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  1. Great manager Nigel but not renowned for many of his comments or actions
  2. Players and essential football staff are not immune
  3. Reason is that teams are looking more unlikely of being able to field their complete teams. Behind closed doors was never going to work
  4. Ha Ha I stand by your better judgement. You obviously know your stuff I on the other hand have my eyes and ears up my bottom. Not unreasonable to point out that a professional footballer paying fatherly interest (nurturing) in his sons career will prepare him better Nurture - -help or encourage the development of. - care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing. -to help a plan or a person to develop and be successful:
  5. Benefited by the occasional breather recently and as a young lad it was needed. Been accused on here and other forums in the past as not being an intelligent player. I've watched him at all his loans and throughout the academy and its obviously far from being true. His Dad who played in a similar fashion has passed all on and nurtured him. Still gets shoved out too high and too wide IMO when Chilwell hogs the left with less affect, at his most potent cutting in. Fuchs and JJ allow him to do what he does best
  6. Absolutely delighted for him. Watched him for years. He'll be so made up by the ovation he got when leaving the pitch. Humble sort of lad and sometimes his past play/ 1-2s has been on a different level and not read. Played last night as he did for West Brom, best square on goal. Been a few games where he hasn't made the impact he'd have like but he's only 22! Very intelligent player that hopefully has turned the same corner Vardy, Mahrez and many others have
  7. Unlikely you’ll see Hamza behind a wheel just yet depending on how long his driving‘unavailability’ was/Is
  8. Sensible comments that'll no doubt be shot down. People are creatures of habit and wouldn't budge, why should they? Childish and naive to think differently.To most of the deep rooted supporters following the club is a way of life, not a fashion. If the club go ahead with the ground extension, that would seem an ideal time and logical for those wishing to group together to occupy that area? I'd be happy to move to better seats but i'd guess across the board the volunteers would account for 10% maximum
  9. We haven't always been as good as we are now. I'd suggest those jumping on the support in the past 10 year are new. Those before then i'd call more established. Plenty of definitions if you Google hope that helps with your confusion. When you have traveled home and away for decades and attend games with 6,000 crowds through the mostly bad and recently good and read that more recent fans want you out of your seat as they have a flag and sing a bit you may see where i'm coming from. Respect!!! I've got older undies than some of you guys
  10. You need help my friend. You obviously have an issue with people over 30/35. Do you boo the war hero's on remembrance day? and spit in disgust on Walsh, Taggart, Muzzy etc. Do you suggest euthanasia? I'm pretty much in the Union 1884 area, 70 steps up. Those just behind me fit your dynamics of the idea supporter. Stand up throughout and try to sing although they're not the sharpest and struggle with the lyrics. What they don't struggle with though, is from the warm up and throughout relentlessly shout 'Barnes you're a fuucking useless cuunt' at the top of their voices and boo him even when he was in top form.They are not alone from that area and its not just Harvey. I think you need to use your powers of logic and persuasion and have a word with these first, seems to have a much negative than supporters who have sang for decades but out of choice don't always now. Very good of you to believe 'those people' should be reallocated. WTF?? The real hardcore supporters and singers are obviously next to the away supporters, always have been inc Filbo days. There's 7k or so none allocated season tickets no doubt some in there. Wouldn't it make sense that effort was made to join those and form a proper voice?
  11. I think even a potted plant would have the intelligence to realise that standing would've been meant. I think its dangerous for the club to ask established supporters to move from there chosen seats of 18 years away from their mates etc I'd be happy to move from that section to better seats and maybe a formal voluntary exchange scheme could happen? Its a romantic naive notion though to think the club will enforce movement
  12. I sit right on the edge of the section in LK1. What I see are mostly young, mostly male and there's no way they can't be relatively new fans as they clearly haven't been on the planet long enough to be established supporters. We do need succession and its great to see so many new faces over the more recent successful years. We've had a fantastic past decade that has understandably seen the average attendance jump by 10.000 Without all of those miserable old gits that are constantly lambasted for not wanting to jump up and down singing dreary wordy songs or give up their seats there wouldn't be a club.
  13. .Don't want to rain on anyone's parade. LCFC terms and conditions as followed by other clubs. 13 Nobody may stand in any seating area whilst play is in progress. Persistent standing in seated areas whilst play is in progress is strictly forbidden and may result in ejection from the Ground. 14 The obstruction of gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, stairways and like places is strictly forbidden. Nobody entering the Ground shall be permitted to climb any structures within the Ground So you're suggesting the club ask several long time supporters to move seats then set up an area so a few new-wave supporters can sing and stand? Turning a casual blind eye is one thing to isolated standing, legitimising it is another. I applaud what these young guys are trying to do but they are a tiny minority of the support and not as relevant as they'd like to think. Unless sitting near there as I do can't be heard anywhere else in the ground. The entire ground need to sing as often is the case, not just a selected few catered for.
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