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  1. Bob Hazels shorts

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    We have 5-6 mature keepers of which 2 (3 inc Hamer last year) split the U23s development duties. The fact that this guy has played on loan 70 times and twice for Liverpool suggests the path that the two U23s should be allowed to take to develop, both have better physical attributes. Not much between a good/reasonable keeper and a great one, you don't become great and worth £10M in our U23s
  2. Bob Hazels shorts

    New training ground announced

    Ha Don't think they could make it save for traffic heading south other than lights. U Turn at the Hoby Horse !!
  3. Bob Hazels shorts

    Harvey Barnes

    Be further t'north than Derby
  4. Bob Hazels shorts

    Harvey Barnes

    Would benefit from another loan as would the rest of the developing players. Be great to see him for example at a well established Northern Championship sleeping giant with higher crowds than we get
  5. Bob Hazels shorts


  6. Bob Hazels shorts

    Riyad finally gone

    We've had his best years. Over performing and beyond expectation. Now there will be massive expectation. Time to move on
  7. Bob Hazels shorts


    Basically what I heard. He was seen at Tesco in Birstall. His management company want him close to keep him on the straight and narrow or attempt. Understand he's living Wistow way but may have misheard that. Wish the guy well
  8. Bob Hazels shorts


    Keep him. We are massive!!! If Vardy injured we are knackered
  9. Bob Hazels shorts


    Shilts made England captain a higher % of his games than obvious candidates Seem to remember at club level also. Never stopped shouting regardless so communication throughout not an issue, Unique view of the game
  10. Bob Hazels shorts

    New training ground announced

    Past the A46 junction a few times. Seems a bit like a game of chicken getting across it. Expensive cars and drivers
  11. Bob Hazels shorts

    Goalkeepers: Jordan Archer + Jakupovic / Hamer

    The keepers as with many of the other U23s are not allowed out on loan (fact). Claudio didn't mind it and wasn't that interested in non first team players, policy has changed as they want to see the development sides do well. A loan is obviously to the clubs benefit and to the players and the players want loans. Barnes and Hamza have both had generally good spells at MK Dons + Barnsley and Burton respectively. Barnes went off the boil slightly at Barnsley and was recalled, Hamza moved from Burton for other reasons. Both have been suitably ££ rewarded for this increased profile and have become fringe players. Others seeing this want it. The core of the U23s that stand out have had experience against 'men' IE big blokes trying to kick them in the lower leagues + lower region! Hamer should have no part in the clubs future as proven to be not good enough and rejected when loaned out, he's as with Beni etc are just holding back those developing Most of those we have/had out on loan are there because the are crap! and big mistakes, hopefully attracting a buyer or in the hope of a miracle. However we did have games requiring a big front man
  12. Bob Hazels shorts

    Allardyce gone - Shaky, Walsh and NP available?

    Not ideal for him but the guys heading/ in the twilight of his career, a decent pay off and his choice of jobs after without financial pressure will soften any disappointment.. He'll get plenty of offers. DOF alongside an admin would be a better call than the current clown.
  13. Bob Hazels shorts

    Allardyce gone - Shaky, Walsh and NP available?

    they have
  14. Bob Hazels shorts

    Should we get rid of the "old guard"

    The side against the Arse contained many of the old guard, those who replaced others were similar; to the old guard, the style of play was similar to our old style. It was good to watch and we won. Fuchs typified what we have been missing. Incidentally.....you can't just get rid of players. We have several players who are sitting tight as so well paid. Fuchs has said 'why should i go or want too'
  15. Bob Hazels shorts

    Jakupovic last night...

    Much better than Hamer and as with others last night the best available for their position. Why has it taken so long?