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  1. Based on what evidence? He has played a handful of minutes so far and looked pretty good. Just because he isn’t built like Dele Ali doesn’t mean his game suffers. Different shapes aid different styles, maybe the extra size helps his game so he won’t get pushed off the ball. In this day and age I think this is an awful comment to make.
  2. I don’t think the transfer window was ever in danger other than in the minds of some impatient fans. We took our time and got the right people in.
  3. Wonderful. Such a testament to the way young players can progress at our club.
  4. Vardy was a sublime finish and my favourite but Maddison’s strike got me out of my chair which swung the vote for me.
  5. Can I just quickly call this out and nip it in the bud right now please before it catches on.
  6. So my new superstition is to do the ironing and drink beer for the whole game. Anyone else evolved theirs?
  7. I suspect the BBC will take that as an absolute win.
  8. The embarrassment of McNeil falling like he’d been shot from a cut lip is all I need to say no thanks to that potential move.
  9. Kasper Castagne / Soyuncu / Tarkowski / Fuchs N’didi Praet / Tielemans Perez / Vardy / Barnes
  10. For what it’s worth I have a friend who’s involved in sports marketing. A huge football fan whose hometown club is Atalanta. She reckons we have a gem in Castagne who is predominantly right but has been used recently on the left fairly comfortably. I mention this as I recall seeing some chat about where he plays / what are his strengths etc so it sounds like a good signing.
  11. During lockdown I have been playing a bit of golf with Liverpool fans. (I live on the Wirral) they loved Rodgers until they started to lose and then showed he absolutely no plan B. He got away with it at Celtic as everyone is total shit but as soon as teams work us out we are stuffed. Today he seemed to try and buck his trend but to no avail. He has showed his tactical naivety and whereas I don’t want him out I think that perhaps his plan A reaped such success that we are not prepared for the free fall we find ourselves in. Don’t get me wrong I am ****ing fuming and it fee
  12. I have always liked Lamela, wouldn’t have an issue with him coming here if he could sort his injuries out.
  13. Yes, his contract is up in the summer and will be a perfect acquisition for a campaign involving Europe in my opinion
  14. Obviously want loads but realistically my top 10 would be: Top 4 / champ league football Golden Boot Cup win Get Adam Lallana Get Jarrod Bowen Barnes / Gray / Iheanacho kick on Retain Chilly / Madders / Youri / N’didi Further promotion from the youth teams England recognition for Hamza Benkovic fulfils his potential
  15. Liverpool. Still bitter about losing 4-3... oh and Mark McGhee
  16. Some players just can’t win can they??
  17. Bought a vacuum cleaner for the same reason.... same outcome. Sucked worse than the team.
  18. That has just gone into number 3 of the most annoying puns or play on words on this forum.... sitting behind ‘Brenda’ in front of ‘Spuds’ but number 1 by miles is still ’Chelski‘
  19. I wasn’t aware of that. Pleased you mentioned it!
  20. Plus it mentions nothing about possible release clauses or other 'terms'...
  21. Exactly. In fact I was saying exactly the same thing to a mate the other day.
  22. I think he has been the right man to bring in at the right time to oversee a culture change and succession planning in many aspects of the national set up. Lots of businesses do things like this with growth managers but are not employed to run a company long term. Southgate has done a lot of good things but I feel he is now out of his depth tactically and in man management to take England forward to any decent level of success.
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