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  1. To be honest the fella's get mini club, it's the woman that don't, they just bought a cute mini, I bought one to be part of mi I club
  2. Do we think Wilf would get in the England team if he was English? I honestly don't know what Henderson does in any team I have ever watched him in, he is only slightly less boring than Milner. Our England coaching set up is poor and until there are radical changes at the top we will always be an also ran, semi finals of anything is all we can ever hope for and that's if we get a favourable run to them.
  3. Anyone else think Tydsley and Hoddle are a pair of wankers that don't actually understand football?
  4. Southgate has to be one of the most clueless England managers of all time. And that's saying something considering some of the mouth breathers we have had in charge. Soon as we play a decent team we will loose, as in the world Cup. This generation of players is at risk of being totally miss managed, again. It's so sad.
  5. The standard of coaching we allow near the national teams, at all levels, astounds me. It struck me yesterday watching us vs Bulgaria, the commentator going on about it being a great performance and the lot. I was like no, we should be beating these 4 nil, if we put 10 or 11 past them I might have been acting a bit like they were
  6. Fair enough, I'm sorry for the SJW comment, I got annoyed by something and I was lashing out at you for no reason, for that I apologise. No one should receive abuse for holding the hand of the person that they love. Even forest fans should be allowed to wear their shirt in public if they wish. I just object to labels, I always have, I don't see the need to catagorise things, which to me a rainbow does, however I am a member of the mini club and I like to wave at other mini owners (whether they know they are in the club or nor) not all of them wave back and it makes me sad when they don't, my Mrs is constantly having a go at me for for waving to women in cars, I'm not waving at the person I'm waving at the mini owner.. "in nature there's no blemish but the mind. None can be called deformed but the unkind"
  7. I almost can garuntee that everyone has been subjected to some form of bullying in one way or another, I just don't get why a single group is singled out and has a special month and symbol that must be worn to show inclusion. Surley by wearing a badge that says I support a group means that the mentally challenged people have won? Surley in 2019 we are advanced enough as a race to be able to say we are unite as one people and be against any kind of exclusions. The only reasons divides exist is because of the narrative of the people controlling the media and ultimately what most people think want us to be divided. Everyone is scurrying around battling each other over things that they can't control instead of looking at the bigger picture and who we should be fighting against, we are right where they want us. Let's just drop the pigeon holing, let's just stop hating each other for no reason, seems a lot better than wearing a rainbow or any other symbol to identify your self. I wish the world isn't how it is, I wish we could work together instead of fighting over stuff.
  8. That feels like a challenge! (sorry for double post, merge if poss)
  9. If you think all this rainbow stuff isn't money chasing then you are extremely naive. If people are so unsure of themselves that they feel the need to be included then maybe they should grow a thicket skin. I don't care what colour someone is, religion they choose or who someone wants to bang, it makes zero difference to me and I don't understand why anyone else would care either. Also why is my sexual preference ridiculous and the person stood next to me isn't? Just let everyone be who they want, why do we need to assign rainbows to stuff. You can't walk around these days without someone wearing some kind of badge to let you k ow they identify as what ever it is. It's political correctness gone wrong. Just let people be people. **** your social justice warrioring, in my world no one gives a **** what anyone else is. Why do you feel the need for validity? I accept you exactly how you are and anyone that don't, well that's their issue, not yours. We are all human, we are all here scrapping a living trying to make it better for our children, these labels that we allow our masters to place upon us will be our downfall, keeping us fighting each other and dividing so we can't unite for the good of the human race
  10. Nothing, nothing at all. It's bandwagon jumping and just chasing the lbgt pound. No one in their right mind cares what sexual preference someone else holds. What about the people that are sexually attracted to aeroplanes? Where is our movement, why has no one invested in making us feel at home next to all the haters?
  11. I haven't wanted us to win a game more than this for a long long time. Let's put another nail in OLE'S coffin, the smug little willy puller. Let's show maguire what he is missing. Manchester Uniteds soul has gone, it is a shallow empty husk of a club with toxic fans and owners that just want to bleed what is left dry. It's a 70 thousand seat stadium with no atmosphere that I have been to more times than almost every manure fan I know, I hated growing up with the glory hunters, the full kit wankers who thought they was Cantona, Giggs' stupid curly floppy hair and. This is all you will be remembered Cole you shit wanna be winger, a bird shit in your mouth haha. https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.5e309edfdf5e726a2f6fd24dd5d56451&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2f5wfUfxBL9ubKM%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=h2fsAPBQkyIDGR4oJjsXiQ
  12. Hmm yeah, I see him more as an Albrighton than a Vardy, loyal and a bit more gentle. I think Marley is a good name.
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