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  1. Plus it mentions nothing about possible release clauses or other 'terms'...
  2. Exactly. In fact I was saying exactly the same thing to a mate the other day.
  3. I think he has been the right man to bring in at the right time to oversee a culture change and succession planning in many aspects of the national set up. Lots of businesses do things like this with growth managers but are not employed to run a company long term. Southgate has done a lot of good things but I feel he is now out of his depth tactically and in man management to take England forward to any decent level of success.
  4. Have just copied this and pasted it into a text for some friends as I loved it. You won’t get credited but just know that plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery
  5. It’s a bloody conspiracy. So obvious that the message from the FA is ‘Play for the ‘big’ clubs and you’ll get in the England starting 11’ it’s so utterly disgraceful that the Ox walks back in. Winks isn’t even a starter for Spurs. Surprise Maguire is now almost now the first name on the team sheet when at Leicester he was ‘in the mix’ the whole thing is the FA trying to control the cash cow by rewarding players to move to protect the showcase teams who earn the overseas marketing rights. Makes me sick. Southgate is a bloody stooge and a spineless company man.
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