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  1. Looking back in 52 years time with your Grandson on your knee reflecting how we had won the FA cup for the first of 20 times. ”Did you go to the game Gramps” ”Yes Dwayne’ I was there” ”Tell me about it....I want a story” ”Well, had the best owners we or any club could ever wish for. Took us to levels we could only ever dream of, as fans we were envied” “Vichai had a dream and achieved that dream but sadly lost his life realising it” ”Amazing 💙 but tell me about Wembley Gramps you must have been so lucky and enjoyed it especially
  2. £100 or so for a decent ticket and travel on such a momentous day? is it really worth this amount of pant wetting and whinging Many of LE residents have proved over the past 14+ months with their thick and/or defiant Covid approach that they can't be trusted to make their own way to the capitol and run amok coughing and wheezing, we were always going to be a special extreme case given the epicentre status and reputation. The vast majority are happy and appreciative of the arrangements during extreme times. I read similar moans about paying £70 (wow) depo
  3. Why? Does having moral principles have to extend to offering a possible Champions League spot to opponents? I can only guess there is a unwritten (or written) rule in football that missing games. although punishing the club and supporters is seen as the correct punishment. Seems very shortsighted, amateurish and dated to me. A significant + physical; contribution to society and heavy fine seems better option, time will tell.
  4. If West Ham had left out one of their most influential players and an inform player both in an area they are desperately lacking as punishment to them we'd think they have gone nuts and thank them for the two own goals. The decision lifted West Ham and we were subdued for 63mins They (not the club and us) deserve their arses kicking big time. Hypothetically, would it be ok/ right to drop Vardy and Kante towards the end of 2015-16 season as 'punishment' if circumstances similar
  5. A weeks salary is not enough, they'd laugh at that. A bang average Hamza lives in a 1.5m house in West Bridgford, on 40-50k PW, HB is about to go on 100k, Perez is likely to be around that
  6. I don't give a monkeys if they were, that's not the point. Making them unavailable when an in form Perez and Madison would've made a difference seems bizarre. This would've been punishment in the 70s but isn't now
  7. The vote is misleading. Yes, Rogers was right to 'punish' them publicly as there is no such thing as behind closed doors now. What is the real question, is given them a day off to play golf and therefore contribute to subjecting the depressed and anxious lockdown supporters to a lack luster 63 minutes when we eventually woke up, albeit too little, too late the right punishment? The club have punished themselves, fans have been punished, players could miss out on the CL bonuses and esteem, we will not attract CL players....the list goes on. Wes
  8. Justin is not first choice and learning. Fuchs defends the left back area and goes on the occasional run. Justin doesn’t defend but keeps Harvey company. This has been obvious all season and exposed today. Great to go on run If allowed. Not his fault though
  9. We did when Justin spent more time near their corner flag than ours. Master his day job first surely? We basically had a confused back four with Soyuncu multi tasking and Justin frantically trying to get back (but failing) on breaks. Easy to suss, it wasn't working and should've been changed
  10. Not good enough yet as right back, worse as left back.................. so lets play him as a marauding wing back who in that role doesn't offer anything defensively
  11. Not sure even Mrs Perez would try. At least he got to watch a game from a great vantage point. Obvious after a few minutes it wasn't working for him
  12. The £70 deposit didn't deserve the amount of Covidiot lashing out, it was always going to be a down payment on your season ticket. I've got hundreds ££ in gig tickets moved forward 12 months, its how it is, i could cancel. I can sympathise to a degree that tickets on not pro rata of the balance but these are strange times. I doubt if the cost of staffing the ground are a third even if the crowds are, its a choice. The club have been fantastic, look at the positives. I never got a refund for Peter Taylor's etc crap games, we could be Geordies I'm sure they mean well but
  13. Wheres it say it doesn't? In Top we trust
  14. You serious? That'll pay for the corner flags at Seagrave or the mince pies and Changs. Fear porn and now turning on the owners are a Covid side effect?
  15. Good to see the Leicester till I die and Vichai had a dream spirit is alive and well. Some truly sad and pathetic comments on here. if i was Top and read them i say go fuuck yourselves and buggger off to the casino. Is a small token commitment out of your next seasons seasoning ticket kitty in way of a deposit that will carry over that much to ask for? The club are going through a uncertain phase also. Some people have very short memories or due to the clubs continuous generosity feel very entitled.
  16. Vardy matured as a player and became more prolific playing in the squad and then being mentored and coached by Kevin Philips. Harvey needs a Cottee, Speedy, Philips, Lineker, Dickov type to do a bit of one on one mentoring. Iheanacho needs a Smudger, Heskey, Roberts or Ullua type to kick his ass
  17. He certainly had!! 👍🏽
  18. November 17th in China if reliable reports are to be believed. The unbelievable way they jumped into action even by Chinese standards suggests even earlier
  19. You are 100% correct. Have seen several open truck loaded several high, you actually hear the yelping and barking long before the trucks arrive. Dogs are snatched by motorcyclist/ scooter riders.
  20. Interesting to look back on the very early posts on this topic and how it developed. We all woke up to different degrees when footie season froze, pubs closed and now lockdown. Social contact tap systematically off and on now whilst vulnerable remain hid
  21. Great manager Nigel but not renowned for many of his comments or actions
  22. Players and essential football staff are not immune
  23. Reason is that teams are looking more unlikely of being able to field their complete teams. Behind closed doors was never going to work
  24. Ha Ha I stand by your better judgement. You obviously know your stuff I on the other hand have my eyes and ears up my bottom. Not unreasonable to point out that a professional footballer paying fatherly interest (nurturing) in his sons career will prepare him better Nurture - -help or encourage the development of. - care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing. -to help a plan or a person to develop and be successful:
  25. Benefited by the occasional breather recently and as a young lad it was needed. Been accused on here and other forums in the past as not being an intelligent player. I've watched him at all his loans and throughout the academy and its obviously far from being true. His Dad who played in a similar fashion has passed all on and nurtured him. Still gets shoved out too high and too wide IMO when Chilwell hogs the left with less affect, at his most potent cutting in. Fuchs and JJ allow him to do what he does best
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