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  1. TaggertvsWise

    Yohan Benalouane

    Quite a way to slag off a new signing. Well done.
  2. TaggertvsWise

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Is it just me who feels it is somewhat a little archaic and out of order?
  3. TaggertvsWise

    Manchester United Away Pre Match Thread

    So is that 3 at the back?
  4. TaggertvsWise

    Manchester United Away Pre Match Thread

    That is my rationale! Don’t worry, even if it all goes tits up, once I make a decision I take full responsibility.
  5. TaggertvsWise

    Manchester United Away Pre Match Thread

    Good enough for me. Arnautovic in.
  6. TaggertvsWise

    Manchester United Away Pre Match Thread

    Does anyone think Vardy will actually play? Frantically trying to reassemble my 2 month carefully constructed Fantasy League Team 🤦‍♂️
  7. TaggertvsWise

    New to LCFC, what should I know?

    First and foremost welcome. The more the merrier. As a team we spent years wrestling with our neighbours, Derby & Nottingham Forest for local bragging rights eventually coming out on top in the late 90s thanks to Martin O’Neil (look him up) and his band of brothers led by the behemoth that was Matty Elliot. For the early 2000s we fluctuated from distaster to semi success and ended up 2 leagues below the prem thanks to an alarmingly incompetent Bristolian Ian Holloway, who effectively special move finished the slide one manager called Peter Taylor started. Several disasterous managerial appointments resulted in a disappointing but steady climb until Nigel (the ostrich) Pearson started the revolution and led us to success 2013/2014 season and we finally got into the premiership and stayed there. I am sure the ensuing years are why you want to support us and I don’t need to labour the miraculous chain of events over our recent successful period. We have NEVER won the FA Cup, Vardy is a god, Dennis Wise is a Tuesday (look up the expression and his story) and most of the posters on here squabble like a big family. At times we post stupid stuff but we learn to live with and forgive each other as, at the end of the day we have lived through all of this shit together. Buckle in and enjoy the ride. Oh and it’s pronounced Les-tah
  8. TaggertvsWise


    One time record signing, fantastic squad player for our greatest ever season, scored some sensational goals, some massive moments in a Leicester shirt and thoroughly nice bloke. Wind your f***ing neck in.
  9. TaggertvsWise

    Caglar Soyuncu

    Mentioned this yesterday. I reckon there could already be agreements in place as signing both of these with no recent track record of 3 at the back seems a little whiffy to me.
  10. TaggertvsWise

    Caglar Soyuncu

    This is a bloody belter of a signing.
  11. TaggertvsWise

    Jack Grealish

    My thoughts entirely.
  12. TaggertvsWise

    Danny Drinkwater

    Didn’t Swansea sell him to Spurs and then buy him back or am I misunderstanding your comment?
  13. TaggertvsWise

    Danny Drinkwater

    Sigurdsson Swansea to Spurs? (Apologies for the spelling, on my phone and I can’t be arsed to google).
  14. TaggertvsWise

    Caglar Soyuncu

    I think this all indicates that we are preparing for Maguire to leave in January. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has all been agreed behind the scenes hence to green light approach. Give these guys 4/5 months to settle with Evans and Morgan to help steer them and Maguire to learn from and come Jan he’ll be off for £75m.