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  1. Which players have gone to better things?

    Based on the level we were at. Don't think we were allowed to see the best of Max Gradel. + he never really made it with us but had a reasonable career- Chris O'Grady. Lots of clubs but has an extensive property portfolio as bought a house at each.
  2. Does Shakespeare have any input on transfers

    Comments about the Maguire transfer were along the lines of ...when I saw him in training i was pleased with what the scouting team came up with??!! Thought that was odd. + Claudio used to basically say he's the coach and doesn't get involved in that. (although credited with signing Mendy)
  3. Does Shakespeare have any input on transfers

    He asked for a transfer.....fact
  4. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    If you follow the form or watch the U23s you would of heard of him
  5. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    Can't speak for all but I can for some. The lads in the U23s want to go out on loan. Harvey has moved up a tier and will (hopefully) play against 22 big teams with massive history and great support. Burtons the only side that doesn't fit that profile. Did him no hard at MK and James no harm at Barnsley. Not sure if there's a shortening clause. Possibly should be.
  6. Tom Lawrence

    Agree He has requested a transfer. All points to a move being of mutual benifit particularly with him only having a year left. Do think we need a clause in a deal.
  7. Tom Lawrence

    'If' he did hand in a transfer request you couldn't blame him. Obviously in demand and potentially at his most marketable
  8. Tom Lawrence

    Wouldn't be surprised if he handed in a transfer request
  9. Harvey Barnes signs new 4-year deal

    Club didn't go and see him once at MK up to CR leaving, possibly didn't after that also.....or if they did it was in hiding and didn't speak to him, even an 'hello' which is not normal. Good move for him Barnsley
  10. One more signing

    Don't disagree with the positions needed but does that mean we can't sign players with potential?
  11. Price increases food and drink

    D Fair points. I know Compass and their subsidiaries. As you have said they are not really kiosk caterers but high end that cater for the minority. I haven't brought anything in the ground for years and as it stands never will. Entire fans operation is clueless. Went to see Harvey Barnes at MK Dons last season their ground (as most will know) and supporters catering blows us out of the water.
  12. Pre-match pubs at home this season

    Broood @ Vin Quatre bottom of New Walk. Every type of beer going, cheap and cared for decent food also. Independently owned and ran, LCFC fans
  13. Price increases food and drink

    Catering has been poor for years both in quality and service. I added to a request for suggestions and as its what i do added what i thought were decent based on experience and decades of football. Obviously nothing happened and the biggest issue is Balti or not? Compass catering have the contract. I thought this happened during the current regime as i thought with them being retailers it was daft to not keep it in house.It is. Opportunity is there to make a football retail name for themselves, you certainly wouldn't get such rubbish anywhere in Thailand......or most UK football stadiums
  14. why have we sold no-one?

    Ha.... No it wasn't him. Sadly it seems that he was behind the purchase
  15. why have we sold no-one?

    Spoke to influential member of staff no longer at the club. Singled out Mendy and totally baffled why we signed him