really good video and very informative, it should answer some of your questions better than i ever could.
  5. Cujek

    Corona Virus

    Virus' can always "mutate" but virus' that mutate or start out being highly lethal tend not to do well, if they kill their host to quickly its chance of being passed on decreases thus wiping its self out. Ebola for example is easy to see and easier to contain.
  6. Cujek

    Corona Virus

    Just because something is incomprehensible to you does not make it untrue, im also not saying that is the case, im just saying if some of conspiracies are to be believed, i try to read everything i can, whether that be mainstream media, or more... unusual streams of information I genuinely do not know what to believe in this scenario now, all i see is a lot of people in power having no real clue what to do, in previous epidemics there has been a measure of control, in this one there is very little, its almost like there is a hit and hope policy going on What I do know is that a first world European country does not quarantine 60 million of its citizens for the flu. i think we wont know what the situation is for at least 2 to 3 weeks, until then there will be uncertainty and anxiety. As i keep saying, just keep looking after your selves and your friends, be excellent to each other, we as the British people can get through this.
  7. Cujek

    Corona Virus

    Of course the CCP would cover it up, they would never admit that they need help, or if you believe some of the conspiracies flying around, accidentally released a man made pathogen into the world. They are so arrogant that they would not even think their reputation is damaged, plus the entire world relies on the crap they produce they know that and they know that people will still buy their crap because it is the cheapest produced crap in the entire world. Its almost like the virus chose the worlds 2 most unreliable governments to interact with. I dont think we can rely on our governments to save us and its down to us as individuals to help our selves as much possible, i certainly dont trust Boris to have mine and my families best interests in his head.
  8. Exciting player, has huge potential. looking forward to seeing more of him.
  9. Cujek

    Corona Virus

    I think the authorities are very serious about stopping it and imposing a strict quarantine. Also having visited Italy on numerous occasions, i know the people are not to bothered about rules and regulations. if the Germans are told to quarantine, it would be lesson on how to do it, if we were told to do it, it would be ok but there would be the odd idiot, the French are used to barricading themselves in so they would be ok. you tell the Italians to to do something and they actively try to do the opposite, look at their traffic situation, no right turn sign? that must surely mean you must turn right, no over taking? that just means do it quicker so its out the way. im not even sure what quarantining will achieve, if you have to go hospital with the virus then the likely hood is that you will pass it on, as you will either be very sick or dying / dead. Health workers are so at risk its untrue and i do not envy them at this time, whilst they can be protected to a certain degree, if you work with pig shit, you are gonna get pig shit on you at some point, its inevitable. just hope everyone stays as safe as possible and keeps their elderly relatives safe.
  10. Vardy if he finishes the leagues top scorer, even if he dont you could make a strong case for him anyway. Then second place is Riccy, then Evans or Ndidi
  11. looked like a new signing last night, looked great as an out and out winger running at people. good show.
  12. I don't think the Swedish doom goblin can be blamed for this one. The problem is the USA is ran not for the benefit of its people, look at the amount of money they send to Israel for example, if they used that to pay for health care maybe they wouldn't be in the shit storm they are actually in.
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