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  1. was that the year Derby got 11 points?
  2. I would love Knocky back. I believe he was genuinely gutted to be sold.
  3. I think he thought the grass was greener. I doubt he is greedy or lazy or he wouldn't be moaning about playing time, unless he is on a massive appearance fee and it makes up a huge chunk of wages? I think there are a lot of people in his life to blame here, his agent whilst now rich must be a very bad advisor that genuinely only cares about lining his own pockets. At Leicester we could forgive poor performances and going missing during games because on his day he was a world beater. The problem at man City is that all of them are world beaters and able to take his place. Here he was an automatic pick and one of the top dogs, I don't blame anyone wanting to push for more for them selves, but to go to a top club and then start moaning about playing time, when you have been pretty ordinary when starting or coming on, shows a level of immaturity that needs to be stamped out of him. Pep Hasn't really helped saying he was `sad` for him, that just nurses his ego more. Tell it like it is, you have been ordinary and I have several world class players that can walk into your position at any point. I personally wouldn't have him back here, to much water has gone under the bridge and we have moved on and evolved, the whole of our game is not played down the right hoping Mahrez can cut in on his left and do something special anymore. We loved you Mahrez, we did not like your immaturity on occasions.
  4. I think he could be my all time favourite player. The season he struggled I think made him what he is today
  5. ****ing love Vardy so much love seeing the hands behind the ears yelling it's me it's me!
  6. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Any manager worth his salt should have no qualms dropping people if they have a dip in form. All players go through this from time to time. As long as the manager is allowed to make his own decisions, and i assume Rodgers is or he wouldn't be here, then all is ok. we dont see what goes on in training which is obviously important and what is trained out may not work in the real world, as demonstrated against Newcastle, i highly doubt the instructions was to go out and be a bit shit, it was more likely to be to attack on the wings as they will pack the midfield, which ultimately failed (Benetiz is most likely a better tactician than Rodgers). We also dont see the team dynamics which also are quite important when selecting the team. at the end of the day, who knows, lets just cheer on who ever they put out.
  7. Cujek

    Jarrod Bowen

    Defo yes from me, fits the bill perfectly
  8. Cujek


    He was the main one i was thinking of.
  9. Dont get me started on Spurs, or the shit 1940's ripoff RAF pilot Kane. I genuinely think i have some kind of mental disorder. I hate some teams because they are big and have fake supporters, i hate some teams because they are small and their fans think they are better than they are, i hate teams the same size as us because they are our rivals. I hate teams far away because they seem foreign to me, i hate close teams cos they are close to us and there is a rivalry there. er When i talk about football only one club matters to me, i try to explain to my girlfriend why i am so hostile to other teams and i just cant get the words out, its like a tribal thing to me, the other team are trying to take away what i love and i will fight to the end to preserve our tribe. Like i say, i think i have a mental disorder.
  10. i just have an irrational hatred of him, it still makes me laugh that Schlupp has one more premier league winners medal than him.
  11. Cujek


    not particularly prem experience, if they are playing understudy to Vardy that aint gonna happen. But there are plenty of young forwards that fit the bill in the Championship. All of which i would rather take than Sturridge.
  12. Never pulled up any trees, but was a solid player and a true professional, a lot could learn from him.
  13. Cujek


    no thanks, NEXT..
  14. Torn about this my self. Whilst i never ant to see Leicester lose and I wont be sad if e draw or beat them of course. I just do not want Liverpool to win the league, i hate them with an absolute passion. I hate all the people that are Liverpool "fans" and when you ask them how often they get to Anfield the reply is well i have never been but I love them. I hate going there and having to listen to that stupid bloody song they sing at the start, the one that all the goppers that are supposed "pundits" say things like "spine chilling" etc etc, its karaoke nothing more and after that song is done you dont hear them for the rest of the game. I hate Gerrard, i hate Owen, I hate Carragher, Dalgaliesh, Souness, Alan Hansen etc etc, they are all deluded and only care about the top 6 (4). its always a travesty when Liverpool have a crap season, but when they do well but somehow manage to not win the league, they are always the best team in the league but didnt win it because of XYZ blah blah blah. I hated it at school, there was all these Manure and Liverpool "fans" and i got the piss took out of me for being Leicester, in a damn Leicestershire school, it never occured to me at the time how wrong all these fake fans where. This was in the early 90's so it was the end of Liverpool being dominant and the start of Manures dominance. I dont have a great affinity for Man City, but at least they are just a yo-yo club like us, but with more money. Sorry for the rant.
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