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  1. In my school in the mid-late 80s on the Notts / Leics border every kid was either Forest or Liverpool, I think there were 2 Leicester supporters in the year and the other one was a tit which didn’t help reduce the shit I got. I recall cutting out and keeping a back page article when we beat Forest and wee beginning to get parity (I think it was Oakes who scored, could be wrong though). I now live up near Liverpool and whenever anyone asks me who I support they always follow up with “why” so I tell them and the response is always the same “fair enough, thought you were a
  2. That is what you read into it, not what I implied, if you actually ask me a question other than throwing around assumptions then I will happily debate
  3. I said nothing about fitting in with ‘the lads’. Go and get angry at someone else.
  4. I’m not trying to make a point other than share my opinion as to who I think we should sign. I agree, I’m not sure why you are bothering to argue also as the Brexit point you make is lazy and pointing to ‘naive’ is argumentative and serves no purpose.
  5. I disagree, I believe the clubs they come from such as Southampton and Burnley prepare them well for the step up to our team
  6. Signings for the Champions League have to be not only the right fit culturally and not too many - we have been down that route - but also prepared to step up fearlessly and also respect the rotation policy that will come with fixture congestion. With that in mind I would like to see: McNeil Ward-Prowse Ivan Toney Edouard I think with a fit current squad these signings could provide the right mixture of depth / quality / potential and balance to give us a thoroughly respectable European and domestic season.
  7. Big hits across TV money, gate receipts, advertising, general match day revenue and quite a lot due to the revenue lost overseas of merch throughout King Power outlets. Throw in huge wages on players we couldn’t shift and were playing elsewhere and it soon stacks up. Lots of factors.
  8. Thanks for that. It’s as I suspected which is something to be mindful of but after thinking about it I would be surprised if Man City genuinely felt he was a 50mill replacement for Aguero. Historically they have spent a lot but never huge amounts on one player which doesn’t bode well. That said I think they’ll go big for Haaland or M’bappe such is the level they operate at and the name they are replacing.
  9. Anyone who slates Albrighton on this site quite frankly doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously in anything they say.
  10. I don’t know. At the time it was just a clause. I suppose if we offer him a new contract it could but I am not a legal beagle
  11. 50mill buy back clause. Not sure how else I can phrase it
  12. Don’t joke he has a 50mill buy back clause doesn’t he?
  13. I have removed Vardy from my FFL team and put a whopping £1 on Sheff Utd to win. There is nothing more I can do to guarantee us 3pts
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