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  1. Shit Danny Drinkwater still picking up 5mill. I find my sympathy for him dampened by this stat.
  2. Don’t disagree but would you swap out Evans for Soyuncu?
  3. Guess the whole thing is on hold as he keeps writing incredible chapters and his story isn’t finished.
  4. I would enjoy watching everyone lose their shit when they realise we already had a replacement in the squad at half the cost. Again.
  5. With the amount of players we have in the Belgium team and that we are playing at our feeder club OH Leuven’s ground, and the fact I can’t stand Southgate I find myself fully supporting Belgium tonight. Am I a bad person?
  6. I recall he was holding out for Arsenal but when it became evident they didn’t want to risk an unknown quantity he came to us.
  7. Can’t disagree with this anymore than I do. Whatever ‘eerie similarities’ you state fundamentally we were playing awful football and a few results went our way. Compared to now that team was utter dross and anyone who watched us play in that period wouldn’t have been surprised we capitulated so quickly once everyone realised how shit we actually were. As of now, this team deserve to be top as we are playing excellent football packed with a team of high achievers.
  8. This is a very odd comment. Here was me thinking this was a forum for conjecture and not a Facebook echo chamber
  9. What I like is the fact this formation is not ‘trying’ to find a space for anyone. It is a logical, experienced and balanced side with round pegs in round holes which is needed against a side such as Wolves, that makes no apologies. Maddison off the bench in the latter stages would be good here as would Praet.
  10. I’m surprised FFL class him as a midfielder. In you go lad.
  11. Can I just tangent slightly and say that even though this sort of stuff is tongue in cheek we need to eradicate it from this forum.
  12. Absolutely it’s a fat shaming reference. He performed well so weight shouldn’t be an issue and it is sad that is the only thing you reached for.
  13. Based on what evidence? He has played a handful of minutes so far and looked pretty good. Just because he isn’t built like Dele Ali doesn’t mean his game suffers. Different shapes aid different styles, maybe the extra size helps his game so he won’t get pushed off the ball. In this day and age I think this is an awful comment to make.
  14. I don’t think the transfer window was ever in danger other than in the minds of some impatient fans. We took our time and got the right people in.
  15. Wonderful. Such a testament to the way young players can progress at our club.
  16. Vardy was a sublime finish and my favourite but Maddison’s strike got me out of my chair which swung the vote for me.
  17. Can I just quickly call this out and nip it in the bud right now please before it catches on.
  18. So my new superstition is to do the ironing and drink beer for the whole game. Anyone else evolved theirs?
  19. I suspect the BBC will take that as an absolute win.
  20. The embarrassment of McNeil falling like he’d been shot from a cut lip is all I need to say no thanks to that potential move.
  21. Kasper Castagne / Soyuncu / Tarkowski / Fuchs N’didi Praet / Tielemans Perez / Vardy / Barnes
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