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  1. You won't "set me off" Harry this is a forum, I am at liberty to reply (which you'll find wouldn't be the case if indeed we were living under totalitarian rule). If however you make ill-informed, ignorant and actually irresponsible claims such as the ludicrous suggestion that "it has been scientifically proven that facemasks don't work" or "I don't think we're living in a totalitarian state, I know we're living in one", then yes I will be inclined to respond at length. Regarding "The Great Reset", of course it is not a conspiracy and no rational thinking individual would suppose
  2. Michael Swatland. Which is now a very good Indian Restaurant.
  3. I wonder if they'll be shot in the street or disappear without a trace if they transgress it?
  4. I don't think that anyone on here is suggesting that he is - and yes we must always be questioning our sources of information. Unfortunately the same objective critical appraisal and scrutiny doesn't seem to apply to social media, populist opinion and online conspiracy theory by those that parrot it.
  5. Incorrect. Those might be facets or consequences of totalitariansim but they do not define of constitute it. And could I correct you there - they are not "my views". I am irrelevant to this exchange and no, there is no arguing "either way".. If someone is that ill-informed to allege that the UK is currently governed by a totalitarian regime then that is wholly incorrect, utterly delusional and yes, frankly a product of gross stupidity.
  6. You clearly do not understand the term Harry. The criteria that you listed may be loosely associated with totalitarian government but they do not define or constitute such a regime. State surveillance and propaganda for example are practiced by practically every government in the world to greater and lesser degrees and throughout western democracies. Note the word democracy here - you have the right to exercise free speech..as you amusingly referred to it on this thread as "thinking out of the box", (I prefer to term it spouting ill-informed opinionated horseshit and ignorance ove
  7. No, trust me, it significantly surpasses that. Could someone else please, on this occasion? What I will say is, when international travel is again viable, purchase a one way ticket (you won't be needing a return - I'll willingly fund it for you), to Tehran, Pyongyang, Asmara - your choice, (and don't bother with those daft vaccinations). Upon arrival, if you actually succeed in accessing the internet, publicly post about the "disgraceful propaganda techniques" of the state broadcaster. Then sit in your hotel room, wait for ten minutes or so and see what happens.
  8. There are rare occasions on the internet, even in spite of the idiocy of social media, or some contributions to the match day threads on Foxes Talk, that someone makes a comment that is so breathtakingly, astoundingly and scarily dumb that you end up perplexed and overwhelmed by the variety of valid counterpoints that present themselves. Instead, you find yourself left to suffocate in the paralysis of indecisive bewilderment - like a rabbit caught in a car's headlight beam - where any response would be preferable to none. I'm genuinely slack jawed and lost for words...all I can mu
  9. It's the BBC ffs. Just disregard it then. So why quote it? I'll answer that for you. Because you can draw from it more of your increasingly hysterical conclusions and irrational non-sequiturs. And let's face it, given that you actually think you are living in a "totalitarian" state, you would think that wouldn't you?
  10. I wonder if 'Matt' Doherty plays tomorrow. Tried to think of some more painter and decorator footballer names - no current players, but Jeremy 'Gloss' and Paul Brush did come to mind. If anyone can help out?... (How the evenings fly by.)
  11. Sorry, Loris Karius just immediately sprang to mind. I think it was the hard to catch bit.
  12. I must admit, I greatly miss those afternoons and evenings wandering between and visiting on impulse my favourite London pubs.
  13. What do you mean 'admitting'? - you think the BBC is culpable? My main concern about lateral flow testing as I've consistently said over the last few weeks, is that although it's very good at detecting cases of a high viral load, is doesn't necessarily tell you if you aren't carrying the virus or at risk of infecting others and may miss a worrying proportion of asymptomatic cases leading to a false sense of security. I absolutely agree with the suggestion that it is grossly irresponsible of the government to roll out a mass testing programme based on "inadequate evide
  14. In the case of some vaccines, a single dose doesn’t stimulate a sufficiently strong immune response. Many vaccines, including those given to children, require more than one dose. Two jabs for the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Oxford-AZ vaccine is not unusual. It's called Prime Boost Regimen. The first dose of the vaccine initiates the process of building up protection. The second dose works to significantly reinforce this protection mobilising the cells again to respond in an even stronger way, the result being a much better and hopefully prolonged immune response that retains memory. The long-lived
  15. Majority white neighbourhoods???? Inglewood, South LA, Conyers? Last time I looked Topanga was still full of hippies.
  16. Not just billionaires - in adversity there is always opportunity. I knew a guy who ran a forklift truck training business. After the 2009 crash Northampton and its reliance on the distribution/logistics sector was hit very hard. However ironically, because of the prevalence of storage and warehousing in the region the DWP nonetheless perceived that a forklift licence was the instant panacea to unemployment and so he had a steady stream of subsidised referrals from the Job Centre Plus. Made an absolute mint.
  17. Aha, the likes of Bezos, of course! Never trusted him. What better way to see your multinational e-commerce enterprise expand than unleashing a 'man made' highly contagious virus on the unsuspecting global population...and if it wasn't for those meddling journalists they might have got away with it. In all seriousness, yeah, I was recently reading the USA Today article naturally, there are always going to be areas of business that seize opportunity, capitalise upon and profit during adversity.
  18. Ah - ok, well that sounds like a plan. And who precisely is behind this? Vaccines that prolong a pandemic? Interesting. This is more sinister than I thought. Righto - and this prolonged downturn in the global economy, mounting debt and declining public spending benefits who precisely?
  19. Whatever gave you that impression? A man made virus that is known to be naturally occurring. Righto. 0.4% - 3 million against a net global increase of 78 million in 2020 - well, you have to start somewhere I guess. A man mad virus to cull a percentage of mankind, cripple man made economies (and so on) alongside the simultaneous mass roll out of man made vaccines and man made fiscal response/recovery packages, borrowing, investment and multi-national rescue plans. This sinister, nefarious 'New World Order' - bunch of rank amateurs really.
  20. From early September cases were doubling every day. The failure of the track and trace system, the relaxation of travel abroad, the lack of adequate quarantine, the disastrously ill conceived "eat out help out", the mass return of students to university campuses nationwide - yet we failed to act until two months later. it soon became apparent that the national lockdown had not had the same effect in every region. In Kent cases actually continued to increase during the lockdown (very much due to the emergent variant), despite having the same restrictions as other regions. On Dec 2, 2020, you ar
  21. Lax quarantine procedures and the opening up of international travel perhaps the biggest concern in the oncoming months.
  22. Perhaps you should specify. And wrong again - It was announced on January 6th that number of new daily confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK had topped 60,000 for the first time since the pandemic started. The number of new daily cases had consistently been above 50,000 since 29 December. The UK's worst day in terms of cases was January 8, when 68,053 positive tests were counted. The sharp fall in cases and hospitalisations coincides both with the end of the festive period, and the introduction of national lockdowns. The (third) lockdown was reimposed following the relaxation ov
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