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  1. Your Top 5 Best ever LCFC center Midfielders

    Kante Cambiasso Lennon Izzet McAllister Mention though to Gerry Daley one of our best ever loans Eddie Kelly made things work and brought on many young players Draper and Parkr Savage enabled Muzzy and Lennon to do their thing
  2. Chant for Puel...

    Gets my vote
  3. Songs that make you cringe ?

    Not (much) being finicky but its Notts County & Nottingham Forest, not Notts Forest
  4. Songs that make you cringe ?

    'Stand up if you love Leicester' ...........and then the groans if the entire ground doesn't immediately obey. Been done to death and used to be a chuckle when the stewards were attempting to get areas to sit, now embarrising
  5. Southampton (A) pre-match

    Not one of the kids keepers as they'd be U18s Guessing (not that difficult) Kasper playing and Hamer on the bench and Max Bramley gone down as an experience and part of his development, After some great displays and getting them so far in the Checkatrade Hamer did take his place with the 'kids' against Scunthorpe. Great that under the current management age is no barrier Is worrying though that we don't have real quality keeper cover at present
  6. Southampton (A) pre-match

    Yeah, bizarre one. Although apparently he doesn't shine that well in training.Makes sense as I've never been that impressed with Hamer as a keeper but seems a good character. Current pecking order should be... Kasper Jakupovic Hamer Iversen Max Bramley But we obviously only see a fraction of the football. These keepers are shot at cannon fodder style relentlessly during training and practice games and no doubt some shine more than others. Being the tallest player at the club wouldn't go unnoticed
  7. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yohan_Benalouane Hardly got a great past or a model player, although seems a decent guy. Not sure if the club did their research when buying him. He will see out or have his contract paid off as nobody will pay money for him and he wont get his wage elsewhere. He was our worst ever buy when you look at his fee/ wages/ performances. A few after that title now.
  8. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    Its on in the background ..honest. Khan is Khan and no suprises. That other Dick has gone from his own hero to zero The blokes a Chav + his own biggest fan
  9. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    The guy makes me want to vomit. I was in a wheelchair near the dugout with Gus Poyet and Wise there, think it was against Swindon. Both clueless and comical Wise looked a proper Dick as his Swindon monogrammed suit was about 6 inches too long, trouser legs were dragging on the floor. He was being his usual pond life gobby, a stench was wafting over. Hideous. Remember him and Birch pushing and shoving each other and the steward going in + Wise was continually having a go at the old supporters behind him, gesturing with his hands they they were wearing specs and hats
  10. Xmas party - Stockholm

    Saw him in the town centre yesterday to give an idea when taken
  11. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Lorries Something really wrong when motorways in particular are ridiculously congested and we have freight going up on down the country when trains or someway of linking the lorries on the motorway would be a solution. Sadly most motorway crashes involve the line 'and a lorry' and you don't have much chance. At best they should only be allowed on the inside lane, increase the size to compensate this. Fines for side by side with the overtaking lorry doing .000005 of a mile faster over 30 miles
  12. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    Vile little man who has started to show his true colours. Like a stuck record
  13. Checkatrade v Scunny

    Agree with that to an extent. Under Claudio the first team players refused to play in U21 games as the reflected badly on them! FACT The U21s play with and against the first team all week. Have issues with Hamer, Benny and sadly Ullua playing as clearly no chance of first team football We know what Hamer is capable of and is out of contrart at the end of the season and not worth the 15K pw so will go, Is Jakupovic really that bad?
  14. Checkatrade v Scunny

    Each Invited Club must ensure that in each Match at least 6 of the starting eleven players named on the Team Sheet are players who were aged under 21 as at the 30th June in the year in which the Season concerned commenced. Whilst we were not breaking any rule its clear the tournament was created for younger players development.
  15. Checkatrade v Scunny

    Don't disagree but not in the spirit and certainly doesn't encourage the development lads who have featured in all games. (move aside now and let the big boys take over?) I'm sure if the boot was on the other foot? Nacho aside, the expensive 'fringe' players featured in this game are someway down the queue of players hoping to make the first team. Embarrassing.