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  1. Players you forgotten had played for us

    Sam McMahon Now PE / Sports/ footie at Judgemeadow
  2. Iborra - lack of closeness within the squad

    This weeks weather'll give him a lift
  3. Why are people clapping Mahrez?

    Should boo his agent and his adviser
  4. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    We are not good enough to tip tappy the ball out of our area against a team like Man City. Kasper was dropped in the crap a few times and has joined in this unnecessary attempt at possession near our goal. Man City just waited for us to lose it
  5. Should Riyad Mahrez play for the club again?

    Fairly obvious now that he's staying away until after or so he can't be considered for the Man City game.
  6. Well done the Thais

    Knowing our reputation, Tottenham come in with a £25m bid for Harry Maquire, Leicester laugh it off, Harry sulks and we sell Arsenal see this and offer £20m for Vardy........... Everton see this and offer £18m for Ndidi............ Race to the bottom that would cost us more than the £50m
  7. Should Riyad Mahrez play for the club again?

    Hypothetically, if we had an offer for £50million and he never kicks a ball again for us and we stop paying him throughout his contact we lose £35m (about the price of 1 Slimani or 2 Mussa's) Its worth it as the repercussions if we sold out cheaply or gave in would cost far more. The amount of damage accepting a below market value (set by others) for possibly out most valuable player to the pride and dignity of our owners who have to contemplate being shafted whist doing their 12,000 mile round trip would be immeasurable. Virtually everyone of our first team would be up for grabs and unsettled. Pi55 taking offers, we turn down, player sulks and we sell below current value. Mahrez cocked up by not including a buy out fee and he knows it hence his change of agent/ adviser
  8. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Totally right but also despite the plaudits at the time I feel an undercurrent of anti Leicester at best because we had the audacity to upset the big boys. Pundits and media are generally all associated with the 'big' clubs, it still hurts them
  9. Should Riyad Mahrez play for the club again?

    His agents etc are obviously messing with his head and a bit of a power battle. Google either name and it exposes a mess OF KAMEL JOORABCHAIN ((who did/does live with the Mahtez family) "Mahrez's agent is an Algerian guy, who only has two other player listed on his books. One is a League 2 player (French second division), and another is a player in the Algerian leagues. And then he has Riyad Mahrez, who is this potentially 50 or 60 million pound footballer. Mahrez's move has never come, Arsenal have been linked, Liverpool have been linked, I think Roma were linked strongly, but it's never come and I wonder if that's partly because his agent doesn't know the right people to get a deal done. If Mahrez's agent was Mino Raiola would he still be at Leicester City now? I don't think so." From the Merc December New advisor was behind Coutinho-Barca moves in summer He is now understood to be working with Kia Joorabchian, who is described as an advisor rather than an agent, who was said to be behind Philippe Coutinho’s attempts to join Barcelona last summer. The agent who was trying to get his move away from City last summer, Kamel Bengougam, has recently insisted that he still represents Mahrez. Awkward.
  10. Its not just about players value, he obviously means more to the club than the £50m+ that Man City tried to tempt us with. We don't want to sell, in particular the owners who why would they sell something/body that makes them travelling half the way around the world to watch and enjoy unless they had too? By the current rules the club effectively own him and players are aware of that when happily signing for £20m 4 year wage
  11. All our 2016 summer signings have left the club

    We create good players. We don't really have a history of buying off the shelf, good to go proven players at what ever level we have been at. Those who have been there and done it have been a risk as either on the way out or have issues and not straight forward. Collymore, Cottee etc
  12. If that desperate he could help fund the transfer with his Man City wage. £50m + player that don't want and he bungs in the rest.....not actually that daft £20Million over 4 years is £100k per week, his wage may jump by that
  13. If he was properly advised he would let it known that he will not sign a new contact and will walk free and able to negotiate his own signing on fee in 2.5 years. He'd get less of That's 130 weeks away or around 100 games He'll earn £13,000,000+ in that time and we'll lose £50,000,000+ (£650,000 per game) He could of course of earned another £13m in that time if Man City were to double his wages. Club are still right to insist on market value
  14. Market value based on the market created by the likes of Man City paying massive amounts. Can't let him go cheap and effectively hand millions to one of the richest clubs in the world just because he's sulking
  15. Well done the Thais

    In the current climate and situation players like Mahrez demand a large transfer price. Man City have that money but do not either want to spend it on him or because they don't value him as much as the market suggests. He can go if they pay the price. Lineker was sold, he did not ask to be sold. Kante had a get-out clause, Drinkwater wanted to go after hearing of Chelsea's interest and was sold for what Leicester believed him to be worth and Chelsea would pay, seeing him on the bench we were about right. My house has gone up X 5 to what I bought it for. I wouldn't sell it for less because somebody fancies living here