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  1. Well, he lives close to there, so not really that surprising.
  2. I am reliably informed our DOF is currently in Madrid. Griezman? Bale?
  3. If Puel was still here I would be looking to move away. Vardy is a true legend and should have a statue in the town center.
  4. Cujek


    I don't think the club tells people where to go on holiday, do you?
  5. Cujek


    We wouldn't be sending people to Monaco if we were "cooling" off
  6. They have 45 players out on loan, i think they could let one or two leave.
  7. Politics and religion have no place what so ever in football. But.. if this is what is expected of them, then so be it, not a lot anyone can do about it. just suck it up and enjoy a few weeks off and wait for the transfer window to open.
  8. Cujek

    Arjen Robben

    But how do you know this? How do you know he wouldn't use it as a way to get into coaching or what ever. The guy is 35 and I'm sure has enough money to last several life times. I just think it's wrong for everyone to assume he would want a wedge, we wouldn't pay him that anyway, there is no way we would make him one of the highest paid players at the club, meaning he would genuinely want to come here. I doubt there is anything in this as it's only a random link to some odds on a betting website, but stranger things have happened in football.
  9. Cujek

    Arjen Robben

    Why would it be 5m a year? Surely we would only offer what we wanted to, like you say he wouldn't be a regular and he would know that, if he wants a big pay out he can go the MLS if he genuinely wanted to be here and it was a mutually beneficial arrangement, then i cant see any harm in it. i certainly wouldn't mind seeing Robben sitting on the bench as an attacking option to bring on in a pinch, I really dont know anyone wouldnt want that. Hopefully he could teach Gray a thing or two at the very least.
  10. like he had a choice? who else would he have played? he would have been sacked even faster if he started with the alternatives.
  11. yeah always good to slate a young player learning his trade in a team with a buffoon as a manager
  12. Cujek

    Arjen Robben

    why wouldn't anyone want Arjen Robben here? His experience is immense, no one would be expecting him to start week in week out and be a world beater at 35, but imagine what he could offer the dressing room.
  13. some of the old comments about Chilwell on this thread are laughable
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