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  1. TaggertvsWise

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Smalling Dembele (Spurs’ version) Wellbeck Rose Mawson
  2. TaggertvsWise

    Southampton fans must be loving this

    Agree about the academy. It could be good for English football if the get rid of underperforming ‘stars’ and promote their youth to stabilise their ship.
  3. TaggertvsWise

    Bournemouth post match 1-1

    We got 97 problems but Mahrez ain’t one.
  4. TaggertvsWise

    Name this Leicester team

    Looks like Wes Brown to me
  5. Great attitude. My favourite post in 3 years of being on this site.
  6. TaggertvsWise

    Andy King

    Not forgetting Megson!
  7. TaggertvsWise

    Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    Granted but a deal is a deal.
  8. TaggertvsWise

    Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    Someone coined it earlier. Our owners are honourable businessmen, he shook hands and stuck around waiting for an offer over 50, he has played ever so well this season fulfilling his part of the deal, tomorrow I believe he will leave for no more than 60.
  9. TaggertvsWise

    Everton (A) pre-match

    Williams wakes up screaming about Vady still from Swansea, Wales and Everton. Bet he is shitting his pants.
  10. TaggertvsWise

    Everton (A) pre-match

    I know the Ship & Mitre is that walking distance to Goodison?
  11. TaggertvsWise

    Everton (A) pre-match

    That may be a good call. My Everton mate said my brother and I would be welcome anywhere as long as we display out scarves and shirts proudly... hmmmm.
  12. TaggertvsWise

    Everton (A) pre-match

    Ah yes I know that one. Cheers
  13. TaggertvsWise

    Everton (A) pre-match

    First time at Goodison despite living on The Wirral for the last 4 years. Where is a friendly prematch pub?
  14. TaggertvsWise


    All ex playing pundits are dickbutts (great expression) and are the worst thing to happen to the game in the last 10-15 years. Not convinced? Shearer, Keown, Mills, Owen, Murphy.... still not? Neville, Nicholas, Hartson, Lawrenson, Carragher... Shall I go on? They all seem to think their opinion instead of their insight is what we want. Can’t stand any of the egotistical, has-been tits.
  15. TaggertvsWise


    Not until his next poor 45 mins... then he needs shipping out