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  1. If the name in question was ‘Brown’ you wouldn’t have made it, ergo dickheaded comment.
  2. Isn’t it great? I was crunching some numbers whilst on the lav the other day and by my reckoning out of the PROFITS of player sales since we won the league we now have better players in those positions (poss Mahrez excluding) have a £100 million training ground and around £70 million left over. Staggering.
  3. If we judged everyone by their social media profiles we’d all be total self indulged willy pullers
  4. Bit harsh. Can’t say I know either of them personally.
  5. How nice has it been to sit here with my coffee and read a thread with so much love for Amartey. No negativity, and no bickering, almost the personality of the man himself. A thoroughly lovely read for a thoroughly lovely bloke. Here’s hoping he pushes on.
  6. Not one to make sensationalist statements but this is going to be an absolute game changer for us. Absolutely incredible testament to the ambition of our wonderful owners.
  7. I’ve never had an issue with Spurs to be honest, a very ‘blah’ team who have achieved little other than a couple of cup successes in my lifetime (I’m 43). They keep trying and keep failing, the more time passes the more they fail and reality catches up with them. A bit like West Ham & Leeds. Clubs that feed off their history but have no real impact on the top echleons of the game and until they check themselves they’re only going to wreck themselves.
  8. Try to mask your post with this emoji but mate you’ve had a nightmare here as all the responses quietly testify to.
  9. I have an issue with this line of thought, not this post but all of them. Mahrez wanted to move, so what? He wanted to further his career, fair enough. I recall when he missed out on the transfer deadlines he didn’t actually refuse to play for us and in fact put in a decent shift inbetween transfer windows. Ok, some ‘reports’ of things he has said don’t paint him in a favourable light but I haven’t actually seen him make these comments so I take much of it with a headline writing pinch of salt. All in all I’m happy for the bloke, nice to see an ex-player doing well.
  10. Shit Danny Drinkwater still picking up 5mill. I find my sympathy for him dampened by this stat.
  11. Don’t disagree but would you swap out Evans for Soyuncu?
  12. Guess the whole thing is on hold as he keeps writing incredible chapters and his story isn’t finished.
  13. I would enjoy watching everyone lose their shit when they realise we already had a replacement in the squad at half the cost. Again.
  14. With the amount of players we have in the Belgium team and that we are playing at our feeder club OH Leuven’s ground, and the fact I can’t stand Southgate I find myself fully supporting Belgium tonight. Am I a bad person?
  15. I recall he was holding out for Arsenal but when it became evident they didn’t want to risk an unknown quantity he came to us.
  16. Can’t disagree with this anymore than I do. Whatever ‘eerie similarities’ you state fundamentally we were playing awful football and a few results went our way. Compared to now that team was utter dross and anyone who watched us play in that period wouldn’t have been surprised we capitulated so quickly once everyone realised how shit we actually were. As of now, this team deserve to be top as we are playing excellent football packed with a team of high achievers.
  17. This is a very odd comment. Here was me thinking this was a forum for conjecture and not a Facebook echo chamber
  18. What I like is the fact this formation is not ‘trying’ to find a space for anyone. It is a logical, experienced and balanced side with round pegs in round holes which is needed against a side such as Wolves, that makes no apologies. Maddison off the bench in the latter stages would be good here as would Praet.
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