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  1. I think baby steps are largely all we can realistically manage to ensure that progress is sustainable and we don’t get amazing highs followed by awful lows. CBT was really good. I have 3 more sessions, 2 hours each one over the next 3 weeks and then I’ll go from there. Learning about the concept of flight or fight and applying it to anxiety was very revealing to me. I will share stuff once I get more of a handle on it. Keep going everyone. @HowardsBulletHeader Well done for chatting, your comments about anonymity on here mirror mine. That this is such a remarkable forum that allows us to talk to strangers without fear of judgement (and amongst fellow foxes fans!!) has been such a release for me to be able to cope. My CBT and Able Futures work is really helping me understand what my triggers are and how to not treat myself like utter shit. As ever if anyone ever wants to DM please do.
  2. Thank you, that means a lot.
  3. Evening. Not posted for a while. I start my cognitive behavioural therapy tomorrow. I feel a bit weird about it but also that, with my Able Futures talks I am slowly surrounding myself with people and organisations that can help. My self esteem is still so low but I couldn’t help but post based on that Robin Williams comment which reasonates so much. I have wonderful kids, a loving wife and great friends that I am really trying to recognise and accept the positive impact I have on their lives but it is often too hard and my self worth plummets. Thankfully things are getting better and any thoughts of ending it no longer enter my mind. Reading so much good stuff particularly the progress from @urban.spaceman on here makes me hopeful. If anyone is struggling at work I recommend ‘Able Futures’ they are a govt funded mental health service and have been a big help.
  4. I think the words ‘Khun Top’ should never be sang together.
  5. Love this post. We need to get behind him. He could be something special.
  6. I love this idea. I have often thought about trying to arrange this but I get to so few games. If it all works out I think this could be a great thing that my plastic ass would love to be involved with. Oh, I’ll be the 6ft good looking one in the ‘Porto 16’ shirt
  7. If I could go through every post on this forum and flag utter bollocks in some sort of 0-10 bollock rating this one would score a perfect 10. There is so much wrong with this comment I have no idea where to start and can only assume it’s a troll otherwise it is a a sad indictment as to where this forum is headed.
  8. Lovely, am planning on taking my 6 year old this year who asked to be taken bless her
  9. Stats are meaningless without context, someone tried to clumsily compare Maguire’s stats to Dunk’s the other day. 2 players in markedly different teams. They have their place but most of the time are twisted to suit and thrown about to support someone’s often mislaid opinion.
  10. Clicked on this thread out of curiousity, saw this post first and, regardless of the thread I couldn’t agree more with this statement.
  11. See @Always Next Year that is how you move threads along without annoying people
  12. Makes sense. Hopefully he can remain the grounded chap he seems to be and be the one that avoids this trend.
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