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  1. Good shout, I wouldn't want him if he didn't lower his demands to those suited to a fringe Utd player with national squad aspirations who has had limited success in recent years.
  2. I would question if his injury record is a result of club instability from such a young age which will result in several factors: 1) Different managers, styles / training regimes (remember how injured Liverpool players hit when Klopp turned up? Hamstrings popping all over the place) Will have hindered developing a style and role that he can grow into and thrive. 2) He’s never looked ‘fit’ like Chilwell. We have a fairly good record with fitness and it was no surprise that as soon as Chilly started to gradually up his intensity he got fitter and better in a safe environment. 3) I would also question Shaw’s nutrition.... I can’t imagine it’s especially well tailored for recovery or a strict regime, playing a certain way. Playing with us would change all of these things which I believe would have a big impact on the lad.
  3. Good player Shaw. We have only seen it in fleeting glances between poor managerial appointments. Give him a settled squad, a good manager and a game to suit his undoubted talents and I reckon we could have a player on our hands once he’s run off a few kgs. Experienced, still young and could be a clever signing.
  4. Yes, his contract is up in the summer and will be a perfect acquisition for a campaign involving Europe in my opinion
  5. Obviously want loads but realistically my top 10 would be: Top 4 / champ league football Golden Boot Cup win Get Adam Lallana Get Jarrod Bowen Barnes / Gray / Iheanacho kick on Retain Chilly / Madders / Youri / N’didi Further promotion from the youth teams England recognition for Hamza Benkovic fulfils his potential
  6. Liverpool. Still bitter about losing 4-3... oh and Mark McGhee
  7. Some players just can’t win can they??
  8. Bought a vacuum cleaner for the same reason.... same outcome. Sucked worse than the team.
  9. That has just gone into number 3 of the most annoying puns or play on words on this forum.... sitting behind ‘Brenda’ in front of ‘Spuds’ but number 1 by miles is still ’Chelski‘
  10. I wasn’t aware of that. Pleased you mentioned it!
  11. Plus it mentions nothing about possible release clauses or other 'terms'...
  12. Exactly. In fact I was saying exactly the same thing to a mate the other day.
  13. I think he has been the right man to bring in at the right time to oversee a culture change and succession planning in many aspects of the national set up. Lots of businesses do things like this with growth managers but are not employed to run a company long term. Southgate has done a lot of good things but I feel he is now out of his depth tactically and in man management to take England forward to any decent level of success.
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