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  1. No way they get banned. They appeal it it gets over turned then they go to court over fair play and it gets binned. This then allows big clubs to carry on as they like, without thinly veiled attempts to hide what they are doing. If anyone for example thinks PSG can afford to pay Mbappe 41 million a year (340k a week) by just using the money the club has earnt, or Liverpool can go out and the world's most expensive defender then goal keeper, then they are an idiot. Or that Real Madrid isn't funded by the Spanish government, or Barcelona isn't funded by Basque country money. Chelsea been funded by Roman for years he basically started it. Wolves, Leeds, Bournemouth, Arsenal, Man UTD, all funded by foreigners with more money than sense Hell even we are funded by the Thailand Royal family Best mates. If man City get banned then what about everyone else who does the same thing? You either ban everyone or no one, the fair play needs scraping in its current form, it does nothing to even the playing field and is pointless, as is this ban.
  2. They would have had a slap in my day
  3. You cant trust an artical that they don't even proof read for spelling mistakes.
  4. there is huge pressure on players, can you imagine us getting on the backs of players like we do now when we played at Filbert street? the moans and groans when a players looses the ball or makes a miss placed pass is cringeworthy. I think the game misses players like Barton, who for me was the last player of his type in a long line going back to people like Norman Hunter and Billy Bremner. its all so sanitized and controlled now. Whilst I agree the fans do have a part to play in it, but its the money that has created the way fans behave. when we was in league one and i would go to every game, home and away and sometimes i would sit there with the other 15 or 16 thousand people, having a whale of time. now i sit there thinking who on earth are these bellends i am surronded by. I guess its just a sign of the times.
  5. I think for me its the demise of the international game. Italia 90' is the first big tournamount i remember, that cemented my passion for football, Gazza crying the passion of it all got to me. I watch international football now and its devoid of any passion, its so clinical they are all bred into the game, like machines, the FA dont help with their manager appointment ments. the only thing i like about football these days is shouting at my beloved Leicester City. I miss things like Terry Butchers head bandage, i just miss the old times. This is why i like what Madders has been up to, for me an artist in any industry should be a bit in balanced, but that seems to not be allowed these days. Also **** Man utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and most of all Chelsea, they are the opposite of what football should be about.
  6. Lightning quick though, but as you say not the greatest defender ever for sure.
  7. I love what he says about Vardy, the more i hear about him the more i love him, we need to start planning his statue as soon as possible. He also says what I had always thought about Claudio and why we were always better in the second half.
  8. is that Vardy dressed as Banana Man?
  9. then they go and bypass that privacy by posting what ever they do on twitter or where ever. I personally wouldn't ever bother anyone well known in the street if i saw them out shopping with their family or who ever and i think anyone that would is a bit weird. I know it happens, i just dont know why.
  10. Although a football player being unaware of anything past his nose is not uncommon. it is a stretch though that he has never heard of Nazi's.
  11. Casual racism at its finest. you just cant do it in this day and age. to be fair, he said he was pointing at the camera man and you couldn't tell if he was or not.
  12. Looks like the baddest of Bond villans crossed with David Ginola.
  13. i google lens'd it and the closest i could find was
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