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  1. 1 hour ago, TrentFox said:

    Based on the same evidence as you are drawing from - eyesight. You think he looked great? Excellent. Based on the same evidence, I think he looked overweight. It’s an opinion. It’s okay if you don’t share it.  But I have a suspicion he’ll be slimmer, if he’s still here after the next pre-season. And if you think that’s an ‘awful comment’, you probably shouldn’t read half the threads on here. Or is it a PC reference to fat-shaming? You realise these are elite athletes who are constantly weighed and set specific diets?? Maybe you should contact the club and tell them that it’s okay to be carrying a

    few pounds? 

    Absolutely it’s a fat shaming reference. He performed well so weight shouldn’t be an issue and it is sad that is the only thing you reached for.

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  2. 2 hours ago, TrentFox said:

    He needs to lose some weight - Under, not Tanner! 

    Based on what evidence? He has played a handful of minutes so far and looked pretty good. Just because he isn’t built like Dele Ali  doesn’t mean his game suffers. Different shapes aid different styles, maybe the extra size helps his game so he won’t get pushed off the ball. In this day and age I think this is an awful comment to make.

  3. On 01/10/2020 at 16:06, rachhere said:

    That's a bit harsh! He's been super professional throughout this whole fiasco, it's not his fault it didn't work out. 

    Yes but of course this sort of empathetic thinking doesn’t fit with the current narrative of combustible one-off statements designed to shock.

    Agree, it wasn’t his fault and he displayed total professionalism throughout.

  4. 6 hours ago, shailen said:

    Good signing. How we've turned this transfer window around and our first few results, dare I say things are looking positive at the moment.

    I don’t think the transfer window was ever in danger other than in the minds of some impatient fans. We took our time and got the right people in.

  5. Ok so I don’t often try football player chants as I am crap at them. But an ear worm of Psycho Killer by The Talking Heads... “Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fofanaaa” really is one that should have the opportunity to be expanded on by people better than myself.  

    The nearest I have got is ‘Jamie Vardy... N’didi... Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fofanaa’


    Can anyone help?

  6. 14 minutes ago, MGLCFC said:

    I understand that, but as he is arriving from a country with high infection rates, surely he would have to self isolate. When someone has tested positive, they are already passing the infection on by then, I am led to believe.

    Arriving from a country with high infection rates yes but not in the team bubble that they will have been confined to.

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  7. On 09/09/2020 at 13:26, TaggertvsWise said:

    Wow. Fofana & Castagne for less than we sold Chillwell. Retained Mendy. I would be very happy with that before the season starts with one eye on improving our attacking options after a few games. Just before 7 this morning TalkSPORT dedicated a segment to our outstanding transfer policies in recent years and this window (despite a few short sighted gripes on this forum) would make for further proof that as club, top to bottom, LCFC has its shit together.

    Just saying like...

  8. 4 hours ago, FoxinNotts said:

    I just feel that currently we seem to be abit more ‘West Ham’ rather than the ‘Leicester of old’ (when we had Steve Walsh) when it comes to recruitment.

    I disagree, I think we have our shit together after the champ league recruitment scandal. Maddison, Perreira, JJ, Soyuncu, Castagne and  Evans back up my point, but that is what a forum is all about, feel free to have your own take on it. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, Bluearmyfox28 said:

    Agree with this actually, there was always a perception that Wes was slow purely because he’s an absolute unit, however he actually has a good turn of pace.

    I recall reading he was recorded as being mightily quick in our title winning season once he got going. I haven’t got the stats to hand but it’s stuck in my head as he often gets stick for being slow.

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  10. 5 hours ago, volpeazzurro said:

    That's very interesting. I often wonder what Liverpool supporters think of Rodgers managerial career there as it's not a black and white issue I don't think. The tremendous job he appeared to have done at Swansea secured him that position in the first place. He was blessed to have inherited some good players but nevertheless, it was still under his stewardship that they had that one great season. 


    It then seemed to go down hill rapidly? Obviously any team is going to miss the amount of goals and influence lost through the transfers or injury of Suarez, Sterling and Sturridge, though there were other rumours that part of the reason Suarez wanted out was because he just couldn't stand Rodgers. There was also a thought, from an interview with Glen Johnson that certain senior players saw through him as he tried to be a Mourhinio mini me and in the early days, by accident, occasionally slipped accidentally into a Portuguese accent! 


    There is also his supposed poor record in the transfer market yes surely he signed some good players like Coutinho and Firminho as well!


    Is he a good manager or just a one dimensional system coach? Is he a poor manager but an excellent coach? Is he merely a good manager that’s progressing and learning from inevitable mistakes like any other manager? Or is he arrogant, full of the blarney and merely Teflon because he's an incredibly media savvy conman?


    He confuses the hell out of me and I could perhaps make a case for all of them. 

    General opinion is one of affection. Considered to be genuine and charismatic with a great outlook in how to play. If they get a sniff of being false up here you get found out pretty quickly so that tells you something. He possessed exceptional man management which went a long way and was a good training ground coach but simply put, never had a plan ‘B’ so once the slide set in he was unable to stop it.  Still admired here though.

  11. 12 hours ago, volpeazzurro said:

    I think this is about reviving the careers of players who have seemingly, for whatever reason, have gone out of form having previously performed at a certain level. This doesn't really apply to Sterling as he was a new kid on the block, though it has to be said, Pep has done a great job with him. Ibe also was an up and coming young player and not one that had hit the heights and come down. As at happens, he's never seemingly progressed to hit the heights anywhere since either!

    Yeah, it is debatable as to how much Rodgers got out of Ibe and one can argue the slide was irreversible but I believe Eddi was unable to maintain the trajectory Rodgers set him on which does speak volumes for him getting the best out of limited players whether we are talking from and attitudinal or ability context.


    It is widely spoken of up here amongst Liverpool fans that Rodgers saw Sterling’s raw potential early and dismantled and rebuilt his football DNA to ensure he would fulfil it. Yes Guardiola has done a great job but the raw materials he had to work with were honed under Rodgers’ stewardship which may not have been discovered under many other managers. 

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