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  1. Just trawled the thread as I couldn't understand what had happened to kick start the clamour now to have him back and so went back to the start to read the article. I am still non the wiser. It seemed he was asked a question, answered it and now we have largely created a thread based on nothing really. He will go down in history and maybe have a 5 or 10 year anniversary kind of tribute or maybe even a Q&A night with him but right now I believe we need to focus on the future and not the past.
  2. 3 Liverpool fans in my office (I work in Liverpool) plus the token Man U fan were raving about us and thought we were unlucky. I don't believe in luck, we played well enough in terms of matching them on balance for the entire 90mins but as goals seem to count in football we lost. Simples. Happy with the performance though, it's a free swing really against this Liverpool team. I recall back in the Peter Taylor days when we somehow won games playing absolute garbage before eventually getting found out. I would much rather play the way we did and lose than play badly and have won that game.
  3. As The Cat said in Red Dwarf. “I know this game, it’s cat and mouse. Want to know the only way to win? Don’t be the mouse”
  4. Guardian. Good decision, they don't play to his strengths and nothing is going to change that. May aswell prolong the successful part of his career with us and live the good times as long as he can.
  5. Granted, what I was driving at was we didn't become so reliant on him as we had previously.
  6. We forget it took Vardy quite a few games to score under Puel, during that time I commented that we have found a way to win without his goals which is massive. Puel is obviously trying to take the responsibility away from our individual stand out performers such as Mahrez & Vardy. He has already stipulated that he could never have replace Mahrez (imo possibly with Zaha) so has looked to distribute the goals and match winning performances across the team which we are already beginning to see. It is a logical way for a club our size to develop and I believe he will have a concrete plan for
  7. Love this photo. The future’s bright, the future’s blue
  8. Is it just me who feels it is somewhat a little archaic and out of order?
  9. That is my rationale! Don’t worry, even if it all goes tits up, once I make a decision I take full responsibility.
  10. Does anyone think Vardy will actually play? Frantically trying to reassemble my 2 month carefully constructed Fantasy League Team ?‍♂️
  11. First and foremost welcome. The more the merrier. As a team we spent years wrestling with our neighbours, Derby & Nottingham Forest for local bragging rights eventually coming out on top in the late 90s thanks to Martin O’Neil (look him up) and his band of brothers led by the behemoth that was Matty Elliot. For the early 2000s we fluctuated from distaster to semi success and ended up 2 leagues below the prem thanks to an alarmingly incompetent Bristolian Ian Holloway, who effectively special move finished the slide one manager called Peter Taylor started.
  12. There is no such thing as luck, just science.
  13. 485-0. Slimani 200, dog on the pitch that Pearson wrestled and Rooster Russell played a 15 min cameo. All in all a good day.
  14. Sick of hearing this. Personally I think it shows a bit of character. Christ who hasn't done some dumb things in their 20s. It's easy to judge footballers but if it was a mate then you'd agree it was a but dumb but cut them some slack, move on and not judge them for years afterwards. I haven't heard he makes a habit of it so, all in all he will be a wiser, balanced man because of his experience. Now is a time to celebrate.
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