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  1. Sutton lavishing us with praise tonight.
  2. The way they're casually and effortlessly knocking it about this is is reminding me into that Leeds v Southampton humiliation from '72 - we just need four more.
  3. Agree - but he's been gifted with space throughout. Perhaps West Brom are socially distancing after the party?
  4. Not so. We still need to take great care. 50% have had their first shot, many have had no vaccine dose at all - so immunology tells us that actually, currently only a small number of people would have adequate protection if at all some of these nastier variants took a hold in this country. If they form a cluster, we don't identify this in time through track and trace or surge testing, there could be some serious outbreaks which then spread. Effective quarantine of international travel is essential and if we do want to emerge from this as planned, continued vigilance, indoor social distancing a
  5. Is it though? Those behind this move see it as inevitable and inexorable progress, purely revenue based. They don't care - and they have a new breed of online digital fan that couldn't give two shits about the history or pedigree of the game or the teams they follow and is prepared to buy into this theatre wholesale on a world stage. **** if they had their way - and it's rapidly moving towards this, forget 'home affiliation' and even the notion of owning a stadium - it would become a travelling corporate circus coming to a town near you. As international entertainment and within a hugely lucra
  6. Glory hunting and Tottenham Hotspur - let me know how that turns out.
  7. Going by the match day threads on here, then the answer is a resounding yes.
  8. Early stages of domestic cup competitions and against questionable Europa opponents. Absolutely agree, he played well, but he's certainly much more comfortable with a strike partner.
  9. It's Spurs/Levy for God's sake....added to which, there is no money to spend. Brendan's no fool. Guarantee of Super League football? - when currently there is no guarantee of Super League Football.
  10. No, that would be Covid-19 A face mask in an indoor public place or on public transport. And currently you can, if you abide by restrictions owing to highly contagious virus which are planned to be relaxed further over the coming months The clue's in the word "unlawful" No you don't, but some accuracy and some facts would be nice for a change. As I said, "your views" on this matter are utterly irrelevant - as are mine - the UK is not under totalitarian rule nor does it resemble anything remotely like it. A very ignoran
  11. Two lovely first touches from Kelechi then.
  12. Oh Foxes Talk - every time. You bunch of tits. Beautiful from Vards, well taken Nacho.
  13. Yeah he has. From memory, he was particularly good away to Fulham who my not be the most formidable opponents but are nonetheless fighting for their lives. It really is a lot to do with being played out of position, but I do agree with the observation that he hasn't been of the same calibre since his ACL injury.
  14. Now that he's shorn his hair, Vestergaard looks like a 22 foot tall Kevin Bacon.
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