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  1. Hope he gets more games this season.
  2. Chilwell and Ricardo being played in their best positions. I am curious though as to how the front 3 line up.
  3. As a playmaker, not a ball winner You'll see Messi play far back in midfield too, depending on the game's situation, but that doesn't mean he's a defensive or box-to-box midfielder.
  4. Obviously the rest of this season doesn't really matter in terms of position, so long as we stay up. I don't expect us to fight for 7th this season. But we can be excited about each individual game. I am hopeful the team will be un-chained, like when Ranieri left and Shakey took over temporarily. We might not win most of our games, but I think we will see some passion from the players.
  5. When Shakespeare was given the job full time, I thought it was an awful choice and have been slowly losing interest in the club and football. I tried watching most games (via streaming here in the US of A), but sometimes I just knew not to wake up at 6 AM to watch the uninspiring performances; I'd just catch whatever highlights there were later. But now, especially with the Rodgers rumours (I've wanted him as our next manager ever since Pearson left). I'm hopeful and excited about the upcoming games and the general future of the club. I am hopeful that Top and Rudkin (and the pl
  6. Felt like a lot of the build-up was unnecessary. The goal basically comes from Ricardo playing a one-two with Youri, and then Ricardo crossing into the box. You might say the space was made for them with all the build-up, but I don't buy that. If we move it quicker, the space will be there.
  7. Irrelevant. We were not a mid-table, top-flight club under Pearson.
  8. Haven't seen the replay, but the rules are that it needs to be intentional/deliberate. VAR probably had the best view to determine that. Honestly though, when a "handball" is seen to give such a big advantage, deliberate or not, it's usually called as handball. Such a hard rule to determine, anywhere on the pitch. Any handball should just be called and given as an indirect free kick. (Unless it's the arm/hand is along the body or very clearly ball to hand.)
  9. 19 yo, South African, CM apparently https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/thakgalo-leshabela/profil/spieler/461882
  10. https://twitter.com/PAdugout/status/1056292326606360581
  11. https://twitter.com/CMLC_2806/status/1056290197992886274
  12. Hoping for the best. But also about to cry my eyes out if bad news.
  13. Without Amartey... Ricardo or Albrighton at RWB please.
  14. Are you? Are the majority in here? Watch the replay, the last angle, which is basically what the ref saw @ :48 https://streamable.com/8brqe Two opposing players go for the ball. Neither of their arms were really in an unnatural position. They are both attempting to head the ball. Ndidi's arm and hand goes across Holding's upper chest. (Could be seen as a foul but no-call probably best.) Holding's arm collides with Ndidi's head. (Could be seen as a penalty was it not for the previous arm from Ndidi, so again no-call probably best.) Holding's arm is
  15. The amount of people here who don't know the rules or are so biased that they think VAR would have given a penalty... Watch the replay and ignore who the players are and what teams they play for. Two opposing players go for the ball, and one player hits the other's arm into the ball. The players' arms were not in unnatural positions, and the player did not deliberately make contact with the ball with his hand.
  16. So if an Arsenal player pushes a Leicester player's arm into the ball, that's a handball against us? Ok.
  17. So replays.. not a handball - Ndidi heads his arm into it.
  18. Clearly got a decent goal-scoring bonus in his new contract.
  19. They're clueless about this sort of thing usually.
  20. Kasper Soyuncu - Maguire - Evans Albrighton/Ricardo - Ndidi - Iborra - Chilwell Ghezzal - Maddison Vardy Maybe Iheanacho for Ghezzal.
  21. Ref wasn't great. First one should have been the pen, 2nd was ball to hand. Maguire should have been sent off, Morgan doubtful imo.
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