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  1. I just want to see this done and Rice go to Chelsea purely to watch West Ham fans totally lose their shit.
  2. Be surprised at this after how well he played for Arsenal at the weekend
  3. I heard they wanted 25mill and we only went as high as 18
  4. I wonder why that could possibly be? I would use the word ‘guidance’ lightly in that context. He made small improvements last year with a consistent manager. Hopefully he can kick on now but even as one of his staunchest supporters I think this is his make or break season.
  5. He is being groomed by Liverpool apparently so I guess that is a no go.
  6. Which one? The one about Hudson-Odoi?
  7. I see Hudson-Odoi could be loaned out. I suspect there is a good deal to be made there with wages not too astronomical.
  8. Probably why you haven’t earns the resources to make such an investment.
  9. I am keen on this. Aside from his attributes to make a success of your career and be valued at Burnley says he has a good head on his shoulders. Say what you want about Dyche but he wouldn't tollerate prima-donnas, so for him to hold out for a large fee says a lot about his attitude.
  10. Hence why I said give it a few games to assess our options
  11. Wow. Fofana & Castagne for less than we sold Chillwell. Retained Mendy. I would be very happy with that before the season starts with one eye on improving our attacking options after a few games. Just before 7 this morning TalkSPORT dedicated a segment to our outstanding transfer policies in recent years and this window (despite a few short sighted gripes on this forum) would make for further proof that as club, top to bottom, LCFC has its shit together.
  12. It social media mate, don’t expect too much intelligence.
  13. Kasper Castagne / Soyuncu / Tarkowski / Fuchs N’didi Praet / Tielemans Perez / Vardy / Barnes
  14. For what it’s worth I have a friend who’s involved in sports marketing. A huge football fan whose hometown club is Atalanta. She reckons we have a gem in Castagne who is predominantly right but has been used recently on the left fairly comfortably. I mention this as I recall seeing some chat about where he plays / what are his strengths etc so it sounds like a good signing.
  15. Just me that would be happy about this then?
  16. TaggertvsWise


    This guy needs a chance and to surround himself with the right people. He has obviously gone through hard times and is fighting to rebuild his career. I believe our club set up from the owners to the new training ground will provide him with a safe environment to thrive. I would love to see him here.
  17. That was my question, seems he just wasn’t at the right club.
  18. Thanks for this. Looks more than promising
  19. Just catching up on this. Not seen anything of him since his first stint in the prem. This fella seems to be a popular prospect on this thread but why was he such a flop at Newcastle and what gas he done since to convince everyone that he will turn it around with us?
  20. Not sure that the attitude he has shown is something we want in our club
  21. Agree, I think the stability of some of our players and general set up would enable him to prosper
  22. I like Zaha, wanted us to go for him when we lost Mahrez, he’s the kind of player that would get you bum off your seat when he gets the ball and I think would do well in our team. Still a big fan of Deeney, this season has proven we need a few more leaders and I believe he’d link up well with Vardy
  23. Here’s me thinking we were a club who welcomes anyone and everyone...
  24. During lockdown I have been playing a bit of golf with Liverpool fans. (I live on the Wirral) they loved Rodgers until they started to lose and then showed he absolutely no plan B. He got away with it at Celtic as everyone is total shit but as soon as teams work us out we are stuffed. Today he seemed to try and buck his trend but to no avail. He has showed his tactical naivety and whereas I don’t want him out I think that perhaps his plan A reaped such success that we are not prepared for the free fall we find ourselves in. Don’t get me wrong I am ****ing fuming and it feels quite cathartic as I write this but top 6, lots of areas to improve on is not a bad place to be. Hopefully he can learn and we can all grow as a club next season.
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