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  1. Wank. Toothless without Vardy, best start looking for a 100m striker now.
  2. Dunno how anyone could pay for it
  3. Would be a lot happier to see Vardy where Nacho's name is, hope he can suprise us. I fear not.
  4. no idea, but thats just how i felt when i saw his name on it.
  5. Beast of a player if fit, i think his time is past though.
  6. When i used to see him on the team sheet for Newcastle against us, i was always happy in the knowledge they wouldnt score against us. I like him, there is somthing about him, i dont know what though, he is a useful squad player for sure, but i dont think he is the answer.
  7. Wish i was as overweight as him!
  8. Does... Not.... Compute... Why use this formation against West spam, Brenda is a weirdo.
  9. Thanks, i was looking for something to watch. How on earth was his first premier league goal in that match vs man utd, that seems like yesterday to me...
  10. Not difficult to imagine, ****ing man child
  11. Woo wah wee wah Only one City at the Etihad tonight Neville you ****
  12. Figured when I just logged in here and saw 0 - 2
  13. Oh OK, didn't watch it, had to work. Still gutted.
  14. Can't believe we even risked him in a shitty cup match, so gutted.
  15. That was my first bough album also, i also had that yellow away shirt. I dont have a teenage pool boy friend though.
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