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  1. My point is we weren't winning games over 90 mins and were in the luxurious position whereby we could learn from our defeats and what did and didn't work with no real ramifications on our league chances.  Teams often go through run of games when they are out of form and find their form again through these learnings.  I believe we have already taken these on board without anyone really noticing and are in a good position to kick on.  I don't think there is any need for that tone in your response, I was just making an observation, we are all on the same side and want the same thing.

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  2. The starting 11 picks itself.  Claudio isn't going to reinvent the wheel after Swansea following the Hull experiment so I imagine Slimani off the bench at 60 unless something needs shaking up before hand.  We have had a 'blip' that hasn't been documented that will work in our favour. Celtic, PSG, Barca, Man U, Hull, Arsenal - no victory in 90 mins in 6 and I reckon that has shaken them up enough to now hit our stride.  It should have been 4 or 5 vs Swansea and with us learning from that, the (unrecognised) bad run, Vardy & Drinky with something to prove I think we will surprise people how much we are on course to defend our title so early in the season.

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  3. I think Vards can do without this kind of "inspiration". Another washed up footballer trying to climb aboard the Leicester City bandwagon. Foxtrot Oscar.  :dry:



    Bit harsh this, he was never one of my favourite players but a once on a generation ability whose life was blighted by an awful condition.  As for the bandwagon, well climb aboard Gazza, everybody's welcome for the ride, you think Ranieri would preach that sort of elitism?

  4. I think we have shown strength in not doing anything too silly and resolve in not being pushed around.  These traits need to be displayed in our club and not just within the 11 guys on the pitch.  I trust the judgement of the board, Ranieri and Walsh so whereas it may not be an ideal outcome we have remained resolute and staunch to the values that have gotten us here.

  5. With Mahrez, Gray, Albrighton, Dyer and Schlupp to come back, I think this can wait until the summer, plus it seems like a real mess at his club. Get him on a free in the Summer if he is still available or Dyer might improve and if Swansea go down, he could be at a bargain price. Also think Gray has potential to be a fantastic player for us and can see him starting for us next season.

    Dyer?  Did you see him against Spurs.  Absolutely awful, got caught out of position, didn't track back, can't hold on to the ball... The commentators were asking why Swansea got rid considering their predicament, well after that 90 mins I can see why.  No thank you.

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  6. I work in Liverpool and the anti Leicester mentality in my office now (formerly it was a "great result, you boys are doing really well") goes to show the strides we are making.  A few of them really applaud us and cab drivers tend to be really impressed but some people are desperate for us to get out of the way of the big boys.  Must be a good sign!


    As for 'bandwaggon' supporters, let them come, why not, the more the merrier in my opinion.

  7. Hey guys, Liverpool based Leicester fan.  Been supporting the foxes for 30 years and enjoying the prem season despite the obvious.  Been reading the posts on here for a while and am nervous about getting shouted down so will try to choose my opinions carefully!  


    In the meantime I did make a video montage to Kasabian's Ez-eh of City humping Man U.  I almost chucked it as I thought it may have jinxed them but will happily share to get the blood pumping ahead of the weekend.  If someone can tell me the best way to do this (I fear it may not last long on youtube due to copywrite laws) I'll pop it online.  It's actually pretty good.  PM me if anyone has any suggestions, it'd be a shame not to air it, it took me bloody long enough.

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